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I dated a mythomaniac

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>Meet a guy
>Instantly click
>Date him for 2 months, start getting attached
>He is wonderful, always there for me, very loving etc, absolutely perfect guy, even my friends adore him
>He tells me he has lung cancer
>Get depressed by this situation, spend my time reading on cancer
>Be there for him, whenever he wants to see me I call an uber and go to his place
>Pay him stuff
>He doesn't want to tell his family about the cancer so as not to worry them
>After 4 months of dating we were supposed to spend a weekend together
>On saturday morning he tells me he is hospitalized in a clinic with internal bleeding, his grandpa is with him
>I'm destroyed, he does not want me to visit him there
>Next day I call his grandpa because I'm worried
>He tells me "Oh Paul is at home, he's fine, wtf are you calling me for?"
>Call the clinic, he never went there
>My whole world is destroyed, I cannot believe what is happening
>Call him, he does not want to confess and starts lying about his grandpa not wanting to worry me
>Threaten to leave him, he gets verbally violent, then starts crying
>He confesses that he does not if he has cancer, he lied about the clinic because he was not feeling well and did not want to see me (another lie)
>I realise he has also been lying about his job (he said he had a small company, but I checked with the administration and his company does not exist
>I don't even know where all his money comes from
>He doesn't not want to tell me
>Dump him, even though it is hard because he is still the same person

How the fuck will I ever recover from this ? How the fuck do these kinds of people even exist ? I'm under shock, I don't know what to do...
HAHAHA, TOP KEK! How do you fall for a scam like this?
you dodged a huge bullet there.
wonder what else he was lying about?
probably a prudent move to get std checks, etc.

I don't know why these people exist either, I hate liars. It seems so illogical, pointless and a massive waste of time (his and yours).

Again, dodged a 155mm artillery shell there. Don't look back, if you do, you're stupid.
Probably the fact that he said he owned a small company. And everything else he lied about.

If he made up this much shit you can be sure his personality is an act. Like he's filling a role to escape his real life.
Yeah, but what I'm saying is how is someone stupid enough to not figure out the lie very quickly. For example, just ask what his small business does, and when he gives some hesitant answer or shows no passion towards his business, odds are he is bullshitting.
Yeah, a practiced and experienced liar would never expect a question like that! Lies are always obvious and people who are tricked are always stupid!


Dude... if someone tells you they own a small company, why would that be suspicious? Why would OP think to start quizzing him to see if that perfectly plausible and innocuous statement was false?
OP here
He was extremely convincing. He even gave a job interview to my friend (I was there) he had very precise information about everything. He thought this up really well. Hi company was supposed to train fitness coaches, and since he was extremely fit, it wasn't hard to believe him.
>OP: "oh wow, you own a small business? That's awesome! What do you make?
>Guy: "it's just a small manufacturing business"
>OP: "Ok, cool! And what made you want to become an entrepreneur?"
>Guy: "One of my family members was"

This is probably the conversation OP had, and from it you can tell the guy is bullshit. Most people who own a small business are very passionate about it and will talk about it all the time. It's their own creation that they built from the ground up. If the guy shows no passion and just has blanket but plausible statements then he is bullshitting
Why didn't you just Yelp his business and see that it doesn't exist? Furthermore, if it did exist but had like 2 stars, it would have been an easy redflag. Sounds like you are just susceptible to believing anything you hear OP
He said he didn't have a website and his company was founded only 6 months ago so he didn't have an online presence yet
where do I find girls like you OP
Shame on you, your bf is wearing a suit of armor fighting criminals at night and he just wants you to be safe. All of his injuries are from melee combat.
My judgment was impaired because I had feelings for him ;_; I feel stupid now of course, and it's easy to say what you say from an outside perspective. I told you, even my friends believed him, even his friends believed him about the company... He was reaaaally good.
Are... did you just make up a conversation and then point out to OP how she should have detected the lies in your made-up conversation, which she did not have?
And this didn't seem like a lie to you? Did you ask him about the website or did he tell you this outright without you asking. If he just told you this randomly, then you can tell that he is trying to cover all of his bases.
kek this dude is a legend
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Easton Rivers.jpg
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This guy pulled the same shit 5 years ago and had like 10 hot gfs at once at Columbia University in Manhattan, because they all believed his story of having lung fibrosis. He was very good at faking sick! Much better acting than the reel above. His gf somehow found out that he was lying about going to the doctor all the time, and the jig was up.
As terrible as this whole situation is is just sounds so absurd i cant help but burst out laughing. I hope one day you'll be able to do the same op.
As for a more serious anwser. You just need to let him go and move on, which will take it's time. Now you might feel utterly devastated by how he treated but just keep going with your life and cut all contact with him. You'll be over him eventually.
I think you learned not to be to trusting again but remeber he is most likely a worse lier then anyone you'll ever meet again so dont become to mistrustfull of future partners.
Good luck op.
>dont become to mistrustfull of future partners
hehe wait for me OP
He still keeps harassing me to get back with me...
you should get back with him. This time it will be better. I mean you know and he knows that you know he's a liar, so cards are on the table.
Everyday I'm tempted to get back with him. He even said "I recognize I have a problem, I'm ready to get help" and wants to see a psychotherapist. But he still keeps lying about his job...
I can never let my guard down with him and start trusting him again. Even if I stay with him, I will forever question everything he tells me. I'm not sure this is how I want to spend my life, in constant fear. I'd rather be single forever.
If he's taking affirmative steps toward positive change?
He took 2 steps
>Admitting my trust is broken and agreeing to prove everything he tells me he does (If he is with a friend, he will send me a picture of said friend, but I guess I can still question the authencity of said proof (no timestamp)
>He accepted to see a psychotherapist

>He still lies about his illness: saying he is going to fetch the results of his tests (biopsy)at the hospital soon to find out if it's cancer or not (I seriously doubt he even ever went to that hospital)
>He still lies about his job, saying he owns a company when I know for a fact he does not
No, real change. He can agree to anything, he's got to start going to the appointments.

Who the fuck cares if he's "taking steps". Mythomania is pathological- it's like BPD or sociopathy. It won't get better. You'll be so frustrated you'll want to kill him and then yourself.

OP, woman to woman, if you get back together with him you'll not only regret it, you'll waste a considerable amount of your life and sanity. Please be smart. RUN. AWAY.

Jesus fucking Christ sorry to say this but just run.

Any more time is a waste.
Go back to /r/relationships. This is real life.
>woman to woman,

There really should be flairs on the this board. So I can ignore advice given out by women
>mfw pathological liar
Don't take it too seriously, he didn't either.
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Thread images: 2

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