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I think my Dad may be homosexual/bisexual...

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I'll try to keep this as anonymous as possible so I won't be too specific regarding details.

> My Dad (50s) was laying in bed on his iPad as he was getting up early in the morning.
> My Mum was still up but in another room.
> Knowing my Dad is still up, I go into his room to ask him something.
> He puts iPad on bed when talking to me as I asked him to have a look at headphones to see if he could fix them.
> I glance at iPad screen and see a selfie of a topless man in a towel
> Dad doesn't realize I saw, I pretend I didn't and then make an excuse to leave the room as quickly as possible

All of this would sound completely innocent and most people would say, "your Dad has social media and came across a profile of his friend/family member taking a shirtless selfie, big deal!"


My Dad does not have any social media accounts that my family have ever been aware of. He has explicitly made out as if he isn't interested in them and I couldn't find any of his profiles after a thorough search. This is *extremely* out of character for him to be on social media; let alone looking through that sort of thing.

And the possibility that he may be a closet homosexual/bisexual has never crossed my mind because he is not flamboyant/effeminate/camp and he does not exhibit any of the stereotypical gay male characteristics.

His relationship with my Mum isn't particularly romantic/sexual; I don't think I've ever been aware of them having sex in the 20-odd years I've been alive.

He also works *a lot*; 70 hours a week and is away for long period of time, at bizarre hours... although this *is* typical for the type of work he does. But it would give him the time and excuse to be living another life.

Am I being paranoid or is there something to this?

What should I do? Try and snatch his iPad and look at the history? Follow him when he goes to work one day? Speak to him about it (we don't have that sort of relationship so it would be extremely awkward/dangerous)?

If it turned out that he was actually homosexual/bisexual, and my Mum found out, she would be devastated, our family would probably split and we would have to sell our new house.

It would end very badly... but surely it is wrong for this sort of thing to be going on behind my Mum's back?
OP not everybody who is gay/bi has a specific way of acting but he seems like he might be gay or bi
What are your thoughts on what I should do about it?
Even if he were bi or gay, not every one of them even wants to live that life. If he's a responsible husband and father, what's it to you? Leave the man be.
Maybe he was browsing /fit/

How common is it for men to have homosexual attractions but not act upon them?

He is a good Father; has always supported us, worked hard and (I was presuming until now) been faithful to my Mother.

But he is a very secretive man and has even said openly hostile things about homosexuals (calling people poofs etc), which makes me wonder whether he was hiding something...

Do you think I should just do nothing?

I know you're joking but he wasn't looking at anything fitness related; he's not into any of that. And it was definitely Facebook... and someone I don't recognize.
Do you have any idea how much gay shit I see every day on the internet?

I would presume that for any other person but my Dad has *never* had *any* social media. So he's either created a normal account, not told us for some reason and then randomly come across a topless selfie... or he's created an account specifically for looking at this sort of thing.

I can't think why he would keep a social media profile private or why he would even have one in real life; he barely has any real life friends.
id ignore it. its cheating and thats not great but its not quite the same as just sleeping around. theres this part of him he cant really control and he ended up locked in a marriage. hed lose everything if he came out.

im not saying what hes doing is right but itsn ot 100% wrong either.

The thing is, though...

My family don't have a particularly close bond. My sister doesn't live with us. I argue constantly with my parents (unfortunately) and often get thrown out. He doesn't get on that well with my Mom and they aren't romantic/sexual together (at least from what I notice). His life is extremely boring day-to-day. He makes about three times more money than my Mum.

He could easily leave us and live his own comfortable, better life... yet he doesn't.

Which makes me wonder if he really is gay? He's definitely attracted to women because I found a tonne of "The Fappening" pics on his computer once...

But he might be bisexual...
>Anonymous 01/27/17(Fri)05:49:52 No.1799

*Often get threatened to be thrown out

sure, but turn that into divorce court, up to YEARS of fighting and being forced to pay chidl support and spousal support. you say he'd 'live comfortably' but you dont know hwo divorce works. rich men end up living in very small apartments.

best case scenario hes not into men and you made a mistake.

so why bother? if they arent romantic or sexual than whats it matter if hes off having sex with someone else?
Just saying if you knew the amount of half naked guys I've seen browsing /fit/ you'd ask if I was a faggot too. Don't jump to conclusions really.
unless you have other reasons to believe your dad is gay, this is stupid.
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You dad might be looking for fitspiration? I'm not attracted to the male body but looking at great physiques is inspiring.

I lost about 100 pounds and these guys motivated me to look my best.

Maybe your dad is the same way?

It's extremely unlikely... he has never done any exercise in decades nor has he ever expressed any interest in doing so. He's not obese or anything... just a bit of a belly. But that isn't his thing.

It's more likely that he was just randomly browsing and came across the pictures than that he was looking at fitness pictures for inspiration.
whatever queer

Midlife crisis, perhaps?

Maybe he snapped and just wants a change in life.

Look at the movie American Beauty, the smae thing happens, dad gets fed up and starts working out to attract his daughter's friend.

I'll be using that jelly to fuck your girlfriend in the ass :^)
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