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Chess mastery

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How do I get better at chess?
I've been doing tactics daily (currently rated 1018 at chesstempo) and I've bought a book called "Logical chess: move by move".

Any ideas on how to improve my chess skills?
>Any ideas on how to improve my chess skills?

there are plenty of real chess 4ms out there

1000 rating is still noob territory yes ?

as far as i can tell - chess is some kind of genetic talent - you either have it and still require lots of training to get & stay really good, or you don't have it (like me) and no amount of reading doing practice puzzles will help
>he fell for the talent meme

and you even apply it to something as structured and strategic as chess.
anon pls ...
Have you tried chessacademy?

only play against people who can beat you
Always ask what is the threat and is this move safe. For example if your opponent moves his bishop try to notice what piece he's threating. Do I need to stop it? If I lose that piece will my other piece be more valuable to being captured to. This should up your game. I'm around 1300 last time I tried to play chess online. Also if your up a pawn just keep forcing trades and u'll easily win.
Purposeful practice. Give small goals that are relatively achievable. Make a goal like "I will queen side castle correctly this game" or "I will play with the london system and force my opponent to do something". That sort of thing.

Read "Peak" by Anders Ericsson.

Also chess academy. Lots of practice, repetition and maybe a formal coach.
Ive been trying to improce at chess and have went from around 600 to 1400 on chess.com. My best advice is to focus on not blundering pieces as much. Once you have that down you can start improving on your openings, middle game and late game. Look at chess videos on youtube and see how the gms and the IMs commentate on the games. Watch how they position their pieces, theyre always doing something. But in the end chess is an uphill battle that you will never win unless you start at age 6 and dedicate yourself to it. Also dont only play blitz 5 minute timers are unhealthy play as long games as you possibly can. Sorry for bad grammar im on mobile

and you are a total trolling fucktard

have you ever even tried to get good at chess ?

yes it really is some kind of innate brain thing, kind of like big huge males surprise are good at sports but skinny autistic dweeby fucks like yourself are only good at shitposting on 4chan
no i haven't. atleast not up to mastery levels.
but in other stuff. and i'm as average as a person can be.

ever heard of jockeys?
>ever heard of jockeys?

i dont see ANY 300lb jockeys but again i do see plenty of 100lb skinny little guys, ie genetically suited for the task
A skinny dweeb can become muscle male. My uncle was actually a skinnytard when he was 18 and now he looks like a bodybuilder.

I, myself, have just gotten better at chess by practicing against computers or people when I have a chance.
>I, myself, have just gotten better at chess

that is awesome i am so impressed

>A skinny dweeb can become muscle male

incorrect, "some" skinny dweebs can become muscle males, this did not work for me inspite of years of exercisiing weightlifting for mass protein diets etc etc i have slim ropey muscles but could not build mass to save my gdamn life

as for innate skills you people really need to do more research instead of spouting your own opinion blather


exactly. my point was that your argument is invalid that only big muscular guys can be good at sport.

anyways, there are some physical limitations to SOME tasks. like in this example. you can't be 300lbs and expect to be a top 1% jockey. sure, you could get skinny af, but if you're 6'4, that won't cut it either.
that has nothing to do with "talent" tough. it's just physical limitation. talent is an ominous thing that people invented as an excuse to not try harder. tht guy is better than you? nah, that's not because he is training every day since years with mad eedication and discipline. he's just TALENTED. so i can peacefully lay back since i haven't been fortunated enpugh to be born TALENTED. i was just not meant to be good at anything.

keep telling yourself that. it makes it easier for those who keep at it. less competition. but don't cry about how "unfair the world is" later on...
my bf claimed the same.
he trained like a beast and ate huge portions every 2h, sipping gainer shakes and stuff. he couldn't even gain a pound.
then he complained to me and i said "yeah, and you wonder why? have you ever truly calculated what fuck amounts of calories you use in a day? gainers won't help if you go lift for 2h!!!! and then do mma zraining for another 2. and then also go for a run for 1... not to mention having sex till you're drowned in sweat a few times a day." i told him that i vould easily make him gain a lot. he didn't believe me. so i took him on vacation, away from his gym and his training. he wasn't "allowed" to go jogg and i took over the strenuous part of fucking. i also made sure he ate a lot.
he gained 5 pounds that week.
sure, it would have bewn better if he would have lifted a bit so it would have been pure muslcle mass, but it was about proving a point. he was very surprised.
there's nobody who CAN'T gain weight. you're just lying to yourself if dou say that. (not counting people with rare medical conditions ofc. but you don't belong knto that category or you would know since you would look like a walking skeleton).
Check out this channel

Start with the tutorial I linked, skip stuff you already know . It's for complete beginners, but it teaches some important practices that not all players who consider themselves decent use. In chess practice is obviously the most important part of improving your skill. But if you don't go at with the right mindset, if you're not actively trying to get better you won't see much improvement. That tutorial makes a pretty good job at explaining what you must have in mind when making any move.

That guy also gives some pretty good insight in high-level games on the same channel, but getting into that might not be a great idea yet. A common mistake beginners make is to worry too much about about possible developments many moves from now. They spend so much time thinking how a move will affect the game 5 moves from now that they make an immediate mistake. When you start off you should be more worried about the immediate impact your move will have. Are you weakening your position? Are you creating any isolated pawns? Do you have any skewer possibilities? That kind of stuff, don't try to imitate grandmasters by coming up with fancy strategies.

Also, after every game you play it's a good idea to play it over (if you used a computer) and see what mistakes you did and what mistakes your opponent did.
OP, here... reading about what you guys are saying, I can get to the conclusion that hard work will always beat talent. So, it's time for me to give all I got.

Thank you guys... if you have more advice please post them.
Play against real players

Enact openings/ploys that you read about

I think some chess platforms have replay options so you can replay matches avainst computers? I havent studied chess in awhile but I remember some of the open source chess engines let you replay matches you played against real players, and then you can have the computer play individual moves for either side to see what could've been done.

Repitition is all it is. All those people complaining about 'talent' and how people are born with skill? Every single one of them is deluded. Hard to believe but it's true. So think to yourself if you manage to spend enough time on something and get good at it, you are the tiny percent of the population that is aware of these things.

Good luck anon.
>Every single one of them is deluded

exactly and i don't believe in the law of gravity either it's because earth sucks that's why we don't float off

seriously you can state your opine but i'll believe those research articles
I'm still learning (1700-1800 lichess) but here's some tips that have helped me.

>After every opponent move ask yourself "Why did they do this? What squares does he control now? What is his next move?"

>Before you move, ask yourself if what you just did left some vulnerabilities (Unprotected squares, weak pawn position, hanging pieces, open files)

>Castle early in the game. Even if you think your king is safe in the center, it isn't.

>Control the center throughout the game. That means having pieces that attack the 4 squares in the center.

>Do not hang your pawns. They can either win or lose the game for you. Always protect them.

>Learn endgame. Very important.

>Practice tactics everyday.

What are you most struggling with?
OP here, I'm still doing tactics... so far my tactics rating is going up (1050 now on chesstempo) but I still need more games to go and keep on learning.

My ID on lichess is Anaximenes (still can't play on blitz)

get some chess program software, grandmaster by ubisoft is great you can get 1 level back version for like $10 on amazon and set the rating level for your opponent
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Thread images: 1

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