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Jokes aside, can 4chan ruin your life?

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Since browsing 4chan and regularly looking at /r9k, /pol and /tv, I've become increasingly amused only by bizarre anti-humour and "redpilled", for want of a better word, to the point where I literally seethe with rage at "normies". I have no friends at uni, I've just trashed my room out of frustration and I spend my time compulsively masturbating and hanging around in IRCs for depressed people. I used to have lots of friends and I felt good about myself, now I literally feel like I've contracted autism.

Post more sam hyde, and let's watch MDE together and browse /pol/ anon
Not gonna lie, I'm in the same position.
thats cause your obsessed with it some browse 4chan but stil have a social life.
I try really hard to have a social life, but no one is interested and I always end up drying up in conversation.
Yes, and you're here forever.
Then stop browsing 4chan for a while or forever what you think is right and see if there is a difference in your social life
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We're gonna be twinsies
Not him, but:

Last year, I completely stopped using the Internet for almost 6 months (so no 4chan at all), and it felt way more miserable and lonely than dwelling on 4chan every day.
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same for me.
i just piss everybody off by calling them out on their bullshit cause i got too accomodated to adv and by having a shit taste in humor
I didnt say he had to quit browsing the internet but just 4chan or for a while and how is it now with you?
I spent most of my late teens and early twenties on 4chan. Through it, I learned so much about:

- Internet culture
- Obscure movies, music, books, etc.
- Logical fallacies
- The importance of citing your claims and research
- How to construct an argument that isn't muh feels or cheap shots or fallacious
- How depraved the human soul REALLY can be
- How to argue with idiots and get them to your side
- Subcultures and fashion trends in the world (even the briefest ones), considering I never left the house for so long
- Different cultures around the world and how they work
- How people's prejudices and bigotries functon, and the realisation that those people have something far more going on with them than what most people would normally give; or there's more of a complexity to their prejudice that lead them down this path
- The gradual changes that society has went through in the past ten years from not only what you read in the news, but on a personal level by posts here in response to said changes
- How to diffuse a nasty situation, online or IRL, through humour or the right string of words
- The purest levels of stupidity, thanks to the nature of anonymity
- Awareness that whatever I do, whatever I make, in life can easily be shit, regardless of how I think. Thus the importance from considering all the possible criticisms and viewpoints before proceeding
- That you guys can go straight up fuck yourselves
- That even the smartest and most rational individual can succumb to bias without realising it
- That people can easily do these without realising or thinking about it
- Enough memes to impress all the early-twenty hipster chicks around here
- That you guys can still go fuck yourself
- ?????
You did it to yourself dumbass.
I meant that "just leaving" (4chan or the whole Internet, doesn't matter) isn't enough if you don't have a solid plan to make your social life better.

The only positive thing that happened while I was disconnected: I read a lot of books. Otherwise it was flat and boring like a long Sunday in the early 1990s (for those old enough to remember how that was before).

Now I'm back on 4chan every day. It's like nothing happened. It wasn't even relaxing. My life did not improve whatsoever, and I just missed a bunch of epic memes.

But I'm willing to get back on the right track, even if I should be studying right now.
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We were made for each other anon u complete me
Same, except I still have a few friends I don't talk to anymore that literally try to go through my gf constantly to try and keep in touch, but I'm not autistic more just apathetic.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 5

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