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Union Job Interviews

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Alright so I'm in a pickle between a few jobs. So like last summer I applied for 2 different unions. Union 1 my brother works for, hard work, pays well. Union 2 my uncle works at, easier work, pays slightly less. Got interview with Union 1 but really high on their waiting list, like it'll be a year. Union 2 called me today asking for an interview next week. Now if Union 2 hires me, how do I tell Union 1 that I currently can't work for them? I don't want to completely burn my bridge with Union 1 because it's a good back up plan.
>waiting list

this is what union b.s. is all about

waiting lists, seniority are more important than actual job skill

> Union 2 hires me

possible, more likely you'll get the same story - waiting list

get a real career
Union 1 is really popular and hard to get in since it starts at $23/hour and when you're no longer an apprentice you're making nearly $40/hour. Hence the waiting list. Union 2 said I'll be on a waiting list but most likely not nearly as long. Plus my uncle is high up in the union so I have a better chance.
shameless bump
Go in the one with your uncle. Connections are something money can't buy and can be imensly valueble
That's the plan, but god forbid I lose that job somehow (even though I'm a good employee generally) the other union is a good option. I don't want to completely burn that bridge but I feel like saying "Yeah sorry I joined another union" is exactly how you burn a bridge.
So what company is this? I want a job
Union 1 is Glaziers, basically welding and installing glass on large buildings, the other is an electrical company
Name of the second one?
Are you in NJ? Cuz that's literally the only state it's in
But it's a meter reading job. Most major electrical and gas companies have the position. Starts at $17/hour but goes up

go to college get a degree in computer science sit in an air conditioned office and make $50/hr to start

physical labor will someday grind you to bits so you'd better be planning on how to move into management
Studied electronics and worked on places until I quit because I was a teenage retard and my life has spiraled downward for years ever since. I'm in FL unfortunately
Isn't comp sci saturated with people? Wouldn't you need a masters or something to get a $50/hr job in comp sci? Years ago everyone went on about comp sci, I imagined there's too many of them as it is
>Isn't comp sci saturated with people?

game development is
graphics artist is

otherwise no plenty of jobs avail

do internet search for - starting salary computer science

$$ depends on city too anything in NYC likely will pay more than podunk,nowheresville but places like Hawaii will pay less because everybody wants to move there

if you have good grades yes $100k starting salary is possible but realize it comes with 60hr weeks etc
You're not burning a bridge by getting another job while you're on the waiting list. What the fuck do they expect you to do for a year? Tell them you had to make some money to eat.

Fucking unions.
My job is currently sitting in an air conditioned office. It's more stressful then being out doing shit.
>going to college for a job that you aren't even guaranteed to get
I quit a job after an 8 year stint in regional management. I earned good money, but became disillusioned after I interviewed for two internal vacancies and didn't get them and the people that did were absolutely awful. One which was in regional project management and another was a national manager. Either of those roles would have been 'the pay off' for 8 years of shitty hours and hard work, the kind of thing where I'd get the kind of salary I really needed to kick shit into gear.

Anyway. I decided that I was stuck in a dead end, either it was me or the company and I decided to move into another industry and now I work a physical job. I'm much happier because the abstract nature of my previous job felt like complete bullshit. Sometimes I'd travel for 6 hours just to have a 10 minute meeting and drink a coffee and fuck around with a lever file while dressed like a fucking waiter or something.

At least in this role I've got a tangible job that you could explain to a child and they'd understand it.
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