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I'm thinking about switching majors. My major is CompSci,

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I'm thinking about switching majors. My major is CompSci, but I absolutely hate discrete math. I don't get it at all. I don't know how important it is though, but it seems to be important when making algorithms?

If I were to get a job programming how much discrete math would I use? How difficult is the average CS job?

Web development jobs are the most common at the moment and they are really easy.
I wish it would be easy, they are killing me with unrealistic deadlines, confusing requirements and managers and coworkers leave me at my own
Where do you work? Sounds like Zenimax
Water and Sanitation Organization, but that kind of work conditions are normal in small teams
oh yeah, the business work is fucking miserable but the actual coding work is pretty easy. You'll be using lots of javascript frameworks, ORM frameworks, and usually some kind of backend http request and response framework so the brunt of the work outside of the actual content is done for you already.

But business shit is always bad. People giving shit requirements, changing their mind. Putting you with awful teams who do shit like ignore database keys & have terrible, terrible database systems and the like. The actual coding isn't too bad. Just retards who don't understand it or how to clearly articulate what they want and keep changing their mind.
What do you want to change your major to?
How hard is it to get a web dev job without a CS degree? Im about to finish an IT degree, but I was CS and couldn't afford to finish it. So i took a bunch of programming classes, took discrete math and it was a breeze for me, took assembly lang. , software engineering, database and all was relatively easy. I got a 3.0 gpa right now. Last two semester have been 3.7

I know c++, java, and some VB w/ .NET.

Right now Im getting a pretty good handle on javascript, Jquery, HTML5 CSS3, LESS, BootStrap, and I want to pick a JS framework before I have to apply for jobs.

Im from the USA and Im just looking for a job that I can financially support myself with health benefits.
Im also good with the command line and Im learning GIT commands/I set up a GIT hub and will be loading coding samples up to it soon.

Im also making a mock website of a business which I've been using to to demonstrate/teach myself HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JS. Which is almost complete.

Next Im making a personal website for my job search and i'll be using the above plus LESS and Jquery.
>but it seems to be important when making algorithms?
Kind of. There's some thing you should keep in mind though. It gets a lot easier when you start to create algorithms because they're concrete issues and you have an easier time seeing the logic behind it. What you're learning in discrete math is most likely a bunch of abstract concepts that makes no sense until you actually apply them. So you shouldn't let that discourage you.
Also, programmers tend to use a bunch of algorithms that they learn religiously. You won't really have to think about how to create every single algorithm, it becomes an automatism after a while. Yeah, the start may be a little rough and confusing, but once you actually start to code extensively you will make sense of it pretty fast.

>If I were to get a job programming how much discrete math would I use?
Depends a lot of the job. If you go for something like software development you would use concepts you learn there quite a lot. But, again, these concepts will become a lot clearer once you actually get to put them into practice.

>How difficult is the average CS job?
Depends on the job, CS is quite a broad subject. But I can assure you that entry-level jobs are pretty easy. That's why the term "codemonkey" exist, because it's so simple and repetitive a monkey could do it.

If you're worried about it you should start doing some practical exercises. If you have no idea where to start you could look up the cs50 course from Harvard (its on edx.org) and look at problem sets 1-6. They have some great exercises that take you from really basic stuff like for loops to common algorithms like merge sort/select and data structures. Some of these exercises will look intimidating at first if you have no experience with programming, but they provide pretty good guides for them.
I was going to do IT, but I feel like I'm kind of in too deep for ICS. I'm a Junior already and taking 300+ courses. If I stick with it for the next 2 years at most, then I'll graduate. I've only taken 2 discrete math courses and both of them were online because I went to a community college.

I transferred to a 4 year uni this semester and I have another discrete math course. I have no idea what anyone is talking about. I don't even know how to do things like state the runtime complexity or write proofs.

I'm probably going to drop the course since my professor told us that it was an intense course and we should take it when our course load is lighter (I'm taking 4 other courses plus a lab).

If I don't switch I should learn discrete maths but I don't know what to do besides reread my old text book.
Thank you I'll look up the harvard course. I have learned some of the easier algorithms, but my problem is just analyzing it I guess. I know what it does, but trying to explain it using discrete math was way too confusing.

For example in my class we had to prove the correctness of insertion sort using loop invariants(?). There were a bunch of questions about the algorithm we had to answer. My group members struggled a bit with it, but eventually got it. I had no idea what the hell they were talking about. All I knew was what insertion sort did, but not at a discrete level.
You will never run into this kind of shit at an actual job.

When using loop invariants you're trying to formalize your intuition. So you know how and what to do, you don't know to explain it using this pointless concept.
This thing provides a decent, although quite technical explanation of that partical problem.

Also, I found out that quite often, when you can't wrap around your mind around this kind of issues it's because you don't truly understand what the concepts you're using are and how they work. Are you sure you know how insertion sort works? Are you sure you know what loop invariants are and what's their purpose? Because if you're not you should look up into these terms before trying to solve that problem. Doing so without it would be like trying to understand multiplication without knowing addition. There's a lot of in-depth explanations of these concepts you can find by just googleing them, many youtube videos that with clear explanations and wikipedia is a decent learning tool when it comes to anything CS, especially algorithms.
Likely because you don't know what CompSci is.
It's a subset of Mathematics with various engineering disciplines piled on top. I notice in the USA it has been watered down into a badly arranged Software Engineering course? Regardless, CS isn't for getting a job as a software developer. It's for science, hence why it as "science" in its name. Why didn't you do Software Engineering if you just want programming?
Thread posts: 14
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