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Yesterday, I had this wonderful date with a girl. We didn't

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Yesterday, I had this wonderful date with a girl. We didn't kiss but it was just really fun and there was a lot of teasing. And we were really close to each other all the time even though it's our first time meeting. Then when we were on the way home, she kept teasing me on why I'm so nice to her and whether I like her so I just pretended that I don't. Then when her stop was reaching, I whispered to her to make herself free on valentine's day. And she blushed and leaned her head on my shoulder and we held hands.

After she got home, she messages me asking whether I got home okay, why I like her and then she goes on to say she doesn't know whether she likes me in that way but it was the first time she had so much fun and she needs time to think. And then an hour later, she says she only likes me as a friend and she thinks she's not ready for a relationship yet since she has never had one before.

So, what was all that during the date. There really was something between us. Like I wasn't the only one who felt it. Then all of a sudden she apologizes and says she's not ready and she hope we can just be friends

it happens. she probably found soemone else, or just got scared or what have you. can happen for a thousand reasons. ive done it. it sucsk to hear but people are fickle
what was your reason for doing it? like her message and the date was literally within hours of each other, so I don't think it's someone else

sometimes we act like things are good on the date cuz itd be really awkward. girls sometimes feign interest because they are worried about angry or violent reacitons and as much as you may preach that you wouldn't do that, many guys will freak out and meltdown over rejections. so its easier just to play along until were not in sight anymore.

or it may have been exactly what she said: she had fun but doesn't really see you that way.
the whole leaning her head on my shoulder and holding my hand though. like im a "actions speak louder than words" guy. im really sad right now, which is surprising since I went to the date thinking i'm just gonna have fun and if things doesnt work out well, it was no biggie. but it was a lot more fun than i expected

she was seemingly giving it a try. i dont know what to tell you bro. there isnt some secret dark reason holding her back from expressing her secret love to you.
I see, alright thanks man
That sucks haha...

sorry buddy. id give you a big ole bro hug and cop a homo erotic feel to make you feel better, but alas were on 4chan.

better luck next time
There was probably something you did during the date that she wasn't sure was a deal breaker or not. She probably asked her girl friends what they thought and they told you to drop your ass
>told *her to drop your ass
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man this is very confusing
I'm sorry
She had a good time with you and then worried that she might have sent more serious signals than she intended, and so backtracked. That doesn't mean there's no hope. but exactly what she said - she's not ready to leap into something so let's keep it friendly for a while. How long that while will be is not clear, but you make it sound like it's worth waiting for.
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Life is sometimes an isolated incident.

Take comfort in the fact that with age you will comfort these little magical moments; getting caught in the rain with a first date, kissing on the New Year with a stranger, holding hands and watching the sunset.

Its all just little pieces of our lives. I've closer to 40 than I am 30 and I've had plenty of these experiences. It sucks sometimes because every bone in your body wants to recreate and recapture every single moment but if you learn to do anything better as you get older its letting go.
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does it get better
not op but I always worry about my life being mundane and worthless
Thanks ill take that hug. N-no homo

I think the problem a lot of young people have, or at least I did, is that they think life won't get better without taking into account the fact that as you get older different things will give your life meaning.

When I was young I lived from moment to moment, you know? All I wanted was magical, epic moments that made my life feel meaningful and important, whether it be the attention of the hottest girl in the room or traveling to go to the biggest parties or having the coolest flat that everyone wanted to hang out at. I wanted to be a better person by doing things I thought made people better but as I got older I realized that excitement, hot girls and really intense relationships are just roller coaster rides. They're just little thrills to get you from adolescence to adulthood and one day you wake up and you're 30 years old and you suddenly realize that all of the things you thought would make you a happy man as a kid don't really matter to you anymore.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is a constant revolving door of finding out you don't know as much as you think you do. Things always get better if you work at it, just keep an open mind and accept the fact that "better" is very relative to your age.

"You'll understand when you get older" is the LAST thing kids want to hear and its the last thing I wanted to hear when I was a kid but now that I'm an old bastard I realize that "You'll understand when you're older" is literally the simplest phrase for explaining the mystery of life.

By the way, I still don't understand everything, just more than I used to.
How should i talk to her from now on. I dont want to get friend zoned further
crazy, crazy, crazy
I'm about to turn 20 and am depressed as fuck

but thanks for the sage words
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