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Starting Over

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Well guys, I've come to the point in my life where, for various reasons I don't want to get into, I only have two real choices: suicide or starting over. I'm not really at a point where I want to kill myself, though I'm not too fond of living so if that ends up being what I have to do then I'll do it. But if there's any way I could just sort of leave everything behind and start a new life somewhere else, I would try that.

Realistically, how hard is it to start over? I don't have really any money to my name but have clothes and could try to find a homeless shelter until I get my shit together. What are the friendliest cities for the homeless? Anyone have any experience with starting over?
What? Are you seriously thinking about that? What about swallowing your pride, admit you were wrong / jerk and accepting some help.

Starting as homeless with nothing is a bad idea.
Life isn't a video game anon. You don't get to start over.

Whatever it is you think you can't deal with, you can deal with it and you'll have to. I used to think being homeless was an actual alternative, it's fucking not.

Being homeless is the scariest, most soul-crushing experience you can have. I've never been homeless but I can see it in their eyes. That's not something you fuck around with because you're afraid. Any person shuffling around out there on the streets would kill to be in your shoes.

Man the fuck up.
I say this because you're going to lose A LOT of things in this life. Don't make it harder on yourself by giving an option.

what did you do that is requiring you to start over right this minute?

starting over is common, i can even send you a lecture on it tomorrow if you want it.

but there is no reason you need to leave your house right this minute unless you did something so illegal that the cops are already on their way.

save up a couple months worth of money than just move. hell you can even start over where you live.
Starting over bad. Reinventing yourself good. Start slow and steady. Cut off people who literally offer you nothing and or ask for time/money/stuff without returning favors energetically.
I appreciate the concern guys, I really do. I didn't so anything illegal and I'm not in a particularly life threatening situation. I know that I can come back from the situation I'm in, I would just rather not. Guess starting over isn't an option, but thanks for replying.

dude you literally said

>i only have two real choices, suicide or starting over

get your shit together and stop being a drama queen.

that being said if you want to start over, start over. you can save money. you can pawn your shit. you can work a few extra shifts for a few months to put away money and move.

people move all the time. starting over is fun.
This anon is incorrect anon, you can start over it just depends on how much your willing to give up? You at that perfect level of low where your sane enough not to kill yourself and miss out on your only life you have, but so depressed that you no longer wish to do, what you do in life. So just make a plan and save some funds and just leave, go do something else. I've been planning. When I have the time and money I'm going to build a solar powered boat and just cruise around till I'm board the solar panels/batterys/inverters will be my fuel, power source at night to shit post, and ac when it's super hot. It's your life op, now go do or plan for something that seems funner to you.
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