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>Started talking to a girl a month ago >We just started

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>Started talking to a girl a month ago
>We just started dating
>Been on two dates
>She is already getting clingy as fuck, we play vidya together online and talk a lot
>Me: "I'm gonna go play witcher 3 and relax for a bit"
>Her: "Uhh, is it just me or are you tired of me already?"

She has said a bunch of other clingy and insecure things as well, and she ALWAYS wants to be in contact with me throughout the entire day. I almost don't get a moment alone from the time I wake up, until I go to bed.

What do I say to her? Should I just move on? Plenty of other fish, yada yada.

I feel like I'm being choked to death.
Ever try to explain to her that you feel the way you do?
My ex gf was the same. You just have to be firm with her, tell her you need some time to yourself.

If she can't handle being alone for a few hours each day then she isn't ready to be in a relationship.

If she moans and cries about it you've just got to be firm with her, tell her you do enjoy spending time with her but you still want to do stuff alone too.

Seriously OP, just imagine how you'll feel 6 months from now. I've been there, it is incredibly emotionally draining and it isn't fun at all. Especially when you work.

God just remembering it is making me nauseous. I have to have facebook and my phone on silent these days, any time I hear them go off I feel so annoyed.

do you like her? like get tingles?
>start dating a guy
>he is well aware tht i spend the majority of my time working on my film projects
>editing takes so much focus that i just dont look at my phone for a couple hours
>i hear myself get a text, but it passes through my brain and i keep editing
>Two hours later im done
>pick up phoe
>he said 'sup'
>i say 'nm you?'

people are dumb and should be made to feel dumb
That's nothing. A friend of mine had it much worse. The guy showed up on her doorstep uninvited. He was shaking and said he was about to call the police because he said he "hadn't heard from you in over 22 hours". She dumped him needless to say.

woof. jesus. you'd think he'd say 'hey havent heard from you in awhile kinda nervous maybe respond?'

i remember when you could go half a week wtihout talking to a romantic partner.
Yeah, I've explained to her that I just need a little bit of space sometimes, didn't seem to get through to her.

I went a day without talking to her last week and she almost flipped out.

>are you okay
>did something happen
>why are u ignoring me
>i dont understand

yeah that is pretty bad, I have no idea why that guy, or the girl I'm dating get so insecure over -literally- nothing

its a sign of immaturity. and i mean that in the sense that they generally do grow out of it. People have this thing in their head that romance is the most important thing to ever happen and if yo uarent willing to be texting them throughout the entire fucking day than how could it possibly be true love.
Yeah I haven't really dated since I was 19, and we're both 22. So I figured most girls would have grown out of this by now.

Guess not.

Not really sure what to do now.
How did you explain it to her? And did you try telling her that one day that you were taking time for yourself? I understand from her side that she wants to talk to you all the time because she may be infatuated with you, but if she actually was ready for a relationship, she would be more than understanding if you explained to her that you needed space and why you needed space.
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>Mfw talk to friends online all the time
>Have paranoia of them secretly feeling im clingy or something
>Do my best to give them space and end the conversation when needed or they seem uninterested

I hope to god I'm not like the chick you're describing. Like if I notice my friends are online, I give it time, then message them after a while so its not like i'm in their faces. I would say that you need to go more in depth with her on how you currently feel and explain that people do need time alone, because it looks like shes the type that doesnt even understand that you need space.

well if you like her, like actually like her, you should try to stand by her and help her grow. not all problems can be fixed with a conversation, but many can.

and if she is unwilling to grow you can still leave her knowing you tried your best.

but if you dont get any tingles at fucking all, why date her to begin with, just say 'sorry this isnt going to work'.

and in that way she still gets the learning lesson she needs: clingy is bad.
I explained to her pretty early on that I'm quite introverted, and I often need some space to myself to relax from all the interaction. She said she totally understood. The day that I went mia, I told her the day prior that I was just gonna chill the next day, and she may not hear from me, and she said that'd be fine.

Turned out it wasn't fine.

I have to date someone a long time before I feel "tingles", or whatever the fuck you're talking about. I don't start falling for people right away, especially not after a month.
Ok yeah then you did everything right. I'm a bit like her, where I like to talk to the other person a lot because well, I like them, so the "you may not hear from me" heads up is the best you can do and would be totally understandable for me as it should be for her. I'd say if you do care for the girl, talk with her again and bring up the times she wasn't ok with you taking some time for yourself and talk through it to see why she freaked out over it and try to reinforce the idea that it's not that there's too much of her in your life, but rather not enough you. That's really the best you can do, and if she still doesn't give you your space, you may have to end it bro.

thats weird, to each their own, but if you can't look at a girl and say 'yeah i wanna keep seeing her' or 'no its not worth it' than i dont see why you'd bother actually dating a girl for a month.
Drop her, she's crazy
Witcher 3 > clingy girls
I'll bring up the subject again, see if she gets the hint, and also to see if she brings up the other day when she flipped out, after I told her I was going mia, then decide whether or not I'll end it.

Yeah, I'm thinking about it. This shit is fucking stifling.

Agreed, playing it right now on my main monitor. Death march is a bit too easy though, 99% of enemies can't even land a hit on me, not sure what the point is.

I refused to stop dating a clingy girl like this once, it didn't end well. I wanted to fucking kill myself, and I ended up having to dump her.
Guys, my girlfriend is insecure about kissing, what do
These situations are like the silver lining to me being single, that and being free to do what I wish. Sorry op that sucks but I think what people said early is good advice just keep reminding her you just need alone time to recharge, she's like a Duracell and your one of those low capacity rechargeables, gl.
Damn I wish I had a girl like this interested in me. Clingy girls are the best imo. I find it adorable that they want you so badly.
Kiss her forcefully and get jailed
I appreciate a bit of clinginess. It's a good indicator that she isn't spinning on strange dick the moment she's out of sight.
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Thread images: 3

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