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How do I stop thinking about a grill I'm in love with /adv/?

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How do I stop thinking about a grill I'm in love with /adv/? Is such a thing even possible? I see her almost everyday and when I don't see her I get terribly depressed but on the days I see her I can't even concentrate on anything and just get lost in thought.

Notice how the question is not "how do I get this grill to be interested in me?" or "how do I start a conversation with her?".
There's no hope for me to be with this girl, she has a boyfriend and I'm an ex-NEET with zero life experience, so I won't even attempt to make a move.

I literally just need to know how to get her out of my head. Will I just lose interest eventually? I sure fucking hope so because I can't take this shit anymore.
what are your hobbies? maybe you could get more absorbed into them. do you live near the woods? it always eases my mind going for a walk in the woods. it's relaxing and you could see a lot of neat stuff. it can become a hobby too. I wouldn't know though, perhaps my advice is dogshite. good luck anon.
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I walk a lot and I always think about her while doing so. So not dogshit as far as advice goes but it definitely wouldn't help my situation. Thanks anyway anon.
What's she like anon?
You could think about something else while you're walking. You might even try not thinking about anything:

Hang out with other people as much as possible. Just try to distract yourself and move on, look for girls who might want you.
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Petite (around 160cm), black hair, exotic, she's from an ex-soviet state in Central Asia and she has this completely different personality I fell in love with. She also doesn't wear make up which means she doesn't give much of a fuck about looking "good", she already knows she's a qt. She has a beautiful voice and she wears glasses sometimes.

She has literally every trait I like on a girl. I think most of you guys here wouldn't even take a second look at her but I fell in love at first sight. I think I'm a weirdo when it comes to girls' taste.

We do talk btw, it's not like I drop spaghetti everywhere when talking to girls, I'm not that autistic. I used to be but I improved in every aspect, the thing is I just never really talked to a girl before and I have zero life experience having been a shut in NEET for all my life pretty much until like a year ago when I decided to turn things around. We usually just talk about work related stuff, and she's nice to me but the fact she has a boyfriend already blocks me from getting anywhere.

I'll read that later on, it might help. Thanks anon.

I do talk to others but I lost interest in everyone but her, fucking hell, why did I have to meet her ;_;. Like I'm talking to someone else and all I can think is how I'd like to be talking to her instead. I'm pathetic.

find a different gal to focus on, then ask her out, get rejected, find another gal to focus on, ask her out, get rejected, find another gal, ask her out HOLY FUCK SHE SAID YES NOW WHAT

see the picture ?
How does one ask a girl out?

well 1st you need to talk to them about something

after a few times doing that ask for her phone number

call her on the phone keep talking

then ask if you can take her to lunch

if that's not enough - i can't help anymore, i'm unable to spell this out in detail for autist types sorry
Ah fuck, but she's already got a boyfriend lad, maybe read the thread
I had a same problem, desu

>once get into a literal feminist shitstorm at our uni, it was almost as those greentext/opposite tumblr stories, only I haven't really won and nobody started clapping
>only one who stood up for me was this unbelievably adorable tiny girl
>eventualy become friends, and learn that she is interesting person, listens to decent music etc.
>develop some feelings towards her
>she has a bf, scrawny IT bitchboi
>ok, fuck it, we still can be friends
>she eventualy broke up with him and even prior to that she told me that their relationship is going nowhere and it just works solely on inertia
>we get really close
>I fall in love
>get perhaps too excited, rush it and fuck up
>"we still can be friends"
>heartbroken, depressed etc. you know it
>we still are friends but low intensity for few months
>few weeks back I was invited to her little gathering
>most of the times she talks about random bitchniggas and fuckbois they encountered with her friend
>get butthurt as fuck
>get into "ok, fuck it" mode and message one girl I thought she is too high league for me
>as of now we are "seeing each other"

I'm curios how this gonna end. But still, we are sort of friends with that firts girl and I still like her more then I should, but the "heartache", love and depression is gone. So don't worry
Time might not heal but dissolves everything
I guess I'll just have to wait then.
Thread posts: 13
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