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Almost every girl I've kissed cried when I did it

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I have zero confidence in myself because I seem to have a dramatic negative effect on women when I get physically close to them.
Fourth time in a row this has happened: go out on a date, everyone going well, get some drinks, have some laughs, we start kissing, and then, boom. Crying.
Last one said it was because it's "been a while since she felt this way". And I wanted to know what the hell "this way" meant, but I tried my hardest to laugh and say it wasn't a problem. Walked her back to her car, we were laughing, we kissed once again, and she broke away crying again and apologized that "she couldn't do this" and left.
I called an ex who's still friends with me and asked her what my fucking problem was. "You're just a really sensual kisser, and you always brought up a lot of emotions when we kissed. Honestly it was exhausting!"
Last girl hasn't texted me back. She just went silent.
Its not fun making people feel like this just by kissing them. I fucking hate myself. If I'm so sensual why do they all ditch me? What am I doing wrong?
Fuck this, this sounds insane. There's no logical reason this should be happening. But its always happened and I just don't want to date anymore because this always happens. SOMEONE must have advice about this? Anyone?
That's a funny story, Satan. Maybe it's your demonic hell energy or something?
I have no idea what this means. Is this an /adv/ inside joke?
You got 666 trips
I would say you just got unlucky, but 4 times in a row is pretty fucking severe.

Maybe just.. Don't go all-out when you start kissing next time? Like reign it in a little bit?

The fact that alcohol is involved could have something to do with it depending on how drunk you're getting them, but that still doesn't explain it completely.
Well, lucky in gets, not lucky in love.
Have you pressed any girl you've kissed for an explanation? Explain it happens too much to you and you were wondering what's up.
Weird. I've had girls cry after sex a few times.

One time it's because she thought I was playing her for sex. Second time the girl just had intimacy problems and has a hard time just feeling cared for.

So you're either really good looking and they think you're playing them, you keep picking crazy girls, or they are lowering their standards and then getting cold feet.

Are you hot?
I don't really know what "all out means". I'm slow. After a while, I like putting a hand on their cheek; I like it when they put their hand up to clasp mine, too. I nibble their neck, just below their ear. I don't think any of that is too far, too fast or too rapey or anything, but it does something, or I do it, I don't know.

Last one just said "Its been a while since she felt this way". Ex said kissing me was exhausting because I'm passionate. When I was with her I was always weirded out and borderline pissed that she'd never kiss me. Hug me, fuck me, but never kiss me. "I'm tired" was a common response, or just "I don't feel like it". She was my only long term girlfriend.

I don't know. 6'1, 180lbs, ~15% bodyfat, I lift and I swim, decent job and well off financially, 27 years old. People say they are jealous of me.
I don't feel hot. I fear that I'm either some sort of secret disgusting retarded person that nobody has the guts to say is disfigured and girls just can't stand kissing the elephant man or I'm unconsciously putting out the rapiest vibes in the world.
So you kiss to lovingly rather than sexually is the problem.

You should kiss fervently rather than tenderly when first making out with chicks. They don't love you yet, man. Theh probably feel bad because they're just looking to get dicked and you're giving them vibes that you're seriously into them. Plus if they're into getting fucked then tender kissing is fucking boring to them. Bite their lips a bit, get horny and excited.
Alright, I'll give it a shot next time. Never really had that mentality to be honest, grew up with the fear of mistreating women drilled into me very early on. And I've always been a sucker for being emotional I guess.
I just get real bummed when I like a person and then, just by doing the very basic, normal act of being intimate, I can ruin their nights and make them want to avoid me. My self esteem is just fucked. Not knowing what the hell's going on really rips me up inside.
I can't find anything online about this, either. I really does feel like a cursed, some kind of Midas Touch keeping me from getting close to people.
Nah bro, the 2nd chick I have to talk down from panic attacks half the nights we have sex.

Just be more sexual and less intimate. Let your testosterone spike and just get at it. Have sex, don't make love. Fuck them hard, you don't have to look at each others eyes while you do it.
Weirdest fucking thing I've seen on this board quite honestly. I feel like 4 is too much to be coincidence. Maybe you have some freaky dad face and you only attract girls who think you look like their dad.
Welcome to dating, where everybody you'll meet has been hurt so many times that they've been conditioned into obfuscation in the name of self-preservation.

Trust me, it's not an issue with you. In fact, it's a sign that you're better than 90 percent of the fuck heads out there. I know that probably doesn't make you feel better because you still can't get a gf, but in the long run it's to your benefit.

Like the other anon said, you might just need to learn how to pretend to play the "not emotionally invested" game until you reach a point where the other person is as willing to open up and be affectionate at the same level that you are.

You're not cursed, and you're not alone, I'm going through something similar. Good luck.
>I'm going through something similar.
Ho fucking thank god.
Alright, chin up and march forward it is. Thank you.
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>So you kiss to lovingly rather than sexually is the problem.
>mfw women are this fucking complicated that you can't even kiss them WELL right
Honestly it works out better if you knew them before and feelings develop organically before anything sexual happens. Dating strangers works sometimes but it's mostly an awkward crapshoot.
stop using MDMA-laced chapstick?
Sounds like OP would suck dick real good.
Honestly you sound lovely. Just find a girl who really likes that sort of attention and care and you'll be fine.
I'm going to second this one.
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Thread posts: 22
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