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Am I insane if I experience 'postive psychotic experiences'?

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3 years ago I heard a song that pretty much caused a feeling of intense discomfort that I've never experienced prior or after to this day. Not just from music but from anything. My life started changing that day.

I experienced elation for 9 months after hearing that song. It wasn't listening to the lyrics, the artist that caused elation but the change in my mental process. I went from feeling elated to extreme aggression and then dormant aggression to be used when I see fit.

It's left me basically with a feeling better than sex. Could it have induced psychosis?
Auditory delusions are not the only criteria in diagnosis of psychotic mental disorders. And even in its own, it must be last longer than 1 month if i remember correctly to be meaningful.

I had no auditory delusions, it was just a feeling of extreme 'embarrassment' from the base of a song.

I remember my father played the song three times when he was in his bedroom. The first time I had a sense of nostalgia since I hadn't heard the song in 9 years. Everything was fine though.

The second time was the next week on my own. I heard the beginning again and It made me slightly uncomfortable for whatever reason. I decided to search up the song with shazam and when I listened to it on my earphones I experienced such a high amount of discomfort and embarrassment at the base of the song that I turned it off.

I wondered if it was because I didn't like the music (cheesy, gay, unpleasant), too loud, weir genre But it wasn't a bad song or a good song at the time. It was Sting (who I didn't know I had a few songs from him at the time)

It was just that experiencing that intense feeling (not good but like a 'mind hijack) from music is something I have never experienced prior to that day and after.

Oh and the third time I was REALLY annoyed because I was tired of hearing the base again and didn't want to get embarrassed by hearing the music constantly so I told him politely to turn it off.
what song

Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Hey I'm not schizophrenic but I get psychosis because of another illness. Mine is sometimes set off by really weird things that seem to have great order and meaning even though supposedly they are just coincidences. Even though I know that it doesnt matter and it gets to the point where I hear weird shit sometimes like sounds like people talking about me. Or in public I am certain people are reading my mind and what they say warps into things that sound like they are talking about me. It's hard to describe. I also will feel like I'm being watched constantly for hours at end alone in my apt with that hair on the back of the kneck feeling. I think that I've already died and that this is another reincarnation that is just one of infinite ones on the road to heaven or hell or enlightenment or another reincarnation. I get déjà vu a lot, see things sometimes. Music can make me feel like I'm listening to gods lute. That someone playing is just the medium through which it speaks.

It gets past a mangabable point usually and I end up fucking things up like getting fired or evicted or in the past drinking way too much and getting arrested. I don't bother with the meds since I'm on other sit and I can barley function on it as it is. So now I do my best to hide it, but really now I'm convinced that things are more complicated and that instead of being an atheist that reality is most likely some sort of simulation or something.

I dunno.
Sorry, my mistake. Being irritaded by a spesific stimulator, in this case the base of a particular song, is no means a sign of mental disorder as far as i know. I don't remember hearing or reading a symptom like that from my lectures. Sorry that i couldn't help you.
I'll agree with what med student there just said. It sounds more like nostalgia to the extreme. Yer prolly just getting older.
This, sometimes I feel WEIRD when I listen to a song that I haven't heard in ages.
I don't think it's because you are going crazy. Psychosis tends to be general, and worsens with time. This is too specific and isolated...

OP. I think this could be one of these rare cases of repressed memories (they often get shaken into consciousness because you listen or see something again that took place when the repressed memory was being formed.)

Think back, did something happen to you once a long time ago, while this song was playing, either before, during, or after the event?

Keep listening to the song. Push past this discomfort. See if there is something behind it. One day it will hit you. Maybe in a dream, these things often do.

Having repressed memories surface is generally a good thing, it means your mind thinks you are finally ready to hear the truth.
Thread posts: 11
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