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How the fuck do I quite drinking alcohol? Right, so I spent

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How the fuck do I quite drinking alcohol?

Right, so I spent most of my evenings drinking beer, mostly out of boredom and as a bad habit. 15x0,33 4,5% is the norm, not everyday, but now that I'm working part-time (since I'm suppose to study for the entrance exams next spring) every other day.

If I'm stressed, I drink. If I'm sad, I drink. If I'm happy, I drink.

I pay my bills and rent, but I fucking waste my time laying in my bed slightly hungover.

And I fucking know this should stop, but my brain just always seems to find a way to trick me into drinking.

Are there anyone with some personal insight to this? I'd rather not go to any meeting/speak about this to anyone, but find a way to deal with this with willpower.

if you go to AA you'll notice there isn't that many young people there. 20 years ago there was lots of young people. while I do think Millenials get unfairly judged for their behavior, this one is a pretty obviosu pattern i have seen in this generation.

you claim you REALLY REALLY want to do something, but not if it involves the already established measures that exist to help you do it.

is it pride? shame? time? why can't you go to AA?

my boss just got his 45 years sober chip. the only time he slipped was one time he ordered ginger beer (which is generally non alcoholic) and they gave him an alcoholic one. he took one sip and sent it back.

he even buys non alcoholic mouth wash.

my mother one the other hand is like you. she didn't want to do AA. for her it was a pride issue. she didn't want to be judged for being in AA. so she stopped going.

now she drinks again and takes entire bottles of pain meds so that my dad has to drive her to the ER so she doesn't die.

point im trying to make here is if you had willpower, you wouldn't be asking how to stop drinking. you'd just stop drinking. thats literally what will power is.

go to AA. not saying you need to go forever. but go to AA.

as far as what to do with the freetime NOT spent at AA, invest in some hobbies. i like making movies. not youtube videos, but scripted narratives.

others draw comics, others produce radioplays, or design video games, or build furniture.

do something thats fun that feels rewarding when you're done.

good luck.

and to clarify, yes, i had a drinking problem as well. i was drinking about half a bottle of vodka a day.

when i realized what kind of road i was racing down, i hit the breaks. i stopped drinking entirely. about a year after no booze at all i allowed myself to have soem beer. and for the last 3 years, ive been able to healthily balance alcohol usage.

I rarely ever have more than one beer. and i rarely have more than 2 drinks a month. usually just one beer when i go to see a movie at the theaters.

the difference between you and I is that I have willpower. i wanted to control myself, so I did.

you don't have willpwoer. you think you do cvuz you have done other things before, but those were things you legit wanted to do, so you did them.

will power means doing the things you absolutely don't want to do that are extremely difficult to do.

if you can quit on your own, quit. if you find yourself saying that with a bottle of beer heading for your mouth, then you should probably just go to AA.
This is fucking wrong. They've done studies and found that people who go to AA have higher relapse rates than people who quit on their own.
If you're looking to quit drinking, phone a drinking/alcoholism helpline or attend a non AA meeting.
AA is guilt-ridden Christian bullshit.

that's because a person who quits on their own can actually quit on their own.

thsoe who can't simply continue to drink, their entire life being a relapse of alcoholism.

whereas people who go to AA clearly need to surrender their power to an organization. and the minute they stop surrendering that poewr (thinking they dont need AA for isntance) they relapse.

i believe quitting on your own is the best option. but thats coming from someone who actually has will power.

the fact that OP is reaching out is pretty indicative of him /not/ having will power. he mis understands what it even means.

>AA is guiklt ridden christian bullsiht

so is christmas, yet atheists benefit from it every year. my boss is in AA, and most of my clients are in AA. none of them are christian.

when you pray you pray to yourself. you ask yourself to give you the power you need to get through the day without sucking the last few drops out of a bottle like its your dads cock.
I don't think you understood what I said.

People who don't go to AA have a higher chance of quitting than people who do go to AA.

AA makes people more likely to relapse than not going to AA.

no, i understood what you said. and i broke it down further for you.

people who join AA have a higher chance of quitting because they lack self control. that is why they needed AA to get as far as they did.

people who actually have willpower quit on their own, so you can't make them go back to the bottle.

someone qwho 'quits on their own' and goes right back to drinking isn't factored into this statistic either, as they fall under the same category as the AA person: they lack will power and just never got it going.

the point im making here is that if OP had the willpower to quit drinking on his own, he would have. But he doesn't, so he didn't.

so his best hope is AA, or therapy, or counseling. again, this is just a broad judgement im making based on the fact that he hasnt quit on his own yet, but thats pretty indicative.

thats just a simplified version of AA without the support of others.
You're the one who misunderstood buddy.

Lemme explain what he said with a simple analogy. Saying people going to AA have a higher chance of relapsing is as helpful as saying people going to the hospital have a higher chance of dying. The statistics say this only because people go to a hospital when they are already dying, it's not the hospital that is killing them.

Same with AA. People who go to AA don't have the willpower to quit on their own, so it makes sense that they are the type of people who are more likely to relapse.
OP here

Thanks for the responses, but AA is clearly not for me. Not feeling powerless enough to surrender to any deity just yet.

If go few weeks without any, it'll be easier ride from there.

and yet...
Wait till you start drinking vodka first thing in the morning straight from the bottle. And do the same while at work. Oh lord im a wreck.
In my opinion, you aren't to helpless yet, OP. You likely don't need AA quite yet, although it certainly would help. I think you should be able to do this with willpower. Maybe join reddit (stop drinking). Even though its reddit, its actually a really nice and helpful community where people share their struggles with alcohol and give encouragement. As for myself, I was a completely hopeless fifth a day vodka drinker for years. There was no other way for me but to go to detox and attend AA meetings every day. You don't have to get to that point, but you certainly will if you continue to drink and not realize whats happening to you.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is one of the few withdrawal syndrome that are potentially lethal to a grown adult. If you want to quit being a severe alcoholic you need to consult your doctor.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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