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Not sure if girl is mad at me or not

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So I met this girl through two mutual friends.

>Meet girl
>Things go good
>We stop talking because she is unsure of her feelings
>Stay in touch and see two mutual friends regularly
>We start talking again, but agree to take things slow
>Me and two said friends go to an art show last night
>She texts me asking me what I'm doing and I tell her
>She says "Oh well have fun then"
>Keep trying to make conversation with her
>Cold, bland texting

Okay so obviously she's mad. But I didn't invite her because we agreed to take things slow and I didn't want it to be weird. Considering the last time we hung out, I made a move and she rejected it.

So, we had also planned on hanging out this weekend(She said that she really wants to see me). I wake up this morning to a text from her saying "Don't think I'll be able to see you this weekend"

I don't know why there is this sudden mood change. Last night, I made some jokes about flirting with our waitress at this bar, but what are the chances one of our friends told her?

Really didn't mean anything by it.
Update: I talked to her. She said that nothing was wrong and I kept coaxing her into telling me and she finally said that she was just butt hurt that nobody told her anything. I said that I didn't want to make things weird and that we agreed to take things slow. She said that not even her friends told her so she was extra butt hurt. I just said that I'm sorry and that I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

She kept saying that it's fine and that I should just let it go. That she will get over it but for me to just let it go.

I asked her when I can see her and she said that she's busy all day today and tomorrow. She said that she's going to big bear with some friends over the weekend and can't see me. I asked her if she would at least want to see me in the next couple of months and she says that she's just busy right now.

What do I do? Do I just leave her alone and let her cool off or should I make an attempt to go see her at her house ( she lives about 30 minutes away )
she sounds pretty stupid, desu
real immature

just drop her dude, you're clearly way more into her than she is into you
That's the thing. She is very compassionate and caring and I can tell that she really likes me and she even told me that she wants to see me all the time and wants to talk to me all the time. I get why she's butt hurt about not being invited especially by her friends so I can understand her side.

She texted me and said "don't tell the girls I'm upset, I'll get over it soon"

This is gonna sound like a red flag but she said I love you to me. This was it about a month ago and I told her that there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. She said that she loves me as a person so I don't think it's that weird but it still is weird kinda?
>man i really like this guy
>so i am going to stay away from him?

I mean yeah, women are kinda dumb, but I refuse to believe they are that pants on head retarded.
She is definitely a weird one. I'm trying to get into her thought process, and I forgot to mention.

Yesterday, before I told her that I was out with our two mutuals, I texted her a picture of a dog(She is in love with dogs as I am) and she responded "Gosh I love you"

I didn't reply because I was getting ready. She texted me again saying "I'm sorry, I don't want to push you away. " and I still didn't respond, to which she texted me again saying "I guess I'm just really determined to prove myself to you"

So I can understand sort of.

>This guy likes me
>I don't want to push him away or scare him off
>Oh, he went somewhere with our friends and no one told me
>O-oh okay

So yeah I get it.
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