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How do I cope with my sadness? >born in poverty >never

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How do I cope with my sadness?

>born in poverty
>never been on family vacation
>never seen the beach, or a plane, or gone anywhere
>live in a freezing climate that's like -40 degrees and has harsh winds
>in the middle of nowhere with no car and jobs are like 60 mile commutes for part time minimum wage
>parents abused me mentally and physically
>never done anything in my life that most people do

by getting out of it. you may have to sacrifice some comforts for the tim ebeing, but sometimes thats what it takes.

you might have to share a room with 3 other people, you might have to eat nothing but ramen rice and the occassional chicken, you might have to let a few old dudes suck ur cock for 120 bucks a pop.

but it'll be worth it when you establish your new life.
Even if I do all that stuff it still sounds impossible to move somewhere else
Its tough OP, but you want to do is determine that you or your children wont be that way. Get off your ass, work, study , enjoy.

its literally not anon. if you want to whine, please go to any of the designated whining boards. if you want more advice, than ask a real question.
I've been trying to do that thoigh id even live on a floor and take the bus and bike everywhere but I don't know how to get there

>i dont know how to get there

first and foremost, you get as much money as you can. this may involve selling a lot of things that you love. and even then, you probably wont have enough cash.

so you go to a bank and you open an account if you dont have one. and if you do have an account you apply for a line of credit. even people wiht no credit history can get a line of credit for 2000 dollars. and if you pay back the monthly minimum of 46 bucks a month, they will increase it to 5000 dollars.

at the EXACT SAME TIME you should also apply for the cheapest credit card options you can find, the kind that /dont/ have high start up fees. they exist but they will have high interest.

once you have at least the 2000 you scope out a nearby town. one small enough that you can ride a bike to any job opportunities, or one large enough that it has public transportation.

than you get on craigslist and immediately look for a shared room situation. your goal is to find a bedroom you can share, even better if you're the third preson in that room. the cheapest fucking option you can find at preferrably less than 400 bucks a month (depending on your area this can be really easy, or if you're near a city like los angeles, almost impossible).

point being you offer to pay first adn last months up front, explain your situation, and see who will take you. if need be you can also stay at a hostel if they exist in that area and/or an airbnb situation while you look around for a more long term situation.

then of course you start applying for jobs. you likely wont get much right away, but you start now so you can act upon options later.

once you know you have a place set up for you to sleep, even if its just a hostel, you figure out how you're goign to get to that town. there is probably a bus system that will take you most of the way there with lots of walking. or you pay someone on craigslist 50 bucks to move you there if its close enough
So just take a line of credit and save money and take the greyhound to a city with good public transit and find a person splitting a bedroom? What if I get there and can't find that on Craigslist?

you will. if there are no people willing to share a room than that means its a place that is so cheap to live that you dont need to.

in los angeles 250 for a shared room is a real thing. in oregon you can get one of those 'portable homes' that has two bedrooms and its only 600 a month, so 250 almost buys you half of that house.

but most people are looking to share a room. consider checking multiple towns / cities til you find a good arrangement.

THEN, consider also askign around in your ow nfriend group or possibly someone in your family (perhaps a sibling you can stand) who would also like to get out of hteir situation, and seei f you can't just get a studio apartment together and split it with someone you know.

but thats why i recommend checking out housing situations BEFORE you go there. at least to get a feel of waht the markets like there.
Really 250 in Los Angeles? I looked all over their Craigslist and I was finding shared rooms for 500 and that was the low end.

when i got here my studio cost 500 so a shared room is 250. my best friend's apartment in koreatown was 850 so splitting that would be closer to waht you describe yes. i forget the housing prices have gone up.

250 sounds possible the farther away you get from the center of hollywood, but yes its a lot harder.

im not recommending los angeles regardless. one day if you'd liek to but for now were just trying to get you out of the 'nowhere' you currently exist in.

another thing you need to remember is that its okay to share how desperate you are in a last ditch effort. if you go to a place and apply and they aren't hiring or it doesn't seem promising, be hoenst say. 'im strugglign to get away from a very broken home, I need a job, if not here, could you please recommend somethign to me?'

most jobs i got were through recommendations not the normal hiring process. in fact my current job is the ONLY job i got through the regular hiring process.
A studio for 500 doesn't sound possible anywhere in la. What year did you move there? Only want to go there because it's always been my dream city.

2010. the exact price was 575, and it was down in macarthur park. right now the going price in korea town is 850, probably a bit more actually since my friend got his place a year ago.

again, i do not recommend los angeles. i could point you in the right direction of easy quick jobs you could get, but as you know the housing situation is fucked. even at 3 to a room you'll be spending money that could provide you SOME luxury anywhere else.
Yeah but I'd rather live in la and be poor then have a nice house somewhere else. Plus my career is in entertainment.

if you want to live in los angeles make that your dream goal that motivates doing this first. becuase just finding a place to live in the city that wont epically drain your wallet. at this point its not about chitty housing vs luxury housing. its about finding a place that you can survive the longest, and the city isn't good for that.

>id rather

you don't get an id rather. you get a chance to escape your life. you werent even able to believe that you could go to a town 60 miles away before i talked to you. what makmes you think you're ready for the city?

>plus my career is entertainment

you dont have a career. you literally live 60 miles away from minimum wage employment.
I didn't say I don't think I could live in a town 60 miles away when I made this thread I was meaning more like i wanna go to a large city with jobs and trains and stuff
I was once stuck in a similar rut. Finished uni, stuck in min wage job in my hometown, couldn't afford to do anything except escapist internet hobbies like Netflix, games and shitposting. One day I decided I don't want to live like this anymore so I put myself down for a temp office job register at another city. I got a job and I moved and never turned back. I was living in poverty for a bit because I lived in a city with a much higher cost of living but I loved the feeling of freedom that leaving my crappy hometown gave me.

I felt like if I could move out and endure a bit of poverty for a better life in the long term then anything is possible.

you litearlly said:

Could I do something like that or do I need college
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 2

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