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Skin disorder

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I have a skin disorder called rosacea. It's turning my whole face red. The worst symptom is when I go outside in the cold and go back inside in the warmth, it makes my face and eyes feel like they are on fire for hours. It's incredibly uncomfortable and looks terrible.

It's completely destroyed my confidence and it's messing up my life really bad. I avoid going anywhere because I know I can't go outside and back inside again without looking like a monster and feeling like my face and eyes are on fire. On top of that I can't be in the sun and I can't use make-up to conceal it due to other skin problems.

I'm not really looking for advice, I just needed to get it off my chest. It's so fucking annoying but I can't do anything about it. I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life unless they find a cure.

Rosacea, you are one horrible fucking cunt. If somebody offered me a billion dollars or a cure for my skin I'd choose the cure every day of the fucking week. (Well, if I didn't have any parents, that is. Right now, I'd choose the billion dollars so my parents could enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort and I'd make some other people who deserve it happy as well but I'd still be a miserable fucking cunt because of this fucking disease)

go to a dermatologist

get prescriptions meds

use them

problem solved

GIYF did you even do internet search for - rosacea treatment ? how the fuck do you know the name of this condition if you haven't gotten it treated ?

i put hydrocortizone 1% on at nite and clindamycin and sulfacet R - the 2 biggies are sulfacet and hydrocortizone

this condition is treatable but you will have to use the meds for life & likely some lifestyle changes = not so much outdoorsy stuff anymore

otherwise w/out treatment rosacea progresses to really yucky disfigurement on your face, so you definitely want to get it treated
>go to a dermatologist
>get prescriptions meds
>use them
>problem solved

Fuck, why didn't I think of doing that? All this time the answer has been a simple trip to the dermatologist!

Look, I appreciate you trying to help out but I've been to at least 15 dermatologists who have all told me my condition is basically untreatable. The only option I haven't tried yet is some sort of laser. The problem with lasers is that they're still quite a new piece of technology and there's no way of telling how effective or counter-effective the treatment is going to be with my particular skin.

Anyway, what type of rosacea do you have? Does your skin burn and turn dark red when you spend a minute in the cold and then go into a warm environment? If so, has your medication got rid of this problem?
OP, have you ever considered becoming a supervillain?
> at least 15 dermatologists who have all told me my condition is basically untreatable

go troll somewhere else pal
If it wasn't for my parents I'd fly over to Syria and kill as many ISIS as possible or kill people who deserve it (rapists, child molestors, etc.)

Why in the fucking world would I lie about that?

Go to any rosacea forum and you'll see they're filled to the fucking brim with people who can't be cured with today's medication. Annoy someone else with your inane comments you fucking oxygen thief.
>Why in the fucking world would I lie about that?

because..... you are trolling or you are a total idiot idk

simple internet search shows the facts if the 15 dermatologists you claim to have seen do not know how to treat this very common skin condition then they are idiots too

So are the thousands of people all around the world who have yet to find a cure for their rosacea trolling as well?

How fucking daft are you? 5 seconds of googling and you think you're a medical expert? You clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about. Stop wasting my time you cornflake.
Dont do the laser.

I had the same problem but it was moreso my face went red whenever i drank alcohol or got anxious etc. the laser thing stunted my facial hair growth. This happened 6 years ago and i didnt realize it was literal laser hair removal and i am still unable to grow hair in any of the places i got laserd. So i basically always have to be clean shaven.

Thanks for the advice. I don't think I'll be doing any lasers any time soon. The way my skin reacts to things it wouldn't surprise me if it turned purple with yellow dots if I ever got any laser procedures done.

Sad to hear what happened to you. Are you on any medication for your rosacea?
I feel you anon. I have keratosis pilaris all over my arms. Being extremely pale makes the redness of them stand out and I look like I have some sort of nasty contagious disease. I've scrubbed my arms to hell daily, used special creams, etc. Still fucking there. Even worse having a skin condition when you're a female because of how we're usually expected to be as flawless as possible. It's shit.

no i know what i'm posting here because i have rosacea & it is totally treatable if you had actually read & understood my 1st post

what you are describing is the very beginning stages of rosacea & yes it is totally treatable very easy with the meds i typed

so again you're either trolling or a fucking idiot or as far as i can tell both
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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