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Hey /adv/, I've never been on this board and don't have any friends so I figured Id ask here.
I hate weed, but I've never done it. For some reason they make me incredibly uncomfortable and whenever people do them around me I almost get super depressed.
How do I fix this? I can't even have any social interaction with another person if weed is involved, and most people around me smoke.
Smoke weed and get over the fear of it.
I'm really uncomfortable with that. But for curiosities sake what is it like? How do I get it?
It's a small dopamine rush, you think differently, your body tingles, things are more colorful. Movies that are mediocre seem absolutely retarded which is why stoners laugh at everything. Dialog especially comes off as terrible. You may feel music with other senses like touch and sight. You may visualize it if you close your eyes. You may want to learn things. Things that you take for granted may seem more profound. You will make mental connections between ideas that you would normally not.

When I was a stoner I played Dota 2 and watched every documentary on the PBS website and netflix.

I do not always enjoy it socially but if you do talk and say witty things it make a conversation seem incredibly pleasurable as you actively think about the topic and what the other people are saying.

If you smoke it with a girl you talk a lot more openly about your past and feelings and always end up fucking. Having a stoner gf was very nice.

Downside is it makes you lazy. It makes you eat more. Your sleep quality is reduced. You feel foggy the next day. I am normally a very quick speaker and when I'm weed hungover as it were I get tongue tied and cannot think of words as easily.

I'm not a stoner anymore but I do enjoy writing music while slightly high sometimes. I have to keep sober from it and from alcohol this semester because I'm working and going to school full time and also need time and energy to work out and hang out with my fwb.

Weed isn't really a big deal, just don't get lazy on your life goals or let it interfere with anything.
As a "former" drug addict, there's only two things I can tell you :

1. Don't do it for the simple reason that others are doing it
2. Cut off the people you don't like being around
Weed can fuck you up tho if you have the generic predisposition. It can trigger latent schizophrenia. There is weed induced psychosis. Panic attacks and anxiety that persists for the rest of your life. Read before you try drugs
i agree with the anon who wrote this
this is by far a very articulate and accurate experience of the drug, myself as a user i can back up these claims. When i was in my teens i hated it, i thought people were stifling themselves and their potential doing it, i knew people who were getting behind on grades and wanted to drop out and jump on the unemployment benefit with some mates for a year smoking dope. i thought it was deplorable.

i also have a religious upbringing so i always feel a small amount of guilt from doing it, but never as much as the times I've messed up when I've been drunk, that's far worse for me personally. that being said I'm not saying its better and to do it, never do it if you feel obliged, if you have friends pushing you, let them go, they are looking for validation for their own actions and possibly not your best interests.

The paranoia, constant self loathing, and feeling of laziness attached to it aren't worth it, if you have mental issues already then DO NOT touch it, >>17949002 is right.

Personally i list from weed is bad to weed isnt that bad, i never thought id be the kind of guy to do it, but here i am, i enjoy it, am aware of the negative effects of it, have sold it to friends, slept with women while were both stoned (amazing). I won't recommend it but i will say that the stigma attached to it is both true and false. yeah
I'm the same as you OP. I get sad when I know people around me are high.

I also panic easily and it overstimulates my senses when I'm high.

However, I have planned to get high later today, to see if I can get over it.

As another former heavy user who started with weed, I agree with that. However what the other guy suggested is decent advice for someone who sticks to weed and alcohol

Stay away bro, be strong
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