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Girls on 4chan / Falling for them

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>Have a really nice girlfriend
>She's really sweet and we get on well
>End up on 4chan one evening and get talking to a girl in a thread about a bunch of topics, mostly literature
>We exchange emails
>A few months later I have completely fallen for this femanon in every way and am furtively arranging to meet her behind my girlfriend's back

Not interested in judgmental shit femanons, so keep your claws to yourselves this once.

I just want to know if anybody has been in this situation before.
You are a worthless piece of trash.

Signed, a femanon.
You're scum. Stop leading your gf on and dump her so she can find someone decent.
Excellent and worthy advice from femanons as ever. Kudos.
What the fuck were you expecting to hear?

>Oh OP, that sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Get da pussi b0ss!~

You came here seeking validation because you don't want to believe you're an asshole.
You shouldn't go behind your partner's back. You are leading her on, wasting your time and cheating on her.

If you want to be with this femanon, go for it.

I met my boyfriend online and dumped a dude I was seeing to be with him. We have been together for 8 years and we are very happy.
>You came here seeking validation because you don't want to believe you're an asshole.

I don't want to think I could hurt either one of them, but I'm in this shit way too deep now. Believe it or not I actually love women.
Yeah, you've placed yourself in a situation where you will end up hurting at least one of them. Where you take it from here is up to you, and beyond /adv/'s payroll.

>Believe it or not I actually love women.
I'm sure almost every cheater loves women/men. That doesn't make them any less of a dick for cheating.
I'm a femanon and I'm not so sure what you're doing is wrong.

If you're planning on cheating, then fuck off, but if you just want to see what this girl is like in real life before you sacrifice a real relationship, well that's selfish, but I kind of get where you're coming from.
Yeah, I haven't actually cheated yet - All we've done is send nudes and stuff and sext.
>All we've done is send nudes and stuff and sext.
>haven't actually cheated

I hope this is bait
That's cheating, dude, at least by most people's definition.

So yeah, sorry, I was trying to be open minded, but you're being a dickhead.
Are you really suggesting that's the same as cheating
Yes, many people would agree that's cheating.

If you were at a party and whipped your dick out and flirted with a girl with her tits out, and talked about how much you want to fuck each other and how in love you are, but you didn't actually physically touch each other, is that not cheating?

>inb4 it's online so it doesn't count!

>I don't want to hurt anyone
This stupid phrase has caused more relationship trouble than any other.

Unless you plan on marrying your first girlfriend you were always going to hurt her.

Not breaking up with her now isn't sparing her pain, that's inevitable. It's kicking that pain down the road so you can avoid feeling bad.

Sack up and break up
So if your boyfriend did that, you wouldn't forgive I'm guessing.
If you love this girl (that you haven't yet met, lol), dump your girlfriend, then meet up with new girl and see how it goes.

Don't expect it to last though - if she's on 4chan and willingly sends nudes to someone she hasn't met (from 4chan), she's probably an attention whore and will undoubtedly repeat this with another guy when she gets bored.

It's a huge risk. It might work out, it might not, but there's no way you can continue both relationships.

Does new girl know about existing girlfriend? If so, ENORMOUS red flag.
There are degrees of cheating. For some, even you talking to this girl about emotional issues behind your girlfriend's back could constitute cheating. For others, cheating hasn't occurred unless actual sex has happened. It depends on your relationship's boundaries.

Most people would consider sending nudes to be cheating though. I would.
I'd love to meet a girl from 4chan, particularly one from adv.

I'd even date one if she wasn't a whale.
stop trying to turn adv into a dating site. go to soc for that shit
Damn dude. Stop trying to justify your cheating, if I found out my boyfriend was doing that kinda junk behind MY back, I'd be hurt beyond all human comprehension. That shit ain't right. Shoulda let it stick to friendship, and saw how you felt when things progressed into irlhood. Yer diggin' yer own grave here, buddy chummy.
What? I'm not trying to do anything
Are you retarded?
Has it ever occurred to femanons that a man can love two women at once?
The love women thing is something I understand. I have cheated before because I just love everything about women. There delicate nature and their vulnerability and the fact they have issues in their past, and helping with those issues makes you feel more masculine. It's easy to fall for other girls when you're someone who just loves women. Particularly ones with bad childhoods.

Not OP.
I'm a guy and you suck op, you are all the worst things about women but as a man
No one has experienced this before? Not OP but in a similar situation. I love my girl, but she's my first. I want to experience what other people are like. But I'm afraid if I lose her I'll never find someone like her again. And I'm not exactly a pick up artist.

So you feel trapped and people tell you that you're an asshole. Sad.
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