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Sneaky Lying Landlord

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Recently moved into my first apartment with a one year lease. When I went to see the apartment, before renting, he had all the windows open and air fresheners everywhere. He said he was just cleaning the place and preparing it for the next tenant. The place was decent and the price was right and I returned two times after to see it again and measure the place before deciding. Each time I went he know a day ahead of time and was there airing out the place and cleaning, I didn't think anything of it just doing work when he had to be there anyway. Well after the lease was signed for January I received the key a few days before to move in and when I opened the door I was hit with this sickening smell, so I aired the place out and cleaned places that smelled. Then I found a mysterious stain in the linen closet and have no idea what it was and couldn't clean it up easily and it was apparently mixed with newspaper. Days of cleaning and the sickening smell remained so I continued to clean walls ceilings anything you can think of and still this smell remained. I couldn't be there more than 20 minutes without being sick. While I was cleaning his previous tenant used a spare he had and came in snooping around and I caught him. Apparently this guy had been arrested and evicted, but the landlord said not to worry. I called the cops and demanded the locks be changed and the landlord made vague promises to do it then wouldn't and after hounding him and telling him I felt unsafe there he'd just blow me off. Then the other day I went over to move my stuff out and here was a screw jammed into the strike plate on the door, but in such a way that the doorknobs latch could have been tampered with even if the locks were changed in theory. I told my landlord I wanted out of the lease and he is ready to change the locks. I told him about the smell and he denied it up and down and tomorrow he is meeting me there to "see if there is a smell" I've got a feeling he's going to try to air the
Probably wet dog smell in the carpet. You cant get rid of that smell short of replacing the whole carpet and the layers underneath.
Place out to make me look like a liar. I live in the state of PA where video surveillance and audio surveillance laws are so disturbingly strict that if I caught him on video without informing him it would be me sitting in jail...at least according to my interpretation of the law. Any suggestions on what I can do to get out of the lease and be sure this guy doesn't make me look like a liar?


Asshole landlord trying to keep me in lease despite terrible faults that I wasn't informed about or where hidden before signing the lease.

Please someone help I'm in the dark here
It's a no pet apartment and apparently the previous guy didn't have pets. The carpets smell cleanish now it's the walls and ceiling that I can cleanse the smell out of
Some have a cumbox.
Others have a whole cum linen closet.
I don't know about your country's tenant laws but it is his job to make sure the apartment is clean and free for health hazards. That mildew is clearly an violation and you can turn him over to the police if he does not comply to your request. Remember to bring proof that he is guilty of the mildew and not you.
my friend, the repugant smell you are smelling is mold underneath the carpet, not the walls. you should pick up the carpet and smell underneath. also smell the carpet it self. if you have a wooden floor, i think the walls need repainting. it could be from the odor of food or smoke or pets or old people.
He had a housing inspector come in and ok the place, but only after airing it out which didn't draw the inspectors attention that the windows were ajar till he had to test them and the landlord said he was still cleaning I've requested another inspector come out and they'll do it when just in there so there is hope. Thanks!

I will do that in the next half hour and post back it's a rugged floor over a wooden one. Thanks!

you can get cheapie mold tests for $10 at hardware store - if they indicate mold this is a serious health problem and usually against the law in USA you can get the gdamn piece of shit landlord in deep doo doo if he doesn't let you break the lease, you cannot live there while they fix it

guys in space suits come and tear all the flooring out etc
Awesome thanks! I'm going to grab one of those tomorrow morning before I meet him.

I really appreciate all the help I'm completely new to this. Thanks again!
>w morning before I meet him

they take 72hours to run

you put a little dish out wait 1hr then close it wait for mold to grow
Ah, gotcha any particular brand anyone suggests?

I also have a mysterious stain I'd like to see what you guys think it is
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It's not anything to go on, because I've been scrapping it up for days but it's something red brown and old laying on top of newspaper. I kept the huge chunk I scrapped up but I have it quad sealed in zip lock bags vacuum sealed without the air in it like space bags. Which, I can unseal in an hour or so and show. I'm only here one minute and my throat is reacting and my healing cut is throbbing
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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