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>girlfriend graduated college >moved to the city (close

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>girlfriend graduated college
>moved to the city (close to me) and started looking for jobs
>wants to hang out literally every single day
>calls fucking two or three times a , usually at the worst time like when I eating dinner or about to go to sleep.
>interrupts gym, laundry, video games, movies, hanging out with friends, reading
>she basically just wants me to entertain her
>tell her I have shit to do and can't just be around to amuse her
>tell her she should make some friends in the city
>she refuses to do absolutely anything alone, even meeting people.
>tell her she needs to pick up a fucking hobby then
>she just says she can't concentrate on anything because looking for jobs is stressful.
>she uses one of those shitty psychological tactics
>"Anon I understand completely that you're busy and you should have your own life"
>"... but if you're not at my beck and call to do anything I want at any minute, it must be because you don't care about me"
>"... you're just selfish. Why is your every day life taking priority over your girlfriend?"

what the fuck
I honestly want to break up with her, but it feels pretty shitty considering she just moved her and doesn't have a job and is clearly stressed out. But really, she is expecting me to give up everything just because.
>but shes stressed

so? do you want to be kicked anytime shes 'stressed'? girls can be stressed from the moment they have their first period to the moment they die OP, its no excuse to mistreat. yes people are going to go through rough patches, but if they're already making you consider breaking up than its not the kind of rough patch you're ready to sit through.

talk to her, see if you can calm her the fuck down and make her see reason, and if not, break up wtih her.
You're on the right track, you're communicating your feelings and holding your ground doing so. This is a conversation best had in person. Tell her in all honesty that she is stifling you, and it is causing you grief and is overall quite offputting. She needs to understand what it means to give you space. How she sends her time when she's alone is up to her - she can be lonely and mope all she likes, but you are entitled to your personal space as you see fit, and if she doesn't like it tough titties. Do not bend to her will in this matter because you'll never get that freedom back. Be firm and put your foot down. If she doesn't like it she can leave because you're not going to give up your individual life.
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>Low tier manipulation spotted
Your GF id manipulating you into being her amusement slave, dump her.
It only gets more annoying and worse from here anon.
Honestly a big part of it is that she is more stressed out than even makes sense.
Like a few days after graduating, she just called me and started talking super fast about how we NEED to go on vacation to New Orleans or Seattle or somewhere
I just told her, there's no chance I am dropping a huge chunk of change for absolutely zero reason and wasting vacation days.
She said she couldn't even bear the thought of sitting home alone without a job.

It was so stressful it was giving me proxy stress. She's only been out of school for like a month, she has an engineering degree, I don't get what is stressing her out so goddamn much. Even I took a month to get a job on a computer science degree.

in her life she always had some goal. she didn't really have to do anything except for what was presented to her.

she had school. she was told where to be when to show up and just did the assignments handed to her. now shes an adult with no structure and told she has to make something herself, her own schedule, her own plans, her own strategies.

in school you just get handed a piece of paper, are given strict rules and as long as you follow the rules you do okay. now she has to figure everything out on her own.

school is like prison really.
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