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Punching bag friend

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Most of my life since 5th grade I've always ended up being the punching bag friend, meaning my friends insult me and target me for jokes and pranks. My old friendships have died and I've made new ones. The current friendship I'm in is with 3 other of my buddies. 2 of us have been friends for a long time but the 3rd guy joined our group awhile ago because he's the brother of my mate. Ever since then they have targeted me, they will blame anything on me and when others mess up its "no big deal" or "not their fault". A week ago I snapped when they were all blaming shit on me and eventually my friend since I was 10 said "leave". I did, no one told me to come back, I told them I was done with them and the guy who told me to leave said "good, have fun being by yourself". I was mad at them and ready to move on but I realized that I put so much effort into that friendship that I don't have any others. My family doesn't interact with each other so it was either I have dignity and move on being alone, or try to make amends, I tried to fix it and we all apologized except for the new friend who didn't want me back. My "friends" convinced him by saying "you can be by yourself or forgive him". It was a nice gesture, they are now back to the same point blaming me and shit and it makes me fucking mad. This new faggot friend said "we didn't even miss you the day you left, we had fun and didn't talk about you". I don't want to give up on this friend ship because we have had so many great times, but I can't keep being a human punching bag that is blamed for every little thing. What can I do? I don't mind being made fun of every now and then but right now, it's just me they make fun of. I might be confusing but it's sad to see a long friendship slowly being ruined, and you know it's being ruined. I want to leave to prove them I don't need them but I'm alone, I can't do it. I have a shit job with people I don't care about. How can I save my friendship?
They sound like a bunch of shitty faggots honestly.

Try to branch out and meet people who respect you without burning bridges.
I know the feeling. I've generally been the easy target for most of my life (I'm 32). There's actually some very interesting psychology about how boys interact with each other. Read this:
Familycircle com/teen/advice/rosalind/rosalind-wiseman-masterminds-wingmen/

What do you DO about it? Well, you can't really force them to be different people, and if they're not able to treat you the way you want to be treated then you need to make a choice.
Read that article, it's good.
Hey, I just looked at that link, and it's basically correct, but I read a much longer article than that one. I can't seem to find it though. It talked about how relationships among boys (and men) are less fluid than with women. Anyway, I feel bad because that link isn't nearly as good as the one I read the first time. Maybe it was in an issue of Time, i'm not sure. Anyway, there's more to it if you're interested.
Idk man, you need to assert yourself somehow. People who try to single one person out are usually themselves insecure. I had a guy try to do it in my circle, but the instigator got called out and basically left the circle. The target never took it for a minute. He just called him out and dismissed him, for example
>bro you're just a pussy that's why you never do shit
Idk if you're insecure or why you always try to start with me, but it's childish and I'm not gonna bother with your bullshit

A few times like that and he basically shut up
I was in the same situation. I decided to not make it up though.

4 years later, I still have 0 friends. Don't become friendless. You won't recover from it.
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