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I'm 20 have about 600~ euros in savings don't drink

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I'm 20 have about 600~ euros in savings don't drink and don't smoke, but live in this poor ass country called Lithuania. Currently i'm serving in the military and could cease the contract within the next week, if I don't, i'm stuck there for another 2 years. I already served 1 full year.

Comparing this job to other jobs in what could be earned it pays medium wage - 750 euro.
minimum wage in Lithuania is 365 euro.

The problem is that it is extremely boring, only kind of work you get here is busywork, I have to walk after my COs and beg for work to do. I grew up in suburban village kind of thing and spent most of my time working the fields or helping out my mom in the horse riding business, and now I have to sit around all day long looking at a piece of paper pretending to be working.

What do? Quit military, find a job that pays minimum wage and try to get a profession? Get a job abroad? Kill myself?
Sounds like a mundane job. You should stick it out for two years, and in the meantime, do some introspection as to what you want for your life, maybe get some training save as much money as you can (live in the barracks?), and in two years, you'll be in a lot better place to make this kind of decision.
Whole my life I wanted to be in the military and when I got there it was terribly boring. and still is after bootcamp. Actually bootcamp was way more engaging.
I got what I wanted for and it sucks.

I spent 2 months just living in the woods, no internet, no tv, no radio, no phone barely any human contact and some books. All I've come up with in that time is that I want to be a freeman, problem is I cant grow anything of my own because no land, I cant create anything because I live in commieblock. Not even any skills to start providing people with my services besides computer stuff any kid can do these days.
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Perhaps you should speak with your retention officer or recruiter. Tell them you're ready to sign up for another two years, but you want a training or development program that will help you stay engaged and learn skills and network and meet people and have fun. Try to get a job on a humanitarian mission. I volunteer for Red Cross and it feels good to help people.
Man I've talked to many sergeants and privates who were on missions and it's nearly impossible for anyone to get onto one in this military. There are guys serving over 10 years here in combat roles who never ever been anywhere in any kind of action. We are supposed to sometimes get courses like paramedic or machine gunner courses, but only like 5 people a year get to go to some shitty random course for marksman or a "rifleman"
(don't know how to translate). There really is no way for me to get anywhere or learn anything new here besides operating my rifle and a few other weapons that we have. The question here is should i stick to this terrible job for the money or should I work a less paying job, but one that entertains me + I could do something on the side to get extra cash or try to start some sort of business selling weird foods nobody really eats, but I had to when I lived in the woods.
Or stay in the military for a fixed wage (it's illegal to do any other jobs) JUST for the money and hope that I can figure something out by the end of 2 years.
As easy as it is to suggest to stay for the money, I don't advise it. You need to find something that stimulates you. You should start looking now to set you up before you leave. Try to see if you can find something you can meet new people so you can find different jobs afterwards. If you stay, use half of the money for savings and the other half to travel. Perhaps you can find someplace else to call home. Good luck!
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This >>17946596
However you frame it, is essentially the truth, if you're unhappy,you can make as much money as you want but you'll still be unhappy. You can give yourself two weeks to decide or two years, but perhaps if you follow my advice you're only delaying the inevitable and it's best you separate now.
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Well all seems reasonable, why stay in a boring job when I can quit, get extra time ( no war games that take from a week to a month.), earn noticeably less, but am free to make something of my own.

If all fails I can always just join ISIS.
If all else fails you can become a hobo and travel the world or join a hostel and bang pretty girls. Or work at a bar and start from the bottom up. Heck even a barber from sweeping to cutting. Somewhere you can be taught as you work.
Mang i'm no american, that kind of shit is closed to me. I already was a hobo living in the woods, started from the bottom up right there.

Er, go to school?
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