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GF trying to make me jealous

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So im in a long distance relationship with a woman I met on a MMO. But I feel like she’s trying to play the jealousy game on me, or try and make me uncomfortable. I really don’t know how to handle it, I have been very much not reacting on her cues, but no reaction is also a kind of response.

This confuses me, as she get instantly jealous or suspicious the 2nd I talk to an other female. I haven’t fully asked her either, but think she was cheated on in her pervious relationship, she only said she was betrayed by the last guy, so that might be why she is extra suspicious.

Anyway I’ll post here a conversation we last had, while playing the MMO raid, where I felt she tried hard to make me jealous. Should be said this is not the first time, she has done the exact same thing.

Background information first tho. We regularly raid, and play with other people as you do in a MMO. When we first started flirting she kept saying how my voice on vent kept making her heart beat, and she could die listening to me talk. Anyway she now said that very same thing about this other guy in the raid, to me in a whisper of cause. But I have no way of knowing if she is talking to him as well. Only uses me to boost her ego etc.

Said guy had been very hoarse for the last month and she kept telling me how his voice was changed because of it. Today it was better again and she instantly wrote to tell me said thing. Anyway below is our conversation, so you can judge for yourself if she indeed is just trying to make me jealous, and if so how I should handle it.

>her: Ky’s voice is better today :P
>me: yes
>her: how old do you think he is?
>me: not sure maybe around 30?
>her: so older than you? :P
>me: I would think so yes
>her: Maybe I should have chosen him instead? ;)

>her: Now his voice is hoarse again

I did not respond to that, and instead just carried on the raid.
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Some days ago she said the following
>Not to make you jealous or anything, but I really love Ky’s voice aswell.
>Maybe had you not been here, I would have been with him.

Context to the above. we have a significantly age gap between us, with her being 40 and I being 23 – She has remarked many times she fears that when I meet her, I’ll turn tail and run because of her being *too old for me* - where I too have remarked, that I in turn fear she would find me too young.
I don’t only get abit jealous when she talks like that about other guys, but also feel like it being a very very shitty way of behaving if its only to taunt me, as she would lose her shit did I do the same towards her. I felt like telling her:
If that’s the way she feels about our relationship, then maybe she should just go to him after all. If it is all down to who got there first.
To me it means she doesn’t care about me, she keeps doing the same every time there’s an other guy, but as soon as we are alone, on vent/skype etc she keeps saying how much she loves me, misses me. Etc. and wouldn’t want to be with any other person, how she cant wait for us to meet.
So you tell me guys, what should I do here?
What does it all mean?
Am I reading too much into it?
If she is just trying to make me jealous, what should my feature responses be?

Pics related its her.
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Run far away, OP. That woman is disrespecting you big time. Anybody that cares about their partner would never say such things to him/her. You can do better
>Pics related its her.
kek what the fuck man why are you doing this to yourself
I should not try and talk to her about it?
She does have a mild form of aspergers
Maybe she dosnt realise what it does to me?
>im in a long distance relationship
stopped reading there
this person is not your gf, you are not in a relationship
Now, I'm pretty sure this is some hardcore bait - because you're posting pictures of this poor woman on 4chan of all places.. But if it's not - then the both of you sound like you have some sort of mental disorder. Am I right?
Wanna solve this shit?

Check it. Buy her a plane ticket and drive her to your place. That's a relationship. What you have now is a pain in the ass filled with needless misunderstandings

If she refuses to move in with you, dump her. End of story, no more. NO MOOOOOOOOORRRRUH!!! :^]
So how should i react to her trying to make me jealous?
If she tries to make you jealous, dump her ass.
Show her you don't have time for juvenile games.
If you fall for her bait, she won't respect you and then she'll start treating you like dirt.

As I said, dump her. An LDR isn't worth that kind of shit.
Ugly and old? Playing stupid juvenile games? You're an idiot if you don't walk away from this dumb bitch.

I wouldn't put up with that even from an non-LDR.
So, lets say you didnt want to walk away, right away - how would you bring up the subject?
Just strait up tell her, that you dont put up with games like that? and if she truely respects you, she should stop?
Make her jealous OP. ;)
That you met a hot girl today.
That would be very easy indeed, she knows im working with plenty of hot girls near my own age, but playing the game back again only spells doom really.
Maybe it's just because I have no standards, but she doesn't seem that bad, her body is fine and I'd bang her.

That being said, it's kind of fucked that she would say things like that to you. Maybe she's just trying to tease you, but.. i don't know anon, i'm just talking out of my ass here. Try being frank with her, you deserve better OP
>So you tell me guys, what should I do here?
Fucking cut this shit out.

>What does it all mean?
You're not in a real relationship. You're pretending you're dating some nutbag lady that you've never met, probably because you don't have the balls to talk to women in real life.

>Am I reading too much into it?
No. This is someone who would be a shitty partner should you actually try to have a real life with her. That's kind of irrelevant given that you're so fucking desperate for any female attention that you're going to put up with it anyway.

>If she is just trying to make me jealous, what should my feature responses be?
"Yeah, I think you should go 'be with' other dude. Good luck." That's not what your response will be though.
dubs speak the truth.

OP you're not in a real relationship. You ever seen this bitch in person? She has no life so she's stirring up drama and you have no life but you're too big of a puss to go get one. Go meet some actual women. You may as well have an imaginary girlfriend
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>I am in long distance relationship with girl that I met in MMO
You are in what sir?
First of all, she ugly.

Second of all, don't get involved with women that play MMOs. It's similar to getting a computer science degree: yeah a small few of them may actually enjoy it but the vast majority of them are there for. They want validation. Truth be told, men do this too. However, unlike men, who look for validation through their menial achievements, some girls look for attention from the opposite sex as well.
As Every one points out then its not a relationship. I get that.
But lets say for a second, that it was not long distance. And she pulled moves like this.
What should ones response be? Instead of my retarded *yeah, i guess*
So because shes not pretty, she is simply seeking even more attention?

I know quite well its weird, but she has caught me somehow. I really enjoy the time spend with her. And would at the very least. meet and bang her.
Then do that. Meet and bang her and go from there. This LDR pussy footing around shit will either end up with her getting bored or a fuck load of drama as she drags you along.
Well we skype dayli, sext constantly high sexual tension, and have a generally good time together, been like that since september. if thats not some kind of relationship then i dont know what is.
How does she think she is even remotely attractive enough to have balls to say shit like this?
mayb OP is in even lower league than this kek
Maybe because i paid attention to her, i have boosted her ego. That she now think she can get away with it.

I should properly just bring up the supject, will also be away to see if she is indeed, just using me for comfort, or indeed likes me.
Anyway if we look away from how cringe worthy it all is.
If a woman says things like that, how should one deal with it?
its a shittest, they do it without thinking about
answer jokingly

>yea totally should have gone with him :p

that is if shes aware shes in a relationship with you
an LDR is not an LDR until you fucked her
I got the feeling i should not talk to her about it in hindsight, but rather when/if she does it again.

and tell her how shitty of a move it is to make.
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Thread images: 6

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