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Very Overwhelming Gf

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Hi adv

I am 18 and attending university. I did not get any of my preferred housing options that I choose before applying to uni, and unfortunately got stuck in the smallest dorm on campus with a strange room mate and two /v/ regulars to share a bathroom with. While my room mate is a nice guy, he is very anti-social and very uncomfortable to live with. He is either fapping, playing video games, or in class. He will not speak to me unless spoken to. I was very unhappy

When I thought I'd had enough of my dorm and all of my cringeworthy room mates, my now current girlfriend started to talk to me again. Before uni, we worked the same job and were pretty friendly with each other. We even hooked up after work sometimes. I never saw us being in a relationship though, since she was three years older than I and probably thought I was immature. Plus I don't really enjoy relationships in general.

It turned out that she attends the same university, and has her own nice apartment. She started to invite me over once or twice a week and I actually started to enjoy being with her, and she did as well with me. But I still didn't have a serious relationship in mind. Soon once or twice a week turned into four or five times a week, and spending the night. After a few weeks of this, she confesses she has feelings for me and invited me to stay with her in the apartment for good since she knows I hate my dorm so much.

I avoided the question and told her I would need time to think about it, but I made the mistake of still living in her apartment while I though about it. While I was "thinking" about it she spoiled me and did her best to convince me to stay. We would go out to eat every night and then have great sex afterwards, spend money on me, ect.

I was really happy, happier than I had ever been spending time with a girl, so I agreed to date her and pretty much move in with her. Everything went very smoothly for a couple months, but she started getting too clingy. cont
I've caught her caught her going through texts on my phone/computer a couple times, and I'm sure she's done it plenty more when I'm not around. Every time I want to leave the apartment: "Where are you going? Who are you going to be with? Who is that?"

Jealousy is a problem for her too. Any time I speak about a girl, no matter what the context or who the girl is, she will turn super defensive or think that I'm somehow more attracted to girl I'm talking about.

I don't have my space anymore and I'm tired of it, but I don't want to live with a bunch of gross betas in a cramped dorm. She's such a sweet girl, and I really care about her, but she's not the same. Seeing her upset tears me up inside. We got in a fight about this last night and I couldn't stand watching her cry. I don't know what to do /adv/, I just want to know what everyone here thinks
So tldr:

Before uni, hooked up with cute girl from work a bunch, got a shitty dorm and room mates, she invites me to live with her, we date, now she's way too clingy and I can't handle it but have nowhere to go
You don't have to choose 1 or the other. Why not arrange something like 2 days a week you sleep at your dorm and the rest at hers? You may not like it but that alone time will do you good.

What is it specifically that you don't like about the dorm? Is it the (lack of) hygiene, the noise, being isolated, etc?
Only live with a woman you're in a relationship with if you intend to one day marry her. Because it's honestly not worth putting up with that shit for anything less than a family.
She would take me moving out as breaking up with her. She feels like it will be a step back in the relationship. And yes, hygiene is a big problem. Trash everywhere, piss and pubes all over the toilet. Shit like that
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