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does anybody here play piano? i was wondering about what's

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does anybody here play piano?

i was wondering about what's the best approach to practice.
my goal is to be able to play a piece without notes so i can focus on interpretation.
would it be better to work on a few pieces (say 3-5) at once, bit by bit or stay with one till you wing it?

also, how long do you usually need for that process. from playing something the first time to that feeling of being able to listen to your body producing stunning music.
Do you play any other instruments? You aren't going to be able to just play for probably 2 years.
i can play some harp, violin and guitar. up to some basic levels, i can play pretty much any intrument that doesn't require special technique and force like a trumpet.

i've had lessons for 10 years as a kid and have been playing casually for my own pleasure on and off for about 13 years.
i have some entry level skills but since i have stopped taking lessons when i was a teen i don't think my playing has evolved that much.
lately i have gotten into it a bit more again since i really love to play but often lack the time to do so.
Then probably 6 months. As long as you have an ear for notes then playing some songs, learning the chords and then noodling will get you natural.

Are you natural on guitar and the other two?
what do you mean by "natural"?

and i don't play by ear. i prefer classic pieces. i first work on stuff like tempo, fingering, punctuation, actually catching the right note and so on. then i work on the dynamics. then i work on playing from memory/ears. then on playing with eyes closed. this is the thing that will give me the best base to actually be able to start working on the interpretation of a piece.
i have a few pieces i can wing with eyes closed and that's just heavenly. like fucking flying. i can really play around with it after i "own" it like that. for me, all that is before this point it the work and all that comes after is the reward.
so far i have approached it by being at different stages with different pieces at the same time so i can switch if i get fed up with one. but i wonder if it would be more effective to completely focus on one piece at a time.
I started playing the Piano a year ago, been playing drums for like 15 years so keeping the rhythm is quite easy. I'm now playing without notes as well and when I started I was eager to start playing, It was hard the first month or so but I started of by getting a book where I found a bunch of songs that was very easy to play, it showed how to play each step.

Then later I stared with Youtube and the channel "HDpiano" and thats where I learn a lot by memorizing the tabs and how to play it, they have a lot of songs on different difficulties. MY tip for you is to keep it simple and start by one song at a time. Else in my case at least I start to mix up the songs and thinking about one song and playing another.
I thought you meant just knowing in your head instinctively where the notes are and how to get where you want phrasing wise. I can't listen to classical for very long because it isn't rhythmic enough for me and I get bored of it. If I wanted to learn piano I would want to play jazz and classic country for sure.

Why would you want to memorize somebody elses shit instead of coming up with your own?
It.s best to switch between different pieces.
When the piece is difficult technically i usually memorise it fast so i can be able to play the notes. Usually i do a harmonic and formal analysis and memorise phrases or sections and add them up until the whole piece is ready. Start with the most difficult part so you can get it out of the way first and to let it sink in.
Sometimes I'm too tired but have to memorise and when that happens i get 2 measures or a motif and try to learn it and then the next 2 measures and so on. It.s horrible and teethgritting but afterwards you.ve learned it. You still have to know what happens there harmonically otherwise you will forget easily.
Good luck!
i'm picky with the stuff i play too. a lot of classic music is just boring af.

jazz is too chaotic for me. i've tried it various times but somehow it just didn't click with me.
can't say i know exactly what you mean by classic country. but i'm going to google it sonce it sounds like something i might enjoy.

this is actually a big part of the joy i get out of playing piano. if i am in sesrch of a new piece, i search till i hear something that makes me think "fuck yes". then i listen to different interpretations. after that i try to find out as much as possible about the composer. that part is like solving a case, depending on how well know the composer is. i want to know what was going on in his life around the time he made that piece. then i start to practice. and when i have it down in terms of mechanical abilities, i start to apply all the knowledge i gathered to it and mold and form it into my own version of it. it excites me to think about the process of the composer having an idea, then try to bring it to paper with all those hundreds of phrasing signs. i wish i knes how good of a job he did in wriing down what he heard in his head or what his fingers played. is it accurate? do i interprete the phrasing the way it was intended?
it excites me even more if it is a really old piece. it feels like time traveling. i imagine what life was like then and how this particullar music fits into the whole picture. it also feels like telepathy. music being sent from the brain of a long deceased composer to my brain and then flowing out trough my fingers. if i go into automatic mode on a bodily level, it's like being on drugs, really...
i never really learned about harmonics. i know it's fucking basic and essential. you know any good aource to learn about it on your own, preferably online (and free...)?

but i agree. i tackle the most difficult parts first too
I like jazz fusion a lot. Like this. I fucking love funky basslines.
This is classic country

That makes sense. You're more of a music nerd than me by a long shot then.

I just like to feel with it. My favorite bands are Jamiroquai and Glassjaw. I like playing more instinctively like SRV as well. I've been focusing on vocal phrasing and timbre for the last year and am finally coming up with melodies more easily. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1zj3s2jt85N This was the most recent riff I came up.
i've listened to the jazz vid you linked.
my dad plays jazz. i don't know why i don't get it. maybe someday i will. the spark is just not there for me.

ah, i know haggard. country is nice, but more something for guitar imo.

on the piano, i prefer stuff like that:

sometimes i wish i could play more instinctively. i feel like i am pretty old school and stuck up with my approach. but i can't help it. i lile it that way. always have.

you'r song is pretty catchy. i can hear the jazzy and coutry-y elemements.
i like that you have included voice too. definitely keep it up.
i feel like there is still a lot to master, but the direction is good.
do you take any lessons?
i spent way too long, searching for an interpretation lf this piece i really like. kek

lisitsa is skilled. but i feel like she rushes sometimes and is too agressive. exactly what the other interpretators lack. if i listen to them, my face falls asleep.
that's why i like to just be able to play it myself. then i can do it exactly the way i want it
There is no substitute for an actual piano teacher. If you try to learn from youtube videos or self-learn, you will not get even basic techniques correct. Maybe you can learn enough to play at meme level, but you'll never become good at it.

To me, improvisation is all about repeating old patterns while occasionally experimenting. You can make anything sound as if it belongs if you can repeat it soon after. You can turn a mistake into a feature this way.

It helps to know a bit of music theory. Which chords go together (Look up the circle of fifths), the different keys and scales.

Also, learn songs from different genres of music. The feel of a new song always makes its way into my improvisation. You'll also further your repertoire of riffs to use.

Don't forget to keep the two hands in tune. I like to repeat a chord progression with my left hand while playing matching notes with the right hand. The notes don't always have to correspond to the chord. For instance, if I'm playing a C chord with my left hand, the right doesn't have to be hitting the C key. It could be hitting an E or G which are part of the C chord. Knowing which notes are in chords will help you create a safety net. If things start going south you can quickly resort to playing a key that's part of the chord your left hand is playing.

The only way to really master it and come up with nice compositions on a macro level is to practice. Record yourself playing and take note of sections that you like or dislike. You will find that your music feels completely different when you don't have the keys laid out in front of you.
i sometimes do improvise. but that's a really small portion of what indo on the piano.

i really should get more into harmony theory. thanks for the tip with the fifths. i mean, i know some basics but on a really low level.
guess i do a lot of this out of habit if i improvise. but knowing what you do is always a good idea

playing the piano is an innate skill - you either have it or you don't :) :) :)

am laffin
I thought I was good at piano until I tried to play my own song that requires really fast finger work on the right hand and a... breakbeat arpeggio on the left

I just can't do the left hand at the same time
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Thread images: 1

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