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USA, Visa & Visiting

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So laying it out:

-I want to make a trip to the good ol' US
-I study at university, I have a somewhat signifficant job in my country, so I guess I'm elligible for a tourist Visa
-The real reason is that I want to meet my sweet heart from my LDR
-Hold your chuckles

-Do I tell the American interviwer that the reason is her I want to visit, or insert the "vacation" excuse?
Will they deny me the Visa if I tell the truth about her and us?

Please help adv/
I'm not even American, but do you really think they interview every person who applies for a tourist visa...?
Yes, a interview is mandatory here before they decide if they give you the Visa

Most important for a visa is having a return ticket. They want to make sure you actually leave. Sure you could bounce in between.

Which sandnigger country you from tho?
Eastern slav country within Nato, friendly relation with the US

Oh yes, you also have to present the interviewer with both tickets for a start.
Bruh... Just tell them you're visiting for for fun/tourism and you're staying with an old friend.
I would like to know from anyone who would have the knowledge if this thing would be frown upon and as such, deny me the visa
Bumping for more info
You need "strong ties to your homeland" so they won't believe you are trying to immigrate. That means having a job, home, family, and so on. They can deny a visa for anyone if they feel like it.

Guess you're from Poland.
Please be honest, it's very important when visiting a loved one in a foreign country. If you tell them they are visiting someone they may want to call that person. If that person does not exactly corroborate your story you will be barred from entry for ten years, sent back to your country, and it will count against you if you ever try to immigrate there one day once your ban has expired. If you don't mention meeting anyone, it will be smoother, but if you're caught the same thing will happen. And one day, down the line, should you two wish to marry these lies will come to light and you will find yourself in the exact same position.

That said, don't overshare or be uncomfortable. When they ask you the purpose of your visit say something simple like "tourism, and visiting my girlfriend".

>Will they deny me the Visa if I tell the truth about her and us?
What country are you from and do you need a visa to enter the US for the purpose of tourism? If you do need a visa, then you're going to have to apply for it beforehand. I'm not familiar with this, as neither myself nor my boyfriend have had to apply for one just to visit. If you do have to apply for a visa you're going to want (and possibly even need) your girlfriend to write a letter of sponsorship for you. It should go something like this:

>To whom it may concern,
>My boyfriend John Smith will be coming to visit me for Valentine's Day from February 10th-February 1st. We will be staying at my apartment/a hotel at [address]. He is bringing ample money for the trip, however I am willing and able to cover any further expenses should the need arise. Enclosed is a copy of my latest bank statement and my passport. If you have any further questions I can be reached at (123)-456-7890.
>Jane Doe

If she's a minor, still lives with her family, or does not have the funds to back this up, you'll want one from her parents as well. I forget the exact details of what else a letter of sponsorship should include.


To answer this question we need to know what country you are from. Generally speaking it isn't difficult to get a US visa.

So you'll want to google that. Definitely, though, have her include where you'll be staying, her phone number, your full names, a copy of some form of identification for her that proves she is an American citizen or has leave to remain (passport is preferred), and evidence of employment or funds to support you. You'll also want to take proof of your own ability to support yourself. Bank statements, proof of employment. That sort of thing. And typical tourist stuff like printouts of the hotel you'll stay at, flight itinerary, etc.

If you do not qualify for the visa waiver program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Waiver_Program you are going to NEED to apply for a visa and you will absolutely want to do that long before you enter, and before you so much as consider booking a flight. Above all, be respectful, be personable, do not be rude or short if they ask questions that assume you would overstay. Be calm, polite, honest, personable, but don't overshare.

That said, I don't want to imply this will be some very difficult ordeal. There are tales out there of people who struggle with it, but I know people personally who have had no great difficulty with it. My boyfriend was asked the purpose of his stay and how much money he had, then waived in. I was asked a little more in depth questions when I visited him, but still relatively innocuous stuff. The purpose of my visit, was my boyfriend aware I was visiting, how long I'd be staying, how much money I had to cover it, etc.

There are a lot more Do's and Don'ts. Some people try to book a flight with a layover for a short period of time (an hour or two) and try to rush the border guards with an excuse about catching a flight. This sort of shit will get you additional screening and make you be seen as suspicious. Don't try to rush them, don't try to switch places in line with others. I strongly recommend doing actual research into this outside of 4chan and similar places so you're prepared.
Oh and for the love of god, have a return ticket already booked like that other Anon mentioned. That, plans for marriage, an engagement ring (everyone needs a special visa to enter the country for plans to marry and it cannot be done on a tourism visa, so do not give the employee screening you reason to think you will do so)- those are going to be a bigger red flag than anything else and almost certainly get you sent back on the next flight out like nothing else will.
Thank you very much for your imput, it was most lightening and I will delve more into the matter on oficial sources
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