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Hey /adv/, I hate myself

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Long story short, had a long and amazing relationship with this girl, she cheated with this dude that hurt her a lot in the past.
We broke up, they started a relationship, it hurt a lot I guess but I kind of stopped caring during the following months. Focused on myself, my friends, studies, that kind of stuff.
He broke up with her yet again, and she's been suffering a lot. And I mean a lot. She messaged me, and told me what she was feeling and that she needed a friend.
And I kindly said no.
Now I feel bad. Like, really fucking bad. And I hate myself for feeling bad about it. I shouldn't give a fuck. But I do. I quite forced myself to say no. We haven't talked since. This girl threw our relationship into the trash. But it must be hard, /adv/, going through this alone. I had my friends when that happened. She doesn't have anybody.
How do I stop giving a fuck? Should I stop giving a fuck?
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please /adv/
>Should I stop giving a fuck?


but i think you did the right thing in that situation, if she dumped you for some guy then comes crawling back ? ppffffft let her find somebody else to take care of her

>How do I stop giving a fuck?

you don't, it means you're still human ! if you want to be some dweeby r9k autist then stop caring & dork out
Thank you kind person
You did the right thing not just for yourself, but especially for her OP. I think she will learn a valuable lesson from this, maybe she won't act entitled or unappreciative in the future.
You're a good person, but I believe with people like her you have to set limits.

I once gave a cheating GF a second chance and she cheated on me again. I strongly believe that cheaters don't change...
I probably would have been there for her, but strictly refused to start back up with her.

But you gotta do what's right for you.
I second this. Had similar situation in the past. A girl that I liked broke up with his bf due to her instability caused by depression.

I just recently bounced back from depression, and I know how does that feel. Especially when people couldn't relate or handle the depression. "Just be happy!" "Just don't think about it!" but it won't go away like that.

So I tried to reach her, talk and stuff and advocating to be settled first: solve the depression first, don't contact your ex, go to psychotherapist, enjoy your life, move on. After you have clear mind then decide.

But noooooooooooooooooo she said she's been talking to her ex and on the way for going back in relationship without going to psychotherapist. At that point, I told her that I won't help her again and I stopped all contact from her.

Moral of the story: Value yourself first, don't help people who doesn't put same effort to help themselves. Sometimes, they just wanted someone else to solve their problem. fuck them, value your time first. Beware of the guilt-tripping from their victim mentality.

Remember, OP. It's not your job. You don't have any obligation to do so. People need to learn this by themselves.
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Sounds like a bitch don't feel pity for a person that hurt you.
Block her phone number if you have to. She'd most likely cuck you again.
Thank you people

she's not your problem. stop thinking about her.
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