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I want the one I can't have and it's driving me mad

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>Shy 22 male uni student
>Have never been in a relationship
>Hang out with a male friend and his girlfriend all the time (frequently just the three of us)
>They were together before I even met them
>She's basically the female version of me
>It started small, but now I have a massive crush on her
>I feel like shit all the time and I'm starting to become envious of my friend ("what are they up to when I'm not around...")

I realize I'm completely leaching off of their relationship and that this is totally unhealthy, but there's no way I can just kick them out of my life. It's hard because I almost get a taste of what a relationship with her would be like when it's just the three of us, but then they go home together and I'm left alone. The friendship between the three of us has become a lot "stronger" over the past few months, but I really don't know where it's heading. I've told myself that I need to enjoy her as a platonic friend and move on with my emotional life, but I don't really know what the "end game" for that is. If this was a normal friendship I would be at the point where I would start to get more "personal", but how far is too far when it comes to her? I mean, am I trying to work towards a super awkward/dangerous one-on-one "platonic" hangout? I should probably just completely disengage with her outside of social events, but that would kind of suck...

I guess this was more of a vent than a plea for advice. She's with him and that's that, I need to get over it and move on...

>And before anyone asks, I'm 95% sure she doesn't have feelings towards me. Sometimes I get the odd vibe that she might, but I know it's just in my head.
This is dark and sad as fuck man, holy shit. Are you in Tennesse? I'm about to turn 21, god damn I'll be your friend.
Find someone else. When you get close with someone else and stick your dick in them you'll be able to move past. I'm not joking at all that this is the best way. Not necessarily easy though.

It's lame and you don't choose who you love and sometimes you get fond of something you shouldn't. But the more people you meet the more you'll meet others you'll like and stop being fixated on one.
This nigger is fucking right. You cannot come out on top of this situation at all. My best advice is see if they have other friends who can join your group. Otherwise, you will have to move on.
Ontario dude here, but I appreciate the offer.

Ya, that's what I figure. I've been trying my luck with Tinder and other things, but it's hard to be motivated when I feel so down all the time.

I think I'm probably depressed.
These two friends of mine are part of a larger, mutual group of friends. We all hang out together as a large group fairly often. I do a lot of third wheeling, but we typically try to get a few other people to chill with us. It's just that the three of us have bonded more over time compared to the other people in our circle of friends.

But ya, there's no way I can come out on top here, short of my friends having an amicable split. I just need to find someone else to get my mind off of her. It's the meantime that's killing me...
ayy Ontario me too my dude.

shits right here is a story as old as time. sounds like you're someone who doesn't typically have a lot of females around him in general, so when you've been spending time around or with one (especially one where you feel she is so similar to you, but desu that's probably just your mind playing you) you feel a bunch of shit you're not used to and it kind of fucks with your head.

Assuming you're not at York or something, there should be a lot of easy opportunities around you, and some pretty decent girls. Just have to put yourself out there. Can be as easy as making a tinder account. Just do something.

Shitty situation not much advice to give here, I would say the healthiest thing to do is to only hang out with them in group situations and stop third wheeling. If you didn't have feelings towards the girl then third wheeling wouldn't matter but it seems to be negatively affecting you.

Its also stunting your future relationships because you're too hung up on being a third wheel and liking this girl who is unavailable that you're not going out and trying to meet singles.

And lastly I think if you do notice any signs of her "liking" you its solely for an ego boost, outside of their relationship being very rocky if you notice her flirt with you or whatever its because she likes the attention and nothing more. This can trap people into falling for them, don't fall for it.
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 2

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