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>live with mom and rich dad >move to asia >dad fucks

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>live with mom and rich dad
>move to asia
>dad fucks ugly asian whore
>divorce with my mother
>my mom works 10 hours a day for 3K euro and cries because of stress
>old asian whore meditates and goes to spa trips while being a "travel and food blogger"
>discover they got married
>all the inheritance will go through her

I learned the latter part after my father (I have never seen in person for 5 years) got very sick and whatsapp'd me.

How the fuck can I fix that ? That vapid whore will never give me a cents, she knows if my father dies this old shit will go straight to her shithole village and even a dog wont fuck her.
It isn't your money anon. It is your fathers. What happened to your mothers share of the divorce settlement? You've said some mean things about your father and your stepmother which indicate you don't think highly of them. Why should your father give the money to the family that abandoned him?

The divorce settlement was based on his salary. Ignoring the amount he has in different bank accounts (legally) around Asia.

I don't think a 10 years old is supposed to try to contact the man responsible for his mother's complete mental and physical breakdown.
I didn't talk to him until I was 18, he was the one that asked for a divorce.
Shit is usually more complex. I doubt you at age 10 really understood the situation and I doubt your mother has helped since.

At the moment it sounds very one dimensional. The evil whore stole your father from his rightful happy place with you and your mother and now to add insult to injury the evil whore is going to get your money.

Your mother should have fought for a better settlement before agreeing to the terms of the divorce. She doesn't sound like she dealt with it very well. I can understand why you are transferring blame to this other woman who you don't even know though. Based on your age at the time and your limited subsequent contact with your father I can understand entirely why he has moved on and can't understand why you think you'd get shit from him when it sounds like you don't even know him or have a relationship.

Obligation? Your father dumped you and your mother to shack up with a food blogger in asia. He sounds like a right fucking dude and not the kind of guy to suddenly spring for obligation. How do you even know he is rich? Maybe 10 year old you just felt rich compared to people in asia and your mother has been feeding you half truths to turn you against your father and explain her current poor ass position.

If your father is rich and you want his money then build a relationship. Travel out to see him. Meet your step mother and get to know them and figure out the bigger picture.

Good advices, he is rich for any standards (over 2M in asset).

I was not thinking of whoring myself out to get the money. He wants to give me something, the problem is his new wife wants to be the one to split what he has.

That is a problem because this 14 twitter travel blogger followers for 10 years knows she doesnt have any backup plan than going back to Asia and do nothing. Therefore I am certain she will not respect the will of my father.

Is there any legal means to make the split "impartial" ?
Man I'm not a lawyer and I don't know what countries and laws apply. You can't get good legal advice on 4chan.

But in the UK (I've dealt with death in the family and a disputed will) when somebody dies whoever is dealing with the estate which usually also the executors of the will use the death certificate to obtain a grant of probate which will authorise them to administer the estate.

The will should be in with that and this request is public record and you can apply to see the documents if you can prove you have an interest in the estate. If you have a dispute that it is not being carried out correctly then you can take various legal actions to halt things, change things, dispute stuff. The executors of the estate have a legal obligation to carry out the last wishes of the deceased.

If he leaves everything to his new wife and relies on her doing the right thing and she chooses not to then you can't do shit about it. If he specifically makes an allowance for you in his will and she as the executor doesn't follow his instructions then you can kick up all sorts of fuss.

But it is legal business, you'll want to be a genius or hire a solicitor which will cost. You can nail her with the costs if successful, but you might not recover them. You might struggle to find or afford a competent lawyer if this is across multiple countries with complex laws. You might not even be able to track the women down or prove the existence of a will.

In my case an estate was a three way split amongst the children with provision made for his new wife separately and she wanted a four way split because it was more. The wording of the will was considered unclear and the legal advice was to allow the four way split because she was pushing for complete nullification of the will and threatening to claim the lot as his wife as he would have then technically died without a valid will and for the children to sue the solicitor who drafted the will for the amount they lost out on.
The big problem we had was the executor of the will was a member of her family and he was biased towards her as a result. This woman was prepared to alienate herself from the entire family and bankrupt herself through repeated legal actions to get her own way and even if she didn't get anywhere, was then prepared to come after everybody personally to recover the money plus her expenses through individual lawsuits.

It was like, defend against this shit forever while hoping that a judge didn't ever think that she was entitled even a little bit to see things this way (which was possible, and she'd have been then been able to allocate even partial legal costs against the children if so) or just let her have her own way.

In the end she got her own way and she got like, the extra 10 grand or whatever it was and nobody ever spoke to her again and she moved to another city and got pregnant by some guy she worked with.
Learn the ways of Ho Chee Ming, famous Tai Qi practitioner and magician in Ancient China so you can defeat her Confucian magic with your own more powerful, more ancient Chinaman magic.

Also, support your mother yourself with your siblings.
There's something socialists and libertarians agree on, if you're able-bodied and not actually retarded, you aren't entitled to a fucking dime you didn't earn.
But she is?
What's up with chinks taking pictures of their food before they eat it? Had two chink gfs. Both did it every tine. Never understood it.
>Is there any legal means to make the split "impartial" ?

If your father makes a new will while he is still alive. Otherwise no.
I'm a Slav and I take pics of pretty food. Just like having them, I don't even post them anywhere.
I hate asian women. They have a "thing" around married white men, my dad left my mom for an asian woman like yours OP. They're born homewreckers.
Does the ugly Asian whore have a daughter from a previous marriage you can fuck and knock up for revenge?
Who, your dad's wife? If he wants to give you his money he will, if he wants to give it to her he will, but she stands to inherit, not your used up mom or you.
If he wants to leave his estate to her when he dies, then he's entitled to do that. You have no right to it while he's alive. When he dies and there's no provision for you in it, then you can challenge it, assuming that he hasn't explained in it why he left you out. But you can't do anything about it until he dies, so stop worrying about it.

If you do want to be able to make a claim, then I suggest that you start up your relationship with him again, because the fact that you haven't seen him in 5 years and counting is not going to look good on your part should you choose to challenge it? That said, why SHOULDN'T he leave his estate to someone who he sees every day instead of his ex-wife and estranged child?
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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