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>Even though I have assburgers, I can manage talking to people

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>Even though I have assburgers, I can manage talking to people on a social environment
>Pubs and discos are still out of my reach though
>I too prefer to play vidya online
>Either online or real life, I can speak with girls somewhat normally and openly
>But there's this issue
>They all either have a boyfriend, or are REALLY messed up on their heads
>I never find any girl that I somewhat like that doesn't have a boyfriend or isn't mentally scarred for life

I get it, you females get close to me as you know I'd never attempt shit on coupled people and you feel secure, but can't get YOUR boyfriends to listen to those topics you ALWAYS want to talk about.

Not that I mind, I love talking with people when the chance arises, but can I know at least why it's never with someone somewhat nice and boyfriendless? Serious question, as it seems it's never out of those conditions that I get to speak with women.
How is your day going, OP? Are you excited for Fire Emblem Echoes?
There, answer those questions and you've talked with a somewhat nice and boyfriendless girl.
My day is going somewhat fine, anon. I'm too stupid to stop caring about this female friend of mine who's had a fight with her boyfriend, expecting something to work out between us. God damn it.

As for FEE, I'm not really excited at all.

Also as far as I know, anons be genderless.

just keep trying. the more you talk to the better youll do.
It's not like you knowing my gender will make me less anonymous. Anyway, been there done that.
When I was 15 I was completely in love with a guy that ended up dating my best friend, and I had to hear him pry over her stupid shit and then try to help them fix the absolute mess of a relationship they had for the whole year that they dated.
It sucked and, honestly, I didn't get much out of it. It's hard but you should just let her go.

I understand it, I'm more excited for FE Heroes myself.

No, sorry.
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It's a bad habit of mine, to let people with toruble just load them off on my ear to let them feel somewhat better. I'm destroying myself trying to be a nice and likeable guy.

If I were to do what I liked, I'd probably go to anything vidya related, forgetting about everything else. I understand fully well that cannot be if I want ling and persistent relationships on friendship and coupling, but then it wouldn't be me I think.

Fuck me and my sillyness.
For me it sounds more like bad luck than anything that you're doing wrong. Being attentive is a nice quality (although if it's wearing you off emotionally you should stop a little).
The problem is, most girls like attention. And there is a good quantity of them who would keep someone like you around as a plan b situation. (in days her bf is an asshole, in days she is feeling lonely etc). Girls can be heartless like that, and that's why I'd recommend you to keep a somewhat of an emotional wall in those matters.
God, I have a friend that just broke up with a six month boyfriend this new years eve because she wanted to flirt with a guy that was in the party they went to. She never liked the guy but dated him for security.
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That DOES sound heartless indeed. In fact it does describe the current situation I'm having both now and countless times before pretty well. I admit I'm a sucker.

As *possibly* a woman yourself, what would I have to consider to start doing within my areas of interest or close-by, or keep on myself, to change my situation regarding social/love life?

I was also given a book about fixing up fucked up minds like mine by my psychologist, and while I've been reading that to a good degree of seriousness, it honestly all sounds like daydreaming to me.
OP, please, I'm as much as a social mess as you. We're on 4chan, after all.
Although, I do have some heads up. If you do plan into staying in a more vidya centered social group please be more aggressive (or at least more clear). I know it kind of sucks (and it's somewhat sexist) but I don't exactly enjoy, as a girl, to be the one asking someone out. But in that specific social group almost every guy is a pain in the ass and takes way too long to do so. Have some courage, ffs.
Also, a big red flag to know if a girl will make you a plan b or not is to go on about the content of those conversations. Be careful if all of your conversation are heartfelt feely-bullshit, she's probably just lonely and you're being used as a handicap. Bail whenever the conversation focus way too much on her, for obvious reasons.
Because there are not enough girls in that social group, most of them will already have boyfriends or be as socially awkward as you are (I know I am).
Honestly try joining a reading group or something calm, and you will have better chances in those places.
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I wish this particular area of Spain had that kind of reading groups or similar. Mostly all we have is either drinking groups competing to see who's the baddiest of them all, or old people doing what old people does.

Of course Internet is there, but I've had enough shit with my fellow country population that I honestly cannot talk to any of them online wihout some kind of disdain. It's always like a broken recorder, I tell you.

I SUPPOSE I'll have to suck it up and fight through hordes of mindless spaniards if I want to get somewhere then?
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