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Help, I'm obsessed with Victoria Justice

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She's incredibly attractive. I'm not obsessed to the point where I do some questionable things to pics of her online, but I just keep finding myself googling her social media and watching a lot of shows with her in them.

I'm usually not this autistic, I know I'd never get a shot or chance with celebrities, but damn Victoria just seems really nice.

I just wanna get to talk to her/become her friend, she seems really fucking cool.

I feel so autistic writing this, but is there any goddamn way I could ever talk to her without being a weird internet creep? I'm not ugly or a neckbeard if that makes a difference.
No worries bro, it's normal. I'm not a neckbeard creep either and have a very deep desire and affection for another celebrity. It feels weird and the anxiety and butterflies in your stomach feel as real as any person.
Its not creepy, she is smoking hot. Nothing wrong with following her on facebook or anything. All i can suggest is join all her social media accounts and hope. God Speed OP.
You are all autistic. Find a girl in real life.
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>Rooting for the commoner

Try and make it work anon, we need tales of Bohemian love when the commoner and the lady fall in love and make it work together.
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Right, because Victoria Justice is fictional... pathetic little guy
I didn't say she was fictional. I said find a girl in real life, as in someone who will interact with you in 3d physical space
I mean, I know plenty of girls, it's literally just Victoria Justice having a cute demeanor and being extremely, extremely attractive.

The chances of me ever meeting her, talking to her, her deciding I'm attractive enough to be her friend, and then going out is so fucking astronomical it's ridiculous. Actually, her current boyfriend ain't much of a looker, so I might be short selling myself.
she laughs at guys like you with guys like this
>not much of a looker
Considering she dumped this dude for Reeve Carney, not too sure how accurate that is.

I'm definitely not that dude's level though, fucker's ripped.
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>Not her current boyfriend

This ugly pic related is
She's had more cocks in her than my ex girlfriend and she was 3 years older than this whore

>devalue X 100

no thanks.
You probably won't believe me, but I went to middle school with her. She was a vapid whore. Her little sister was infinitely more of a bitch though. Shoved my friend into the lockers once over some MySpace drama.
Aw really?

She seems pretty nice and sincere from what I've seen her, but it wouldn't be too surprising to find out she isn't.
>I'm not ugly

Yeah sure buddy.
She's good at putting on that face. But who knows, I didn't know her that well, and maybe she's changed. But it seemed like she was a typical child actress type.
I mean I've got pretty strong facial features and a slim body, I mean I'm not shredded or anything but I'm by no means ugly.

Yeah I can imagine that, just most interviews and general public things I've seen of her make her seem like the "she's too sweet for Hollywood" type, you know?
My friend is the spitting image of her.

But, she's kind of an idiot, so it seems like you're losing either way.

Still, if you ever come to Vegas, and have a high tolerance for bullshit...
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