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>have a gf of 5 years >ex didnt talk to me in that time

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>have a gf of 5 years
>ex didnt talk to me in that time
>sudden fb chat of hers
>gf around, so i showed her
>agreed on ignoring ex and blocking her
>gf kinda unsecure so i knew that blocking ex was what she really wanted, but she didnt force me
>cant stop thinking of ex and wanna know what shes up to
>cant bear the idea of my girl knowing i talked to ex
>thinking of meeting anonymously in discord or irc, but cant dare to even sent her an email from a secondary account

what do? adv?
>have a good thing
>want to ruin it for quick sex or an ego boost
i fucking know, but wont be sex, thats for sure
geograficaly imposible


op fuck off we don't care

you've already made up your mind to cheat on your current gf

we all hope she finds out sooner rather than later and dumps your sorry ass
Talking to your ex for a bit as friends catching up is not cheating or even wrong, so you kind of shot yourself in the foot by offering to block her straight away.

I have a gf of 5 years+ and now and then exes message me just to see what's up and how life's going. It's normal.
dont wanna cheat, wanna forget all this shit

didnt ofer, she proposed, but i saw it coming

biggest fear, besides gf knowing, is that ex wont wanna talk after i blocked her or wont go to the trouble to do it anonymously
Pic related?
nah, shes just a friend, and i kinda enjoy posting her
You should try to talk to your girlfriend about it. Don't do it anonymously though, especially something so minor shouldn't break the trust between you and your girlfriend.
And if your gf doesn't want you to talk to your ex you'll just have to decide what's more important
>the trust in your relationship/your relationship
>the freedom of being single

I personally don't think you'd be in the wrong to dump your girlfriend over this. But doing it behind her back would be horrible.
thanks bro, sometimes miss that freedom, but i dont want to hurt her for just that, couldnt live with myself

im also scared of getting in touch with ex would drive me away from gf

at the moment i have feelings for ex, just wanna chat for the sake of curiosity, maybe cam, cause drives me crazy if shes hotter or not
i meant, dont have feelings
What good would come from talking to your ex? Think about it rationally. Just because you're tempted to do something doesn't mean you should follow through with it. My advice is to continue moving on with your life and get your ex out of your head.
yes, i suppose i have to
the thing is that in this past 5 years, maype a couple times a year i found myself thinking in her, and i went to her fb to see if i could get an idea of shes being doing, but never got the nerve to talk to her
and now that she talked to me, i just couldnt handle it

thank you guys

I think it's completely normal to think about an ex occasionally, especially if they were a large part of your life. However, I think when your thoughts go from a fleeting "I hope they're doing okay" way to "I want to know what they're doing", it shows you have a level of interest in them that goes beyond just curiosity.

It seems to me like you're wanting to scope out what your ex is doing and whether or not she's still an option. You're worried about it changing your feelings for your girlfriend because you have underlying feelings for your ex. You've already said you're interested in camming with her which shows your primary urge is to possibly fuck her. And what if she is hotter? Then what will you do?

My advice would be just fucking leave it. Block her, move on and focus on your girlfriend. If you really can't get your ex out of your head, you shouldn't waste your current girlfriends time anymore.
Well said. I wish more men thought like you
yeah, im moving on, gonna forget her

wonder if i could have got some new nudes
>get divorced
>move back to hometown
>think about hitting up ex gf from high school
>not only does she now have a gross BF she is also super fat
>immediately laugh and lose all interest

feels good man
The fact that you want new nudes from her says a lot about you. How do you not feel guilty for thinking and writing that? Are men just hardwired to solely think and act based on their dicks?
maybe writing it out, yes, but i need it to take it out of myself to move on

but not for thinking, one thing i have resolved long time ago is that i am absolutly free to think whatever i want. and i think lots of worse things all the time
No, not all guys are like that. I think OP just wants drama.
Your poor girlfriend.
maybe not the drama, but the risk
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>because one should be consume in guilt for a tought of a hot girl naked

No thanks, we leave that to women
>maybe not the drama, but the risk
>maybe not the drama

You want drama. If you didn't, then we wouldn't be having this cinversation.
Everyone has their own limits when deciding what is "cheating" or not. Some people aren't comfortable with their partners talking to their exes. OP knows his gf is not comfortable with him talking to his ex so if he does so anyway, he doesn't give a rat's ass about his girl's feelings.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 2

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