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I had a best friend, she was a bitch, didn't know until

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I had a best friend, she was a bitch, didn't know until I started dating my new bf.

Found out from other people that she was flirting with him. I trusted her, she said she wasn't trying to do anything, I let it off. Later, my boyfriend told that she kept on trying to hang out and isolate him and would make lies turn him against me and told other people she wanted us broken up. Confronted my friend and I told her I knew she was lying. She went batshit insane for a couple days and went on a mission to turn everyone I knew against me. She literally went around to ALL of our mutual friends and made up rumors and lies about me. I had someone uninvite me to a party saying that what I 'did' was too messed up, a couple people asking me if I was okay cause she told them I was on drugs and my boyfriend was beating me, etc. I found out who my real friends were, only two people didn't believe her lies. A lot of other people I didn't even bother trying to explain because of the things they said about me before they even tried to talk to me about it.

The next part is now my ex best friend started dating my boyfriend's 17 year old brother (shes 25). He's jobless, pays for their dates with his dead mom's insurance money. She's taking advantage of the fact he's 17 and stupid.
She's now constantly staying at at their place. Whenever I go over to my boyfriends house I always see her, and when I'm not there, I'm get anxious that she's going to do something to turn him against me. My boyfriend can't kick her out either because her dad owns the lease (complicated story).

To make things worse, there was a vacation planned that me, my bf, and his bro were supposed to go to, and now that she's dating the brother, she's going too. Next week we're headed to a family dinner with her and his younger brother and their grandparents. I'm gonna lose my shit. I'm worried that I'm going to have to deal with her for the rest of my life.

What the fuck do I do?
Kill her with kindness.
Act really kind and amicable at all times.
Don't talk shit, don't argue, don't react.
Let her reveal herself as the psychotic bitch she is. She'll act out big time once she realizes you're not going to react. Possibly dramatically. That's when you've won.
Sounds like your bf has really endured her shit as well, personally. Why the fuck isn't he making a stand? "Don't want her along on the holiday" would be a good start, but also taking a statements to get some distance between the two of you and her. I know this also influences his relationship with his younger brother, but honestly, this chick has pulled enough psycho shit not to trust her in your surroundings again.
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This is what I've been trying to do. Ever since everything has happened, I haven't said a bad word about her to anyone (except my boyfriend) and when I go over, I'm either nice or I just avoid her and stay in a different room. Throughout the entire process, I was never rude to her. Probably the only thing bad I did was at first I blocked her number because she kept on texting me stuff like 'you're a bitch, fuck you' in all caps. I think she's probably so butt hurt because we were friends for so long, but honestly after seeing how much of a bitch she could be, I lost all interest of being her best friend again.

She still is spreading rumors about me. She even started posting indirectly about me in her blog. I feel bad for her because it's really pathetic since I really didn't do anything to her but catch her in a lie, but at this point she's like a fly that won't leave me alone.
He has been trying. He's been telling his grandparents about it to try to control his younger brother (closest thing to parental figures his younger brother has) but when that happened his younger brother just got mad and ran away from home for 2 weeks with her without telling my bf where he went at all. He's 17, he doesn't listen to anything his brother says, and the other roommates of the house are her older brothers, so he feels he can't kick her out since it's not reall his house. When I was trying to ask her to stop going over and hang out with my boyfriend before all this shit happened, she turned it around and told everyone I was telling her she couldn't hang out with her older brother (who she previously never talked to). I feel really bad because him and his younger brother used to be best friends, now they never talk. His younger brother is too young to realize she's a shithead and all he cares abut is puss, so in his eyes, my bf is just trying to ruin things for him and he doesn't understand why my bf is trying to tell his grandparents.

He's doing a really good job at separating us though, when I go over, we never hang out in the part of the house she hangs out in.
You ever see single white female?
She's going to fuck up your life. You need to cut contact with her. Get your bf to move out with you or something and avoid seeing her. If he cares about you, he'll drop her too. Otherwise you don't need these toxic people in your life and really deserve better
Well you've won already.
1. You saw who your true friends are
2. Crazy bitch keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper

Short of killing her or stooping to her level, there isn't much you can do.

I do recommend recording/keeping records of your interactions with her however. Check your local defamation/slander laws. You might be able to sue her. Malicious destruction of reputation is no joke.
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