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I want a cat so badly. I have PTSD and some other disabilities

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I want a cat so badly.

I have PTSD and some other disabilities and I live with my parents because my husband in the military and I can not find stable work that will not affect my health. I own a pet sitting company and a couple weeks ago I watched a mastiff and two kitten for ten days. In that time period I found that my health was a lot better and I got a lot more done. I really want to get a cat and have someone to hangout with I am on a waiting list for a service dog but that will not be for another three plus years.
I make enough to care for a cat including and vet bills that would need to be paid. My husband really does not want me to get any pets though because he says he wants to travel but I keep trying to explain to him that it affects my health and benefits me but he is more concerned about traveling (when we have only traveled once in the past three years) He will not even let me get a fish.

I am on medications and seeing multiple specialists and doing the best I can do but I greatly think having an animal to care for and wants my love and care no matter what is what I need because having a routine helps my ptsd a lot but I find that it is hard to wake up to the thought of nothing like right now.
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Cats don't require much maintenance at all.

Just get a cat sitter if you travel? They just show up and feed him and clean the litterbox once a day.

Plus they're extremely cheap to take care of.

If he's really so stubborn about this considering how important this really seems to be for you and and your mental health, just go and adopt a cat without his permission.

"Traveling" seems like a bullshit excuse, if that's really the only reason then fuck him, just get a kitten. He can travel by himself. Do what makes you happy.
>cats are low maintenance
>cats are extremely cheap to care for
>I have never owned a cat
Why did you even bother posting?
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I've owned 5 cats, buddy.
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Are we posting personal cat pics now?

OP if you get a cat try an get a kitten. You can leave an adult cat home alone for a days...
Tell your husband this is really truly important to you and it means a lot. Cats are great pets. Choose carefully, and get one with a decent personality. God Speed OP.
sounds like youre really stubborn about this. just get the fucking cat. if you actually love it that much you wont want to travel.
I am okay with any age I want to adopt.

Personality is most important to me I do not care how the cat looks.

It is not the traveling part that I am worried about but causing strain on my relationship. I am like the kid in the relationship I guess because I do not have the health to fully take care of myself sometimes because of my disabilities, some of my disabilities I was born with and learned to cope with but unfortunately because I had disabilities people took advantage of me growing up and that only worsened my mental health and caused more stupid disabilities. It is very frustrating Anon to constantly having to rely on others, I am good at being independent but all of a sudden my health will deteriorate and I am back to having to build up strength and energy all over again. Even though I am always in pain I have hobbies I enjoy and love to learn but if it ever came to the point where I could no longer enjoy any of my hobbies I do not know what I would do.
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You sound kind of whiny, OP.

Anyway, here's my cat
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>I am okay with any age I want to adopt

not that anon you're replying to, but a cat will most likely be much more affectionate toward you if it grows up around you. at least from my experience.

If you favor personality, a kitten is a good choice.
Your kitter looks like a respectable gentlemen.
Then I feel sorry for them, having such a neglectful owner.
I like your cat, I have a bit of self esteem problems because I always set unrealistic goals for myself but I feel that if I did not try my best that I would not end up where I need to be.
Do you get SSD/I? If not you should. If you do it's your money and you should be allowed to do what you want with it, like getting a cat.
I do get benefits, I have an RDSP and I have 3,000 dollars I can claim on my taxes yearly but that is about it. I do not want to claim unemployment because I rather that money go to someone who needs it. I live in Canada so the disability stuff here a lot different and a pain in the ass lots of cuts for people with disabilities and veterans.
Just get an old cat so it can finish its life happily with a caring owner. Then you'll see if that short experience was something actually good for your relationship and to reiterate over 15 or 20 years with a kitten.
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