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Any tips for hanging myself? lostallhope.com recommends usin

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Any tips for hanging myself?
lostallhope.com recommends using a simple noose and insists that the hangman's knot isn't good enough, but I just wonder if it's true or some kind of bullshit, seeing how much we see the hangman's.
Why don't you just set yourself on fire? Don't go out like a bitch
If I don't die they'll send me back to the mental ward, which I hate.
This is why I'm using hanging, which apparently has really high chances of working out of whatever I got available.
Setting myself on fire not only has lower chances of working, but it'll also attract attention which I wouldn't want in case of survival.
It just doesn't work as good.
My goal ain't to make a spectacle, it's to make sure I manage to die.
Get electrocuted then. I'm sure even with minimal knowledge on the subject you can be pretty sure to die with that shit.
why not go kill some bad people and suicide by cop?
I have no idea how one would go around doing such a thing other than taking something electric under the shower which is probably barely enough to give me a seizure.
I live in France. I can't kill more than one person at a time because guns are very hard to get and cops will not kill me no matter what I do, Id just be way too easy to subdue.
Have you tried the usual? Tramp travel? Smoking hashish and jacking off in Rabat?
I've been depressed for years.
I've traveled, I've done drugs, I've traveled again.
I've met new friends and had a fiance for 2 years.
I don't feel like the efforts and the bad feelings are worth whatever good life throws at me which I don't care much for.
Because of that, I dislike life and would like to end mine.
Fair enough. What have you already tried? And what are your assets?
go stab muslims then
That would get me nowhere. I'd end up back in the mental ward.
I moved in with my fiance of then for a bit in another city in france then moved back to my house with her, thinking it'd be better.
I also travelled to london and lebanon and tried twice subscribing to a sports club though I never managed to go there.
I'm also followed by a psychiatrist, and am currently under treatment for me depression among other things but I'm a bit scared of telling him too much about my suicidal toughts because I absolutely hate the mental ward and he's the kind to want to put me there easily.
Most people there are crazier than I am, I always stay really long there, the food sucks and It just sucks all around.
I've also tried other shit on a weekly basis for a while, stuff friends told me about or that I'd read online only to give up really fast. I kind of stopped listening to advice when it started always being the same stuff I already failed to follow.
I've been like that ever since I can remember, I've been thrown around all over the place when I was younger because they were trying to fix me.
>I'd end up back in the mental ward.
but you would have killed at least one muslim, and thus be a national hero
You're in your mid 20s right? If I told you that you would grow out of this would you believe me?
It makes it pretty believable because you guessed my age pretty well. I'm 25.
Life ain't fun though, I feel like a piece of shit and my father seems like he's the same and has only learned to live with it, he's been on meds longer than I am and always has chocolate ready for emergency.
My parents even broke up because he was moping all over the place over realising he'll never be able to become president.
I just feel like I'm going down a similar, yet worse path, seeing as at least his youth was happier.
No, it fucking sucks, I was suicidal, fat, depressed, and disgusting when I was your age, on 3mg Xanax a day so I wouldn't flip my stack. Put away as much money as you can and treat it like any temporary chronic condition, endure it, or kill yourself, if I'd set my mind to it 13 years ago, I couldn't be talked out of it anyway.
>tfw only at tier two
>tfw stuck there for forseeable future
The problem isn't that it sucks, it's that I don't believe it'll get better.
My own father is depressed all the time and mostly thinks like me except he doesn't have the absences I have because of my epilepsia.
We look and talk and generally are so much alike that I just know I'll be like him and stay depressed my whole life.
And it may not get any better. The film As Good as it Gets touches on this as a central theme.
>tfw trying to skip the sex and love/belonging parts of the hierarchy and get everything else but it's not working
Smoke pot and jack off baka desu senpai
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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