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What do

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Alright buckle up /adv/ because this is a weird one

My whole life has been nothing but boredom. Nothing excites me and I'm not passionate about anything. That's not to say that I'm apathetic and that I don't have emotion. I just lack something that gives people spark and enjoyment from regular things.

Notice I said regular things. The one thing I have always enjoyed was adrenaline and the rush of doing something "bad." I found that getting in fights was fun and that doing extreme sports was fun. I even did skydiving for awhile and thought I had finally found it. But now I'm empty again.

Now when I was younger I used to get in trouble for some illicit activities. Suffice it to say I had special admiration for Robin Hood. It had always been in the back of my mind that being him was what I wanted to do for my life. And thinking about it now, I truly think it would make me happy. But I have always backed away from it for obvious reasons.

Here's the kicker. Recently I have come across a friend like I've never had before. Someone who I feel understands me and I understand them. They are the only person I have ever told about my "dream." This person told me that if it will make me happy then I should go for it. Even if it is something many people say is wrong. They told me this with such sincerity I almost cried.

Now I have the issue of what do I do now. Do I live my life as it is now? With a good job and a car and house to my name with people who care about me. Or do I turn to the one place I may find happiness and enjoyment and live out the rest of my life, however long it may be, doing something I love. Sorry for the long post.
>long post
nigga a single reply from me is usually way longer and filled with autism.

I think you should go for it, 100%. Yes! it's dangerous! it's scary! But I think that's the point of life.
So many of us are raised (and expected) to fill a mold, guess how many people are happy just fitting in the mold.
I believe it is not our duty to satisfy the expectations of society or even our parents, when all they want is for us to """succeed""" as in land a safe job, which is really all they want.
So many people will try to """fix""" you, try to tell you what for _THEM_ seems most reasonable, and back themselves up with all the social pressure, all the ""common sense"" imposed to them by social norms...
But I think we should give ourselves the chance to be who we want to be. Again I think we are all different, and we should live by that. I think each of us has a *right* path, not predefined, but something thats more keen to our nature, and that there is "The Right Pathâ„¢" that pretty much means "study work consume die" and is supposed to give you happiness through ""security"". You know very well what I mean.
No, go for it, but do be aware that you are taking abig risks, and that before you try anything stupid, you got to train yourself. I hope you know this, and I hope you know to be prudent and act cautiously when it's the best course of action. I hope you grab the courage to do this and I hope more people ((myself included, I'm in a similar situation and that's why your post resonates with me quite some)) would give themselves this freedom to follow their true nature and cut away the lies that have been cast upon most of us.
Best of luck.

May I ask what your situation is. If you have to, just give a name for your role model.
It's though to give you an accurate description, but pic related may be it.
keywords: tao, Chan (aka Zen), wandering, warrior.
I think we should stop roleplaying as cogs in the machine and start roleplaying as our true characters.
oh yeah, role model name: Sun Wukong
Go, anon. Go be Batman and never look back.
I wonder then, if the monkey would join the snake
I appreciate the offer, but the monkey is a loner. We may cross our paths in the future, perhaps.
But you'll meet others, a couple days back a mirror man made a thread, life sure is full of magic.
But your thread today inspired me, and helped me reassure this which I've been thinkig about. I thank you for that.
Mate this sounds like a monumentally bad idea.

You're considering throwing away your future to literally become a criminal... for the thrills.

Given your history you're likely to get bored of that too.
Thread posts: 9
Thread images: 2

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