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Guys, my girlfriend suffers from inferiority complex I'm

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Guys, my girlfriend suffers from inferiority complex
I'm much, much more successful, more educated, better looking and have wealthier family.
However, I still want to marry her.. sometimes she gets this "depressive" moments when she's sad because according to her one day I'll find someone more suitable than her..
How can I convince that she's wrong?
Give her the one thing you can never do.

Pump a baby into her
encourage and support her to achieve something she can be proud of
>gf has inferiority complex
>guy praises himself multiple times

Yeeaah, that's how you help overcoming depression! Keep up the good work! Hurray!
I am actually doing this, she wanted to enroll in culinary courses, I told her that I would cover all of the expenses but she flat out refuses and is currently working a dead-end job and gathering little by little, she accepts no hand-outs
I just want to make her feel happy..that's all I honestly care about but she's convince that one day I'll leave her, even compared our romance to a "fairy tale" that will one day be over I told her that I may be a perfect husband like in fairy tales but it'll never end.. she just said "okay" and went to sleep
yeah, i said encourage her to do something she can be PROUD of. as in, she earned it.
stuffing something down her throat she hasn't asked for won't make her have pride in her accomplishements.

i'm the same. i have very low selfesteem and my bf tries to make my life easier by shitting everything infront of my feet but honestly, that makes me just be more disgusted with myself because i'm tempted to take him on his offer. i feel like this would bite me in my ass one day when je wakes up and realizes how useless and worthless i truly am. i can only enjoy stuff i have earned with my own blood and tears if necessary. because then they are truly mine. she needs to get herself in a better position out of her own power. all you can do is help her stay or get back on track if she has a low point.

and please, for the love of god don't tell her she doesn't have to do it because you could end her strenuous endeavours with one credit card swipe. girls like that are deathly afraid of being seen as gold diggers.
Thank you, that sounds like a solid advice.
could you be more specific about how should I encourage her?
help her do things that she can be proud of. show her why you prefer her over others.
hm, let me think about what would help me if my bf did it.

let's say i would want to go back to school to get a good degree so i can move forward in my career and make better money. it would help to have him around to get my mind off of stress. maybe just if he was there to eat dinner together, cuddle, watch a movie and then have some good sex.
maybe some company when studying. he might be reading or playing vidya next to me. just knowing he's there too might be relaxing.
or if he would do something like run an errand for me that i had mo time for because i was in school and also working to pay my loans.
ofc it would be nice to get treated once in a while too. eat dinner out so i don't have to get groceries and cook and clean up that night. or a weekend away so i can't study even if i wanted to and have to relax and spend quality time with him.
him not feeling rejected if i am vusy with finals. him being proud of me. him asking me and being genuinely interested about how things are going.
him helping me prepare for a test.

stuff like that. i don't think the encouraging and supporting part is a lot about things you say. those are just hot air. what you do is a lot more important
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