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What is life?

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>Started at 29 of December I had to go to the ER because I was having sex with my girlfriend and my frenulum tore.
>A huge gash.
>I go home that night with a dick that wouldn't stop bleeding even with gauze.
>Next morning I come back and these guys tell me they're going to have to operate to cut my frenulum since I have what's called frenulum breve so it's short and it's always going to keep tugging.
>I stay in the hospital the whole day from morning to night, and I get operated at about mid day.
>I go into the operating room and these guys tell me the tube that they made in my arm in the morning wasn't good, so they punctured my left hand, said it was no good, then my right hand, still no good, then my right elbow. >Get nice with whatever drug they put in me I'm not asleep but I'm awake while they operate on my dick drowsy as fuck.
>Next hours are sitting in the room and the only person who visits me is my girlfriend and my best friend.
>I eventually get to go home and find out I can't move my left arm and my dick is swollen.
>Next day I find out I get like 8 stitches, gash is closed at least and frenulum is gone.
>Worst part is these guys didn't even know how to stick a needle in my arm because for whatever reason my blood exploded under my skin and I have this bruise across my elbow and bicep the size of a fucking Apple and it hurts so bad to move it.
>Deal with the pain.
>Couple days later decide to eat expired food, I say it's frozen and it's only 10 days expired it can't be that bad.
I feel like dying afterwards, and shit out a fucking newborn baby and tear some nice rips in my asshole with a beautiful blend of shit and blood.
>More like 2 drops of blood and a nice smear on the toilet paper.
>I start to fear going to the washroom to take a shit cause whenever I go it's a fucking unbelievable pain of stinging, burning and agony in my fucking asshole every day.
>Suffer without complaining and move on.
>My girlfriend and I are all good, bring her to the house and she sleeps over all is good she helps out everything is fine on New Years.
>She comes the next few days as well, but everything is not fine.
>My mom is now bothered by her presence and forces her to leave.
>I walk her home and apologize not knowing what the fuck is happening.
>I suffer but say sure everything will be fine.
>No it won't be fine.
>I fucking still feel drowsy and slow from whatever the fuck they pumped in my veins, having to deal with all these problems and just my luck.
>I catch a fucking cold/fever with headaches.
>Great, just what I needed.
>The cherry on the top was today when I obviously still in no mood to be happy, don't talk to my parents for treating my girlfriend like that.
>I figure just keep my mouth shut and don't add.
>No. Not good.
>My mom comes to me now fucking hysterical calling my girlfriend the whore of the town and saying she never wants to see her again and that she's ruining the relationship between me and my mother and how she is pure evil and ruining my health.
>I respond with its my choice I choose who I can love and spend my time on and it is nowhere near her decision to choose who I can and can't love.
>She's still hysterical, says well in that case go with your beloved girlfriend find a house, and if you're going to disrespect us like this were not going to feed you anymore so basically "get the fuck out of our house".
>Im thinking what the fuck is going on with my life and I don't know what to do anymore.
>This is the worst new year I have ever experienced in my entire life.
Pls comfort. Pls.

health problems totally suck

take good care of yourself as much as possible

be glad your parents are paying the bills ?

as for pooping you want to be damn sure you clean yourself down there VERY WELL you do not want to get some poop germs into your surgery stitches

see or call or email the doctor and ask about pooping cleaning germs surgery stuff

just try to ignore your hysterical parents its understandable they are freaking out but you need to get a clue about moving out and paying your own bills before you are able to do that - so apologize and claim you were stressed due to the health stuff

good luck !
>health problems totally suck

You can say that again. Freaking healthcare in the US is expensive and slow.
>US is expensive and slow

and the best there is on planet earth
Yea but we pay way more than necessary to line a middleman's pocket.

There's a reason people travel out of the US for medical tourism.
Sounds like a normal life too me horrible experiences with no light in sight but on the bright side one day you'll be dead
Sigh. It has its ups too, just because there have been a lot of downs doesn't mean it can't go back up again.
One day, but not today.
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 1

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