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I don't know what to do anymore

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hey anons
i dont know if I need help or someone
to tell me that I'm an stupid fag or whatever
but i want opinions about this:

I'm failing out university for the second time
and I feel like shit. I didnt study at all this
six months because i just didnt feel like it
and lately i've been thinking that maybe I didn't
like this career (computer engineering). I was studying the
same career since 2011 and I had to take several courses
like two o three times to pass them and in 2013 I started to feel
depressed or sad about not able to get a girlfriend or even a female friend
and that caused my first failing out. I worked at a casino for a year washing dishes
and didn't enjoyed it at all. Last year, I quit after passing the test to enter university again
and I thought that this time I was going to do it fine but after a month, I started to feel
sad again and sometimes I didnt even went to classes. But I thought that this was stupid and
started to go again even if I feel sad. And now I have failed too much calculus II and I'm failing out again.
I like playing videogames and now i dont even do that like I used to because i dont see the point in doing it anymore.
I like to watch anime and I dont do it anymore for the same reason.
I just stay in bed with my pc and do nothing all day.
Now I dont know how to tell my parents about this. They paid for my studies and now I have to tell them that I failed again.
In the future if I have to go back to study i dont know what to study anymore. I dont have other interests and i dont know what I would like to study.

I will not kill myself because i dont have the courage and I think that is stupid to do it in the first place.

I know that I can do whatever I propose to do but this depression or low self esteem don't let me.
maybe go back to work for awhile.

you could always work for a temp agency.......

you've lived a very cushy existence, one where 'i didn't feel like it' is a perfectly okay excuse to waste thousands upon thousands of dollars.

hopefully your parents have the balls to give you the kick in the ass you need.

being an adult means doing a lot of things simply because they have to be done and they are whats best for you. this isn't to say that everyone must become some cuck to a job they hate, but rather that when you're handed a fucking free education you pick something that doesn't kill your soul as opposed to dropping it because 'i didnt like this career' based off of a cuople classes you never studied for.

>talking about girls at a time like this

no wonder your life is so out of whack.

that is what think too. i dont need a girl right now, i dont even know what i would do with a girl, i want to do things by myself, want to play games, want to watch anime or movies or do whatever i think any time of the day

that's why i think this is stupid but even if I think that i dont do anything

maybe im just a fat lazy ass or something...
(1/2)The first thing you need to do is go to a therapist. You obviously have depression, just looking at your symptoms:
1) lack of caring
2) not enjoying things you used to enjoy
3) staying in bed all day
4) always unhappy
The list goes on. To reiterate: The first thing you need to do is to see a therapist. I had my bout with depression and I know how it feels. This is what is preventing you from doing ask the things you want to, such as getting a girl or just enjoying your line of work.

After you start visiting a therapist you need to dedicate yourself to something to keep yourself busy. I know it's gonna be hard, but depression is only worsened by being inert.

Not liking your career path is hard. I'm only on high school so I don't really have any advice in relation to that. I do share the feelings of uncertainty in relation to a job path though, and I think everyone does and you might just need to work through it and go from there.

If you need advice for talking to women, I do have a girl and there's a lot that goes into it. The first and foremost thing is that you can't always force someone to love you- I loved a girl and built up the image of her in my mind, I was obsessed. But nothing I could do would have been able to win her love. You will simply not be compatible with some, and you need to accept that sometimes and move on. When I met my girl, I wasn't looking for her. In fact, I never really noticed her before that. We were in AP US History, and we only met because of a mutual loneliness in that class. You can't always be looking for a relationship, sometimes you gotta just let it happen. Hang out around them and talk to them- if the conversation flows well then that's a good thing. You just need to be confident and not obsessively pursue her but not ignore her either. If you obsessively pursue her you'll scare her away, if you ignore her she won't talk to you as much.
It's a balancing act that takes time to get to the point where you can ask her out. Just stay dedicated and you'll be good to go. If you need anything else, just ask! Hope I helped!
And I do agree that there is two ways to go about your career:
1) finish your degree and go from there, see where it takes you, if you don't enjoy it work for a year or two and go back to do something else.
2) try working temp and work to figure out what you like

obviously i wont finish my degree and what if working dont lead me to something i like ? what i would do ? work shittiest job all my life ??

when i think things like that i just wanna curl up in bed and sleep forever...
Do you live at your parents' ?

yes, i live with them
Go see a therapist to help you with your depression
Move out,find a job and go live on your own
As long as you stay in your comfort zone under your parent's care nothing will change

Good luck anon
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