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I hate what I love

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I'm a black bisexual guy who likes thic women, yet I act differently on the internet.
>Here, I call people niggers and talk about how blacks are cancer.
>I hate on lgbt and say there can only be 2 genders .
>I support electric lgbt curing and intend on doing it to myself
>I tell people who love thic women that they're annoying fat lovers
I think I'm beginning to believe some of these things. I called a few people I know niggers fir example. Is it normal to be somewhat tsundere towards who you are?
You've just internalised the shame and anxiety you probably feel due to being in a number a often marginalised and shit on groups as self hatred.

It is a fairly common thing amongst young guys, especially experiencing the world during the period when they have to self actualise their sexuality and they start to come into conflict and smack up against reality.

It has been studied to death, mostly with gay guys who develop mental health problems trying to come out and don't deal with it very well. Drink, drugs, unhealthy sexual practices and exploitative relationships.

Don't know how to help you though, but it is probably self hatred due to internalising the bullshit the world throws at you for having sexual urges which aren't mainstream.
There we go again with the bullshit.

Op, you just spend too much time on 4chan.
You also probably watch too much pornography.

Try and go cold turkey for a couple of weeks, more if you feel like it, and get immeresed in something else that keeps you busy.
I don't think it is bullshit. Plenty of people fail to understand their drives and desires and as a result they manifest themselves in dishonest and self defeating activity.

You are pushing a solution without really addressing the problem. OP didn't say hey - I feel I spend too much time on the internet and watch too much pornography.

I'm also not saying that internalising an issue is not sometimes an active choice, ultimately anybody can do the self work to understand these kind of thoughts and behaviours and decide if it is helpful in moving them closer to how they want to be in life.

Like if I meet a self hating gay who drinks themselves insensible on the weekends and then has risky sex with strangers while going on about how they hate camp faggots I'm not like, oh you poor man, I'm like lol, get a fucking grip, but it doesn't mean that I'm not going to assume this person is struggling to express their sexuality in a healthy authentic way.
Kinda this.

Get away from 4chan. But don't feel too bad about using racials. I call other hispanics spics, niggers, whatever, depending on their username. Its not them personally, im just tryna hurt their feelings for thinking they're good at the game, and i love my latina and black babes. Fuck whites bitches
>You are pushing a solution without really addressing the problem.
And you're pushing some pseudo psychology you read on some ass blog without adressing the problem nor the cause.

Your post wasn't constructive in any way.
No I'm pretty much repeating some shit a phd student was telling me about on new years eve because he was carrying out a large study in that area as part of his phd.

Thing is, when it comes to psychology everything is a theory or a school of thought. People tend to take you seriously when you've got letters and stuff after your name or if you are considered an expert in your field and I don't think that should be required in order to show an insightful point of view, but yeah - feel free to believe or disbelieve whatever theories you want to.

I would say it has been my experience though that people tend to experience anxiety about their sexuality as they hit puberty and move away from being a child and to a teenager to a young adult. I mean, loads of other shit is going on at the same time, but even the most normative of individuals wonder about what is normal and what is not and how it applies to themselves.

I would say a bisexual nigger who likes those asses fat is going to touch on a few issues. It isn't unreasonable that from the relative safety of the internet shit talking things which have caused difficulty in the real world brings some measure of control, but if you pretend too long, you eventually become that thing.
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I'd get away from 4chan but I barely have friends. I'm Surprised I Have A Girlfriend, Considering We both have strict parents I barely get to see her too. So I post here on /pol/ /v/ abd /co/ to pass the time.
Im Creol and Asexual but have done pretty much the same thing. I wont call myself Asexual to anyone who doesnt know exactly what i mean because the term is cancer. I say nigger WAY too much. I make fun of lgbt, i guess im techniclly apart of. 5 years ago i would of thought i would never. The internet helps share ideas, I dont think youre brainwashed from these retards, youre learning. You know nigger isnt offensive now, you can give AND take jokes. Most the white people on 4chan arent actually racist, they just dont like a thing black people do. You're fine, just when you have an angry feeling to set a black man on fire for being black, then you may want to seek help.
Nah I think it's too late. I hate niggers, especially big lipped niggers. It's part if the reason I hate basketball fans. I like the sport, but I hate the niggers who chimp out over it. Abd it shames me thst I'm the same race as those apes.
anon, are you me?
nah but really though you just demonstrated that you hate the way niggers obsess over the sport, which isn't the same as just straight up hating niggers. But if you legit hate anyone with big lips regardless of who they are, you've been on this site too long and are now beyond help.
Nah I legit hate big lipped people. Besides all I need to do is get plastic surgery. It worked for Michael Jackson
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