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Any success stories of worthless, friendless, virgin NEETs with

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Any success stories of worthless, friendless, virgin NEETs with MDD getting their life back on track?
I could use some hope in my life right now.
Getting a Job is probably the best thing I experienced. I had my mind preoccupied from self-loathing. I was more motivated to workout. I was starting to get more open through my co-workers, and it definitely helped with my self-worth. Believe in yourself and you can break through, you will find a way to love yourself through hard work. If I can believe in myself, then I can believe in you..
All I can say is that I've always been that guy, that I was always aware of many other people like that that I met through online communities, in school, in college and so on, and that now they all seem to be pretty much reformed except me. I'm 26.
not sure what an mdd is but i'm in a similar situation op. it's tough maintaining the motivation and drive to pursue things but we just got to keep on pushing man. dont give up!
Sort of?

My life is semi on track and I wasn't really a NEET for that long, just a terrible, terrible student. But I was pretty fucking bad.

I read a book called Feeling Good by David D Burns.
No, because they never tell anyone else they meet after they do that they were a neet
So I'm not fully there yet but I've improved a lot. I'm still a virgin and I often feel worthless, but I enjoy my life, I have friends inviting me for things, I hang out with girls all the time. I think I'm about 2 steps away from what I want, I could fuck girls I go clubbing/drinking with, but I really want to find a girl I can gf. I bet that will be hard since I'm 30 and never had sex but I'm hoping that somewhere in the world I will find that one person who's understanding enough to give me a chance.

And that brings me to my advice. The world, it's out there, do everything in your power to save up as much as you can, spend a year doing this if you have to, it's really not that long in the grand scheme of things. Then sell everything you have, buy a nice backpack, pack everything you need to survive, and travel. Not for a weekend, not for a week, not for a month...buy a one way ticket and hope for the best. Slowly you will break out of your shell, it's impossible not to because you will always be surrounded by travelers who are generally nice and looking to be friends with you. Go out there and try, make mistakes, make a fool of yourself, say yes, try things you'd never think you would try in your life. That super hot girl you have 0 chance with? Ask her out, if she says no, it doesn't matter because you'll be in another city the next week and will never bump into her again. And if she says yes?.. And it's not just relationships, live the life you never thought you'd be able to. If you've been sheltered like me do the opposite, party, take drugs (or don't), be retarded for a day or week in a douchy kind of way. With each trip I take I break one wall of my shell. I'm not there yet but I'm so close now, I won't go back home until I reach my goal.

I'm a fat ugly motherfucker and last week on a beach I asked a genuinely hot girl in a bikini for her number and she gave it to me. We went out for some drinks after. I don't even fucking know how this happened
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I hated the idea of this at first, but there are community outreach programs that can actually help. I had a mental breakdown in my early 20's, dropped out of university, withdrew from my social circles, was depressed NEET for years. I ended up being in my late 20's with no education, skills, or employment history. I found a program where I could learn construction skills alongside volunteer tradesmen. They also had some casual make-work projects where I could earn a few dollars on top of my neetbux. Aside from learning practical skills, it also gave me the opportunity to network with sympathetic employers. I have a labor job now that pays decent, and later this year I am going back to school to learn a trade.

I've also been getting out more, but I've always been a bit of a loner and I'm okay with that, so socializing isn't the biggest concern for me. Like another anon said, you should focus on getting a job first and foremost. Aside from money and survival, a job also provides self-worth and will make it easier to make friends. Functional adults do not want to socialize with the chronically employed, NEETS are awkward and depressing and are basically like lepers.
*chronically unemployed
Get a piece of shit job.

Literally it. You'll have more depression later, but this is the initial baby step to getting life on track.
I'll share my story, I wouldn't say that I've really achived anything, but these days I feel rather at peace with myself.

I'd say I'm average or maybe just slightly above, 5'9ft tall, nothing special. I was a shut-in NEET all trough out my teenage years, just barely managed to finish school. my only interest was vidya, didn't really have any close friends.

Got my first job as a construction worker when I was 18 shortly after I had graduated. I was not fit AT ALL for phyiscal labor and the first few months was hell but there wasn't anything else to do where I lived. I was sore every single day, but I worked with some pretty cool people and it really helped me work on my non-existing social skills. The work also made me a bit more confident in myself.

When I turned 20 I unwillingly went traveling and that's what helped me out the most, I had planned to work abroad but stuff didn't work out and I decided to go traveling instead so that my money wouldn't be all wasted on nothing. I traveled around for about a month and ended up stuck in some rural little town where I met a girl who was in the same boat.
I had never really had a proper conversation prior to the ones I had with her, at first I just answered shortly and smiled but as we kept seeing each other around town, greeting each other and commenting on the weather I opened up and we started to have proper conversations. We ended up traveling together for a while and we had sex on our last night together. We were both drunk and it wasn't really that great but I lost my vcard. The next morning she was gone and shit it was probably the worst time of my life, I kept thinking about her for about 8-9 months.

Now I'm almost 22, I'd say I'm a normie these days, nothing's really a big deal, I can talk to girls but my interest hasn't really been that high since I got over that girl.

What I've learned personally that have helped the most;
>Get out of your comfort zone, force yourself to do things you'd normally just avoid
>Swallow your pride and learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid of appearing stupid
>Learn about how the things around you work, when you just have some basic knowledge about things it'll ease a lot of stress.
>Try your best to be happy and to make the people that matter to you happy as well.
>Be honest, most importantly to yourself, DON'T live in denial, telling yourself that there's something in life you don't need/can live without
>Balance, you need a bit of everything in life.

So my tip would be to just get out there, even though your brain is telling you not to. Think less and rely more on your emotions and gut feeling.
Try to learn about everything and keep a positive attitude and avoid things that gets you down.

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