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Guy I like is dating another girl

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I've been talking with a guy I've known for a while over text messages and it's gotten a bit lewd, with selfies and such. He lives in another state (not too far though, 1h plane, 7h drive). I knew he was dating someone before this started but I figured we were just chatting. Then we started getting really into our conversations and each other, asking for gym selfies and such, which ended with lewd shit. Two days later he said it's getting really confusing for him and he doesn't know what to do and is trying to figure out what to do exactly with the other girl, and that we should probably stop flirting.

Basically I really like him a lot and I would like an honest shot at a proper date, not just texting stuff, but that's not going to happen before at least a few weeks due to work schedules (at least 2 months I think). I think if I don't say something along those lines I will regret it but I feel like asking a guy to hold on until we manage to meet two months down the line, on the off chance we hit off spectacularly is a bit silly.

On the other hand other women friends have started saying that "if he doesn't know what he wants you should drop him" which I'm not sure is great advice because I've been very confused about relationships especially when one prospect has a lot of distance involved and the other is there and available.

What do? Is he an asshole or did he do the right thing? Do I ruin everything by asking to wait until we meet? Should I just say I fancy him a bit and leave him to decide if he wants to take a shot in the dark?
What did you send each other and who initiated it?
Nothing too bad, me in lingerie, him topless, my abs, his new haircut, feeling lonely going to bed, me staying over when i visited, and then it devolved to him saying I should join him in the shower and naked massages and from there on describing what we'd like to do with each other etc.
As for initiating, I'd say 50/50. I said he's cute, - always thought he was - he asked for a pic because we hadn't seen each other for a while and I had changed hair color, it escalated, I played along. No real initiator in my eyes.

can you posts the pics you sent him?
Bitches all live in fairy tales ffs

What'd expect? That he'd wait for you to go there? Or were you waiting for him to come riding a white horse in shinning armor in your rescue? For half a dozen nudes?

Do yourselfe and everyone around you a favor: grow up
Needed to hear that I guess.

might seem bizarre to thank you for it, but still, thanks.

Np, that's the good thing here: we can be bluntly honest without holding back. Now put yourself toghether...

...bitch lol
well at least you didn't tell me to go kill myself so that's something
Kill yourselfie
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but seriously pics??
As someone whos been recently had his gf basically leave him for a guy she emotionally cheated on me with.

Yeah definitely dont do it. I really wanna kill the guy now and its been the worst heartbreak. Plus those relationships never last wrong because how they start.

Plus if they did it to them whats stopping them from doing it to you?
As far as I've understood they're dating but the whole question is whether or not they upgrade to a relationship so i felt like I still had some leeway.

It's not a very good show of character indeed. At the very best he's ambivalent about his current thing.

On the other hand, as some anon said, no point believing in fairy tales. Can't expect someone to come riding in because suddenly you connected over text messages.

Well to be fair thats exactly how my ex left me.

They never met till the weekend we broke up. So it definitely possible however it may not be the best path for you.
fuck really? sorry to hear it

But you were in a committed relationship right? For a while it also sounds.

4 years. We live together still.

This just happened like a week ago.

I gotta wait till our lease is up in march to get her to fuck off.

But yea tldr she was unhappy but never told me about it, started talking to new guy, says not to worry, month goes by or so, acts weird, call her out, says she dosnt love me and has feeling for him , yell and fight then break up, she goes and drives 4 hours out to his place FOR THAT weekend after we broke up.

Is gonna see him again starting tonight.

I did a lot for her and scarificed a lot but I realize shes losing her mind (she has depression and it only got worse) and she also blew off her friend of 21 years in this process too. So its for the best.

But yeah shit really hurts when someone else is involved and i am trying my best not to kick his ass
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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