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whats the consensus on asking out a college teacher? there's

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whats the consensus on asking out a college teacher?

there's a college teacher I met today who I'm taking her class, she seems like she's 25 or probably even younger, and she's absolutely cute.

is asking out a teacher you have a class with generally frowned upon? should I wait until I no longer have her class?
She can't date you because it's a conflict of interest and she can be fired
Shit dude, just flirt with her and wait until you pass

Then fuck her brains out
welp there goes that.
Yeah dude, but it's just a bit of patience

Remember that she's an academic type
Total loser
Studied all the time

If she's not in a relationship, she's desperate for one
Prime opportunity

I think that there is a very small chance that this teacher is willing to risk her job just to hook up with your goofy ass.
nah, there's not a woman alive willing to risk their job for my goofy ass

why do you think I'm even considering a teacher?

>Total loser

wew, that's a big assumption for marking literally every professor who has ever made incredible contributions to humanity
Let's face it, if you make an "incredible contributions to humanity"
You need to give up a lot
That includes having a normal social life
Only because you morons created a society that arbitrates sociability by how hard you throw away your life pissing and drinking.
Nigga, let's not pretend that's how it's been how things have been for more than 3000 years

Socrates was executed because of his liberalism
Being shunned today is a slight

Yeah, I'll concede that. I think there are great thinkers that have led some pretty decent social lives, and even vibrant sexual lives, but I can't remember any except for maybe Sartre

Being a loser is subjective, though. If they were content with their lives, what did they really lose? I don't know man, I get what you mean when you call them a loser, but I suggest you at least think about what that means


I think it's more a result of postmodernism than anything but I could be wrong, because people glorified power and sexual conquest even when "God was alive" during society

I'm >>17977058 btw
>Socrates was executed because of his liberalism

No he wasn't you fucking monkey. He was trialed specially because he was a critic of Athenian democracy and due to past associations with the Thirty Tyrants, either true or untrue. Hardly liberalism.

And the Socratean-Platonic corpus is far from anything liberal in the first place, which you would know if you bothered to read any of it.
You just have to wait. I was in the opposite position, although I was a grad student TA, we aren't allowed to date/fuck our students while they are in our class.

I had this girl who gave me a fucking raging boner every time she came into class, and because she was signaling hard and smiling to me and acting flirtatious as fuck I was so hot for her that literally the SECOND the class was over and she handed in her final exam I asked her out, a few hours later my nose was buried up her asshole and fucked her.

Technically I was supposed to wait till I submitted grades but whatever lol, you get the point. Let dat sexual tension brew my friend, and then fuck the shit out of her.
Dude, liberalism is defined by the critique of society as it is
Retroactively, So Crates is definitely liberal
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>liberalism is defined by the critique of society as it is

So the nazis were liberal in 1928?

Sorry, what do you mean? Did you get cut off at that last sentence
I'm guessing you're saying thinking has always been an anti-life kind of thing? There is something to your idea, if this is what you're saying; it was Nietzsche, of course, who said "These wisest men of all ages -- they should first be scrutinized closely. Were they all perhaps shaky on their legs? late? tottery? decadents? Could it be that wisdom appears on earth as a raven, inspired by a little whiff of carrion?"


This isn't the best word to use, since liberalism has more political use. The Republic is anything but liberal, he hated democracy

It sounds like you want to say more like, against the status quo
So a White separatist, a authoritarian-bourgeois nationalist, and member of the American Nazi party are liberals? Cool!
Yes, he would be, if that was how society was structured

But who the fuck knows how shit is structured now

DESU that's half the point
Can't attack what you can't pin down
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>people like you will go out and vote
>people like you will decide elections

socrates, please hold me!
No dipshit, liberalism is not defined by "critique of society". Literally who the fuck doesn't critique society on some level?

By your definition, for instance, a white separatist TODAY that advocates for censorship and coercion to enforce a strict social policy by the state is a liberal. By your definition, literally any fringe or extreme political opinion is liberalism. In other words, you're retarded
What I'm getting at is that a "liberal" regardless of age, is someone who is progressive
Someone who is pushing the boundaries

That is sometimes good and sometimes bad, not gonna pass judgement on the status quo
Because liberalism is also judged by the status quo

The term "liberalism" is very difficult because it means more than just the social matters

Whatever, we're talking about social shit

Trump and Socrates deserve to be in the same group because they both disrupt the normal society
Judge that as you will
They would be

Liberalism is always progressive
That's the definition

A white separatist would be strictly liberal now if they were against a black first government
I can't really argue that we've been living a black first government
The majority of our government is white
So it's not really "liberal" to want more blacks if most of our people are white
Liberalism, regardless of modern connotations, literally means pushing the boundaries of the status quo
Otherwise, they'd be conservative, the keeping of the status quo
lmao the posts I read on this normie hive my sides

>mfw people on facebook actually believe this drivel about liberalism and have never read a word of Locke or Milton

Liberalism is typically associated with a very specific political ideology; google, for example, classic liberalism, your usage of this term is a little misguided, and if you want more fruitful discussions, refraining from using it could help make people understand you better and not assume you're making some odd political statement

As for Trump and Socrates, sure, but so could Adam Lanza, Gandhi, Hitler, Jesus even. You're making a false equivalence if you're saying that being against the status quo is somehow analogous or the same as having some sort of moral or rational high ground, you know what I mean? Unless I'm misunderstanding you
You are mistaking me

I'm not taking any sort of highground

Wasn't this all about a girl being a loser?

Trump is "liberal" as any other person running against the grain.
Like Hitler
Or George Washington

Trump will go down in history as a fringe President.
He's different the last 30 years
The next one will establish a trend
And you know what?
I think the next one will be just like Trump
Because people are tired of career politicians
Sticky boogers who hang on between presidents
Millennial's first election cycle

american politics changes much much less than the MSM scares you into believing

see you in 8 years when the circus starts up again and you've grown more disgruntled about the sheer lack of change.
>american politics changes much much less than the MSM scares you into believing
>50 years ago the GOP was progressive and the Dems were conservative

Hmmm, I suppose I see what you're saying, although I am unable to relate it to the original topic, you're right haha
what kind of ""college"" do you go to that have a 25 yo teacher? you mean like TA?


You are uneducated and/or bitter about academia.
Go to any big university. Most prominent professors have a normal social life. Some are even party animals, like Von Neuman or Feynman Organizing events, seminars, giving talk, making new friends, that's part of their job. The image of a sage sitting in his ivory tower doing mysterious work not caring about the rest of the society is exaggerated by the media precisely because it makes them more comprehensible (how could some dude like G.Hardy spend 2 hours a day doing productive research and the rest of the time playing golf with his buddies - given his huge contribution to mathematics?). From my experience, some of the common places for mathematicians/computer scientists to have serious meeting are Snowbird, Utah, French Alps, Las Vegas in August. Yes, these are where world changing theorems are discussed.
Of course you have cases like Mochizuki who does research in isolation from the rest of the community, but even he has a lot of admirers, friends and disciples. Some people declare mathematics is a social construct (much less other softer fields).

>Yeah, I'll concede that. I think there are great thinkers that have led some pretty decent social lives, and even vibrant sexual lives, but I can't remember any except for maybe Sartre

Because you don't know much about great thinkers at all. After all why should you? there's no need to know about Feynman unless you are studying Physics. They walk around in the hall of Paris 6, Princeton, Cambridge, or go to titties bar. Of course you've never met or heard of them because what they do is too far from popsci and couldn't be diluted into one two catchy words for the mass to digest, much less their personal life.

I wouldn't be surprised that many NEET loners don't understand the culture of big university.
Only the huge have groupies

You study fucking penguin sinuses for 10 years and then you fucking come to me about how academics are well recieved
Suck my alcoholic dick
Maybe you get a buzz
Express interest subtly then ask her once you have your final grade, it better be good too.

>why do you think I'm even considering a teacher?

.....because the thread you posted is about whether or not you should ask out a teacher?

You said it yourself with your own words.

I'm confused.

Well, yeah, I'm not majoring in physics, but I'm no NEET. Just a CS major, lol. No need to be condescending
"Liberalism" does not mean "being progressive". It's a political ideology that, originally, valued individual freedom over the power of the state. Free trade, free market, freedom of speech, etc. are the main ideas postulated by liberals. Only in the US the word "liberal" means "socialdemocrat", because you've never had a socialist party in the political mainstream.
So, a person that values censorship or racial supremacy over freedom of an individual is not a liberal.

>t.politics student
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 4

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