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Help Me

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I'm 22, recently graduated, unemployed, no car, depression (diagnosed) and I have no passion. My parents are very helpful and tell me to "keep trying" and "just find a job"

I honestly have no interest in anything, but I feel like that stems from my depression, which in turn stems from living with my parents and having no career.

Has anyone made it through this? What worked and what didn't?
I was just like you a year ago. I had no job and stayed at home the whole time, feeling more worthless everyday.

I decided one day that enough was enough and that I needed to do something meaningful to not drive myself crazy.

I decided to find a job (never had one, I dropped university the year before because it was awful and I was suicidal) and after a week, I got a response from a bakery just across the street from where I live.
It was very hard at first, but my colleagues were like a second family, we were helping each other and I finally felt useful for the first time in my life, and it's still the case today.

TL;DR, I think that trying to find a job can help you a lot. But another activity that takes you a lot of time can also do ! You need to find something to focus on, so you won't be eaten by your thoughts.
I keep thinking this, but it makes things worse because the only job I had was at an Amazon warehouse as a temp where I made less than minimum wage.
I'm thinking of teaching elementary school since my degree is English. Do you think a program will accept me with a 3.2?

And before you laugh at English, I at least enjoyed that and I worked internships for 2 summers. I think it's my best bet. Thoughts?
What degree?

My problem is that both companies I interned at downsized and basically told me good luck. Had I graduated a year sooner I'd have been fine since both of them liked me as a worker.
Go for it. The country needs teachers and it's an okay salary.
I don't know anything about becoming a teacher though, so figure it out. If you're jobless and you're good at teaching then do it.
I'm just worried since I only have a 3.2 and no clubs or teaching related experience. I keep hearing they need people but I'm afraid I won't get in and have no plans for a year.

I guess I'm just letting depression get the better of me. I need to focua on what I can do hear and now and just go eith the outcome. Thanks anons.
Whenever I'm in a rut I point to drugs. It's a little irresponsible but it does grease things up when used the right way.

I recommend phenibut for getting interviews done. It's legal and melts your social anxiety. Use up to 2x a week at <1g a dose to prevent addiction.

And pretty much any stimulant-like, even caffeine will ameliorate depression.
1) Are you borderline communist or open communist? If the answer is no good luck getting a job in %75 of the country.
2) You might be able to skirt by number one if you suck dicks or have brown skin

Otherwise the market is overloaded with teachers but because the government made it almost impossible to fire teachers and teachers unions hire based on political nepotism there's nowhere for them to go.
Every field I look into is "over saturated." I even talk to people in IT who tell me that they're looking into other fields because everything is so shit.

Teaching is the onr thing I hear is "in demand" and I'm willing to move so I figure my chances would be pretty alright. Better than doing nothing for another year.

I'm a square who only drinks from time to time. Maybe I should drink more. I have fun when I do.
You'll love phenibut then. It's social grease like alcohol without the intoxication at the right doses. Hell, both of them work on GABA receptors.
I fell for the no drugs meme. Thats shit scares me.

Can you even buy it at a store or something?
If you're REALLY willing to move, go teach ESL.
You have a fucking degree in English, you're already overkoalified, don't let the dropbears get to you.
I've never seen it in stores but I've heard about it being used in rave cocktail pouches. Most people buy it online.

I bought my phenibut at powdercity.com before they got raped by their payment processor. Liftmode.com sells it and they're reputable.

There's nothing wrong with taking clearly legal "nutritional supplements" anon :^).
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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