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A couple years ago, I turned my step-brother in for raping his

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A couple years ago, I turned my step-brother in for raping his ex-girlfriend.

My step-brother was an addict and substance abuser. His father was and remains a recovering alcoholic. My brother's problems with substances started at twelve, and progressively got worse. He graduated from marijuana, to alcohol, and into pills before he was a sophomore in high school.

I don't know the cultural acceptance here on /adv/, however my brother was smoking cannabis frequently, possibly daily from age 12 to 13. We came from money, and we were heavily neglected by our parents. My brother was unable to quit smoking marijuana or stop using painkillers until he turned 19.

When he was 19, he sobered up at the demands of my parents for 1 year. Soon after, he met his soon to be ex, and fell into heavy drinking. After the broke up (They dated 8 months, his first long term relationship) he began heavily cannabis, pills, and jumped to stealing from family to support her addiction.

This woman was a hell spawn. She encouraged my brothers behaviors, and told him that his sobriety was a problem. After they broke up, my brother was able to get off opiates, but was drinking almost every day.

My brother sobered up, and stayed clean for six months, went to AA, and got help. This cunt made contact with my brother again, and further pushed herself on my brother. On my brothers birthday, he met with her at a hotel room, and raped her. He beat her, and penetrated her multiple times, she spent time in the hospital. At the time my brother was using steroids. I mean he was a mess.

My brother told me the intimate details of the case. My brother was accepted into MSU, but his drug use problems continued. He continued drinking, smoking, and abusing adderall, while living in Lansing.
I turned my brother in, and gave them all the information. He is now a convicted sex offender with two 4th degree sexual misconduct charges. He's not a felon, and he's on probation for the next five years. He is on the registry, however if he finishes his probation spot on, he'll have a hearing where he can petition to get off the registry.

I have a hard time sleeping at night. I know I did the right thing, but I feel I ruined his life. I feel that I failed to protect him growing up, even though the two of us were both greatly emotionally abused and neglected. I feel if I did not turn him in, he would not ever be sober, and would die. His addiction to xanax, opiates, and drinking nearly killed him a couple times.

My family has disowned me for turning him in. They never would send him to rehab, or get him the help that he needed, however they had no problem filling his pockets with cash, and giving him the keys to a new car. Instead of parenting him and teaching him discipline they just told him too stop, and rarely went further.

I feel guilt because I feel that I was the nail in his coffin, he will be eternally fucked because I put him in jail, and made him into a registered sex offender. I don't know how to address these feeling or what to think. I haven't spoken with anyone in this detail about this since the incident, and I want to go help him, but I know he or my family will not want to hear it.

Can someone please help or guide me finding some form of personal absolution.

you are a terrible person
Wtf no, you're not terrible. He raped someone and nobody could help as much as the hrlp he is going to get in prison.

He committed a crime. You didn't turn him. He did it yo himsrlf and now have to accept the consequences of his addictions.

He did six months in jail.

I just feel this fucking pain over the whole thing. I don't even see rape as a thing, but he legit put her in the hospital. Like, I'm a fucking /pol/ack in my views toward women.

But fuck man, how do come to terms, it's been over a year, and I think about him every day.

god will send your soul to hell for betraying your blood, not even jesus can save you
Sounds like your whole family is pretty terrible tbqh. It's not nice to betray your brother, but he sounds like a right cunt and so does this girl. hell, it even sounds like your parents are awful, neglecting you so.

The whole situation is pretty fucked. Just move on with your life, and hopefully your brother and the girl will as well.
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Sounds to me like you're the bigger cunt.

In the same same breath you speak of his substance abuses, your parents' inherit lack of guidance, the "hell spawn" that further spiraled him into abuse, only to state you feel guilty... because he will be "eternally fucked" because you put him in jail and made him a sex offender. Does that make you feel powerful? I'm sure it does.

Oh, you feel such fucking pain over the whole thing but you "DON'T EVEN SEE RAPE AS A THING"?

You're a goddamned idiot.

Your brother got accepted into University, your parents showered him with gifts, and then disowned your ass after you put their prized child away. You got jealous, and got back at him (and them) in the worst way you possibly could. You saw the opportunity, and you seized it. I'm guessing you just fucked around, did nothing with your life and leeched off your parents until you pissed them off. Guess what? I'll bet they'd put up every last cent they have if it would have him removed from the registry and restore his life.

You obviously don't care about the woman that was raped. Did you ever bother to approach your family at any point from the time he was 13 to 19 to express your concern for his well being, or what might happen to him? Did you ever insist to them that he needed serious help? Did you call the police or a substance abuse, or intervention resource to show your parents and your brother your endearing love and concern for his life? To get him the help when he really needed it?

No. The only time you ever contacted the authorities was to "put the nail in his coffin". You aren't a sister, or a daughter. You're a self-gratifying narcissist who'd bleed the family dry if you had the opportunity. Luckily your name won't be in their will.

Blood is always thicker. And the only blood you had, cast you out. Rightly so. Personal absolution? Try this... find a rope. Tie one end to a balcony, tie the other around your neck, and fucking jump.

You worthless fucking whore.

Jesus Christ.

I'm married, have my degree, and my life together. I was the favored one. Our parents put us through Cranbrook.

My brother never had a chance, after he failed out of Kingswood, he was emotionally thrown to the curb. Don't sit here and shit up my thread attempting to derail it because you're such a fucking tool.

I asked for advice, not for your gross over assumption.
Not so favoured now, huh? Parents were right to disown you
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