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Nothing in common with people, wat do

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So I'm 24. Kissless, hugless, virgin. It's really never bugged up until recently.

I've been making a few profiles on a couple of various dating sites when it's become really apparent that I have literally nothing in common with people my age. Most people around their early 20s seem to be into the whole clubbing, drinking, partying scene or have an interest in hiking or camping/general outdoorsy type stuff.

I'm your typical 4chan user in the sense that I'm introverted (but not anti-social, in fact I'm pretty decent at socializing, I just don't out that much). I was NEET for a short time time in my life but I've all but recovered from any sort of side effects there are from living that life style.

I like to think that I'm decently attractive. I've posted on a few rate threads in /soc/ and generally get a 7-8, not that I'm really self conscious about my looks or anything.

I just don't know how I'm supposed to meet people with similar interests to mind. An issue is that I feel I don't really have any specific hobbies. I read, exercise, eat healthy, browse the internet and play games. That's sort of it.

There's lots of girls I hit up on these sites that describe themselves as "homebodies" or introverted and say that they just like to chill at home, watch netflix or do something sort of stay at home like that, but whenever I hit these girls up nothing happens or conversation runs flat.Part of that probably has to do with lack of game and relationship experience on my end, but still. I can't help but feel that I have nothing in common with most people.

I guess my question is how do I find someone introverted who has hobbies similar to mind/how the fuck do I get into the dating scene?
I'm in a situation similar to yours. What I'm trying is doing drugs at music festivals. I'll let you know how it goes.
Well good luck to you. I wish I liked going to music festivals and events like that. It would be way easier to meet people.
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One last bump
OP here's my greentext story that will hopefully encourage you

>handholdless kissless virgin
>fell for college meme and ended up broke and jobless with no degree at 23
>first job at burrito place for a year
>got new job through friend at office on social media marketing team for a department at 24
>entire department outsourced 3 months later
>apply everywhere for new job
>6 months unemployed and finally land job as cashier at ice cream shop for minimum wage through an old bro boss from burrito place
>stayed extra hour one day until bro's shift ended
>qt 20 year old grill showed up as bro's relief shift
>gave the best handshake of any male or female I've ever received to this day
>proceeded to say almost nothing to me for the next 2 months
>saw her shuffle a 3ds into her apron pocket one day
>stayed hours off clock after shift to talk about games with her
>this kept going for a couple months
>coworkers began to ship us behind our backs
>one night asked her out for tacos
>she actually said yes
>ended up planning not-a-date follow up date with her that night
>2 more not-dates later we were in a restaurant an hour after it closed
>she stated at least we weren't the only couple there late
>to this day I'm amazed by how smoothly I jumped on this opportunity with "well, if you're down for being a couple I am more than willing to be your boyfriend"
>she dropped her purse and quizzically stuttered that she's actually someone's girlfriend
>met her older siblings a few weeks later at a bowling alley/pool hall/arcade
>each one told me in private basically she's a kissless virgin as well and they're all wondering how she got someone normal
>now at 26 and 22 we're both making shit pay as managers at the ice cream shop and are looking for better jobs and apartments/homes to move into
Happy you were able to find someone. It really feels like online dating is just a shit way to meet people. It's so hard to come off as genuine or yourself on a dating website. Feels like you're trying so hard to be desireable that you come off as undesireable.

All of the girls I've come close to dating have been co-workers of mine. Right now I'm unemployed but will be looking for a job again soon. Hopefully I can meet a down to earth qt 3.14 like the one you described.

Grats again on finding one
Thread posts: 6
Thread images: 2

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