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At what age does it become weird to have 0 romantic experience?

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At what age does it become weird to have 0 romantic experience?
Don't care about that, m8
Probably mid 20s, if I'm going to be honest.

Anyways don't worry too much about it. Just focus on bettering yourself.

its weird anytime really, like as soon as highschool has started people have dated. it just gets WEIRDER.

the time it gets like too weird is the end of college. of course there can still be excusable reasons.

but that kinda leads me to my ultimate point is that the WHY is the most important thing here.

if you dont want to date than weirdness doesn't matter.

some people you look at and assume they've never dated because of how they look. so its not weird, its expected
>tfw 27
>never had a date
>never had anyone interested
>obviously kv

I don't know anymore. I don't know if I don't care or if I shouldn't care.
How weird is it that I've been romantically involved with a few women but never had piv sex with any at 21? Like the relationships never got to that point for one reason or another?
Never. Don't let the society manipulate you into thinking that you must bind and procreate. Remember that it's all just a government sponsored scheme so that there are more people who pay for pensions. Else, the pension system collapses and we have a disaster. That one is actually the better story, because another reason to look for a mate is religion based community pressure. Don't buy into that.
>>tfw 27
>>never had a date
>>never had anyone interested
>>obviously kv
Why do you think that is?

Honestly, I don't know. Despite my crippling depression, I actually manage to hide it well when I force myself outside. People generally like me, be it at work or socializing, which includes women, However, I've always struck out. They're either not interested like that or already have a significant other.
I'm on a similar path...
>Never. Don't let the society manipulate you into thinking that you must bind and procreate.
Suppose it's not manipulation. Suppose the manipulation is exactly the opposite and you're surrounded by a bunch of people telling you never to worry about dating.

Suppose you're defying that manipulation because in your bones you know you are actually lonely and no amount of sheer concentration is ever going to completely get rid of that.
Right after puberty. If you are not having any romantic experiences by that point, then there is something wrong with you.
25 and over is kind of odd. It takes effort NOT to romantically engage someone by that age.

And yet, here I am.
Or there's something wrong with your environment.

Let's be real here.

After puberty, much of your life is still in someone else's control, and a lot of who you meet ends up being about a random roll of the dice of girls dumped into the same classes as you. If they're all taken, or all horribly fat, or horrible in personality, that's already out.

Is it easy and cop-outty to say 'Not my/their fault'? Yeah, when it isn't true. But when it is true, let people say it.

How do you find out of its true? Ask them to explain.


Yes. Poor you. How could this have happened to you.
Consider the following:
You will always be with yourself. At no point will you be apart of yourself. Thus, being comfortable alone is a state that's best achieved, since it will prove useful whatever happens. On the other hand, others aren't constant. You're free to look for a mate, I'm glad if you find one. However, another person is an addition, thus needless (but not harmful ofc). I'd say loneliness is an illusion dictated by animalistic instincts and while the societies as a whole won't get away from basic instincs in the foreseeable future, we're at a point where one can be self sufficient in life and going against the primitive is what's truly beneficial, for you're thus able to achieve something more than just going along the path of least resistance.

While that holds no inherent value, neither does anything else, so I think my option leads to a more fulfilling life.
Only for women. Or guys underneath a height that has girls ignoring certain universal flaws.

You know I'm right.
>You will always be with yourself. At no point will you be apart of yourself.
We know.

You think you're dropping huge knowledge bombs here?

That's the mantra we've heard thousands of times.

Still lonely. And if it's an animalistic instinct, it's a real chemical reaction, and therefore not an illusion.

Don't be retarded. People want help and you're offering snake oil. Just stay home for these things, will you? Bad advice is worse than none.
I was a shy late bloomer with relatively poor social skills. Still managed to get a gf at 21 and had sexual encounters before that.

Do you not get out at all? Make any effort for romance?
Do you get out of your comfort zone once in a while?
Even being unattractive isn't a no deal with a decent personality.
That's aggressive for someone who dismisses a seemingly obvious fallacy.

OP asked a simple question and I've provided an answer. What's so wrong with that?

Or how about this - it's fucking 2017. There's literally no reason to ever have any romantic experience with another human being - you can torrent all your slice of life waifus for emotional fullfillment, buy top shelf sex toys for physical one and stop wasting your time chasing after skirts like a half brained neanderthal.
>it's fucking 2017.

>There's literally no reason to ever have any romantic experience with another human being
Y'know call me old-fashioned. But some are after 'love'. And it takes a particularly douchey hipster try brushing that one off.


Give it a rest, alright?


Y'know, call me a marxists all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that neither you nor I have any monopoly on the truth. If you think people can only live the life you agree with and anyone who disagrees should shoo you're one sad sort of man. Mostly because that sort of set-in-stone thinking has slowly but inevitably been phasing out in the past decades.

You're free to disagree and not change, but it won't make the fact that I've already said my truth and OP is free to believe or dismiss it any less real.

side note - your caps lock and using clips from tv shows instead of vocalizing your argument really don't help your cause. You're really being stereotypical old man shouting at clouds here.
Truth is not a democracy. I can make this simple for you: I'm right and you're wrong.

You can mock me for using a tv clip but that doesn't change the fact: I'm right and you're wrong.

Using caps does not make me wrong. I happen to be right, and you're wrong.

And yes I will call you a marxist. You pre-empting me saying it won't negate the fact that you can be called that, and it being true. You're a marxist. This is the feminist strategy, mocking the oncoming annihilation of good arguments in a silly voice. Because somehow THAT makes it wrong, right?

Shoo I say.
I will be 29 in 2 weeks and I have none so clearly it becomes weird when you are in your 30s right?

Well on one thing we agree - nothing you pointed out made you wrong. It just made you look like a tosser who can't accept that other opinions exist and are qually valid.
Ffs we're talking the most subjective stuff there is to talk about and you're being more defensive than a closeted gay guy at a Trump rally.
I'm 27. Late bloomer doesn't even cover it.

I get out, and I used to make an effort. A person can only be turned down for a decade or so before they get the idea. I still go out, though.
>you look like a tosser
Someone can look like a tosser and still know their shit.

The loser of an argument tends to bring up 'looks like' and 'sounds like' so I appreciate the quasi-concession.
What's your situation? Why are they turning you down? Any consistent thing?

Also, this wasn't online, was it? Because I don't count online dating.
Are you aware that you've been the one namecalling and non-argumenting this whole time, or will you just keep your dick in your ears and pretend not to hear?

None of us is right because the matter is subjective in its core, both the opinion that we have to seek mates and one that we don't are valid, It's up to the individual to decide. I know you're trolling, but unless you present any argument to the contrary I'm not engaging any further.

And that's another wail of the defeated by the way. 'Trolling.' When a person has been talking pretty normal the whole time.
literally me senpai
still going strong at 26. i avoid people though and i turn girls down out of fear
Idk if that's reassuring or not.

Feels like the universe is insisting on cucking me fampai

No idea. If I knew that, I'd work on it. For awhile, I thought it was because I smelled, like it was a bad smell I was used to or something. However, I was always told I smelled fine by multiple people.

>Also, this wasn't online, was it? Because I don't count online dating.

No. I don't use Facebook, so I don't do online dating. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I also don't like the idea of having a profile people I know can see. I've seen a few people make fun of friends they've found.
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I'll be generous here and say 30. Here me out:

Imagine people who manage to FINALLY break free from shit parenting in post-grad. That's 18-20. Fucking 20. Think of how much lost time that is. I was lucky. My dad taught me how to chase pussy before my balls dropped, AND you learn like a sponge at that age. Once you're 20 you're slower to learn things. You've also got a shitty, often inflated ego. Combine that with self-esteem issues. Last, but not least, whatever extra problems get tacked on from shitty parenting that fucks you up even harder. Don't ask me how you get an inflated ego and self-esteem issues at the same time, but that's Anon for you. The perfect virginity storm.

I have no regrets about my romantic life, but I don't credit that to me. I recognize the advantages I had, and look at my friends who struck out hard, and why they struck out. Learning how to succeed romantically over the LONG TERM with a person who has their shit together requires a set of skills I simply cannot get into with the limited space that I have on a 4chan post, but I REALLY want to write a fucking essay here.

I could go on for a LONG time. Romance and intimacy were my lifeline growing up.
>I could go on for a LONG time.
Well, do so.

It might be helpful.
Here's me

>currently 26
>not bad looking (or so friends and female friends say)
>never had a girlfriend
>didn't date in middle of high school because parents went through bad divorces. Was too embarrassed to bring a girl home
>didn't date after high school because I joined the military.
>didn't date after I got out of the military at 23 because I had too much on my mind.
>haven't dated yet because I'm too focused on my career and I have off and on depression that prevents me from such a thing.

Honestly, I don't feel like I'll be "free" to start dating until I'm in my early to mid 30s. But, I know what will happen. It'll be too late for me by that point. So nothing will change
>Was too embarrassed to bring a girl home


What's confusing about that? My parents went through a long divorce. So being home wasn't a fun place to be.
Oh. I thought it might've just been embarrassing to bring a girl home to a single parent.

Yes please do. I myself feel like I'm right on the cusp of achieving a semblance of a romantic relationship. I'm not completely without experience, although still a virgin. but all my experiences with women have happened in the past two years or so. Im 26.

Im right there man. I've lost 150 pounds, starting to go to the gym and gaining some muscle, feeling confident in day to day interactions. Pretty charming, but romance seems to elude. A lengthy essay could do a lot. Maybe not immediately, but as a slow learning process I could implement over time.
Oh, well shit. I'd feel embarrassed if I tired to do that right now
25 here, lost most of my life to depression, among mental illnesses that have yet to be diagnosed. I didn't realize I had a problem until I was 22.

I want to be optimistic but trying to undo over a decade of social isolation and neglect seems like its going to take a very long time.
this thread was a complete confidence boost, thank you virgin losers
That's not crippling depression anon.

It is, though. I've been dealing with this since I was 6, maybe younger, diagnosed. I saw various doctors until I was 15 years old until I learned to hide it so my mom would stop crying. It never went away. I just learned to deal with it the best I can, and its not always easy. It's been rough lately. Really rough. I haven't showered in 2 weeks, my apartment is a dumpster, and I haven't been able to bring myself to get to work in two days. I spent Wednesday in bed until 10pm, and today I didn't get out bed until 7pm.

Don't sit there and tell what I don't have have because you're used to kiddies getting sad and calling it depression.
You just need a royal whack on your lazy fat ass. Big one. Depression is bullshit.

>He doesn't understand.
>he still believes in the depression meme
Do you think your ancestors who lived in caves got depressed?

Try it some time, buckaroo.
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I had sex once when I was 20 years old. But honestly, I'm still hoping to become a wizard.

From what I've seen, every wizard I've met is really smart. They don't waste their time on girls, and use that energy to be productive. They accomplish a lot of shit. One I know is working on his 3rd bachelors degree. Just because he's bored.

Hell, look at our (USA) new Secretary of Defense Mattis. He's a wizard, and he know everything there is to know about being a Ground Commander. He dedicated his life to it because he wasn't out sticking his dick in tons of wet pussies
Anon here,

I'll be posting walls of text in the next couple of hours, once I finish walking my wife to work.

I'll post where I've come from and how that worked for me growing up. I'll also add some more info about why I don't have these problems:



If it doesn't help then at least it'll be some interesting food for thought. This post is about romantic experiences, and that's been my direction moving forward with women. I won't be posting an alpha chad guide. There's enough of that shit on 4chan, and it's never been my way.
16 probably, don't worry it's not uncommon to be a wizard these days. That's probably what is waiting for me too.
What's a Paladin?
Looking forward to it, brother.
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I had skills, opportunities, and motivations to seek a romantic relationship. I had a single father who was good with women. He raised me to be someone like him but better - as he saw it. He taught me social skills at an age where I was humble and afraid of authority. Many autistic faggots are jaded and defensive. This gets compounded by a life of failure and being insufferable to others. Recognize who is better than you, observe and learn from them, and try your hardest not to lose them. It's never to late to find your "good father" analogue.

Being with a single parent creates opportunity: an empty household. My Dad worked while I was a teenager, and I had the place to myself a lot. He also didn't mind if I had a gf over. He was probably just glad I wasn't a raging faggot. It’s important to be able to capitalize on romantic encounters as they come. Busy households fuck you when you’re young and broke, but you can always get a hotel when you’re older and live with your mother. Those are worst case scenarios.

Lastly, my motivation to seek a romantic relationship manifested from loneliness. A single parent cannot pay the bills and provide adequate love. At least, I don't think a father is able to provide sufficient love for a child. I felt very loved, sure, but I was often alone and friends weren't cutting it. I hungered for a deep, intimate and loving connection. A girlfriend was the most natural approach. Online chat was, for me, a great opportunity to learn how to attract people one-on-one based entirely on personality and wit. It staggers well with "going out," which gives you social experience in large groups. This last tip is very important in my mind: take any opportunity to learn to enjoy engaging with people in different ways.
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Okay, so depression. I’m going to touch on this briefly because depression is the black hole of a relationship. I empathize with people suffering from depression because I was there for a few months; just long enough to appreciate the gravity of it. BUT, the converse of depression applies in a relationship: if you are resilient and happy EVEN in spite of tragedy, then you’ve got a fucking killer ace up your sleeve. Partners LOVE that shit.

My wife and dad were heartbroken when I was diagnosed with MS 9 years ago, but it didn’t bother me too much. Life does exciting things; it’s a colorful narrative. You deal with it. I closed a till at work too hard and spilled some coins, and I threw a syringe of medicine at the wall once. Those are trivial temper tantrums, cracks in a proverbial foundation quickly mended. Thanks to medical Professionals and /fit/ I’m healthier than most people my age.

I guarantee that I was depressed in my early teens for a brief time. Something trivial set it off in my teenage mind and I was blown away at how crappy I felt for months. I isolated myself because I knew my attitude would be infectious. I spent a lot of my free time reflecting on how I felt and why I felt it. I just couldn’t accept being in a depressed state because I was so accustomed to finding my own happiness.

I don’t know if any of that helped me, but one day I woke up and was happy again. Sometimes the mind just clicks back into place. Having someone who helps you is an asset, of course. I grew up super poor and my dad used to say, “Mike…things are going to get better because they can’t possibly get any worse.” He’d laugh while he said it. But, he was an auxiliary resource to help me with that brief bout of depression. I’m 30 now, and I still hate taking a piss in washrooms without a fan. Something about the lonely quiet encourages negative thoughts/memories to come back like flotsam.
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Author of this ^ to post one more TL;DR,

Why I empathize with the "its not weird to be a virgin til 30” benchmark:

I started seeking a romantic connection as early as 12. I got laid when I was 14, and I'm damn happy I did. But, I recognize that the stars aligned to make that happen. I had advantages that gave me skills, and the opportunity to refine those skills. Keep in mind that you learn shit faster when you are young, AND I had learned to "play the game" at a time when my balls hadn't dropped. I wanted women before I even knew what to do with them; that means I ONLY wanted them romantically at first.

I wish I could give precise romantic advice, but it's hard to give because people are diverse. Heck, you constantly deal with yourself being in a constant state of change. I learned when I was 14-15 that what worked at 12 did not work a year or two later. Girls I liked became irritating. I became irritating to myself, then I adapted to my new shitty teenage mind. You’re constantly all over the fucking place. BUT, what doesn’t change is the standard with which interesting women find you engaging. Think of that as your charismatic benchmark.
Paladins are found in East Ardougne, wandering near the castle and market. They are from Ardougne's Holy Order of Paladins, and wear the symbol of Saradomin. Three paladins are found in the Underground Pass and must be killed during the quest. They have special drops related to the quest.

Players can pickpocket Paladins at level 70 Thieving to gain 151.8 experience, 80 coins and 2 chaos runes.

What about people like me>>17996418

I have had sex twice before, when I was 20. Both were bad experiences. But romantically and sexually speaking, in at the experience level of a 15 year old. Why would any woman like a 30 year old with the experience of a 15 year old?
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It should be implied that your first two times having sex would be bad experiences. My first time was literally a fucking mess. Inexperienced sex is usually bad, and new sex isn't typically ideal either. People have different things that work for them.

Why women would tolerate a sexually inexperienced person who is 30+:
>...women find you engaging.

People will tolerate sexual inexperience if you improve their quality of life in other ways. If you are interesting or otherwise entertaining and pleasant to be around then women will likely be considerate with you.

I'll be honest and say that I'd be hard pressed to date a woman who is 30 and a virgin. I'd be looking with a Hubble sized lens trying to find the baggage or flaws before I was emotionally invested. I'd find it too.

If you're a virgin, then don't tell women. Let them figure it out on their won. I jokingly tell the occasional woman who is curious that I'm a virgin just to fuck with them. More often than not they buy into it because it's something they don't expect to hear as a lie.
The main goal in a mans life should be to fuck women.

If you don't have your priorities in order to achieve that goal, you're at square 0.

I don't care how old you are.
What counts as romantic experience? I'm in my mid-20's and have never engaged in anything serious over longer time. I don't personally feel weird about it, unless other people point it out.

That's really depressing to hear..

So you're saying I'm "wrong" because that's not a priority to me?
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