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DWI advice in Texas

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So a few months ago I fucked up and got arrested for DWI. I have no criminal record at all minus a few traffic tickets. Greentxt

>meeting girlfriend and coworker for drinks in downtown
>have about 4 beers, bought two for my girlfriend
>at around 1AM stop drinking to sober up
>girlfriend leaves and I stick around for a few more minutes
>drive down about 30 minutes to girlfriends place south
>get pulled over for swerving in lanes
>get pulled out of the car and asked to do tests
>in my mind, pass most of the tests except the stand on one leg test (did fine on my right leg but poorly on my left leg)
>wait outside for decision
>get cuffed and arrested for DWI
>do breathalyzer at station and record a .16
>get charged, wait for bail for around 5 hours
>get bailed out, get my car and head home

It took about 4 months from the arrest to get my trial date to which I postponed due to not having a lawyer. Now the court date is in less than a week and I am still lawyerless since most lawyers around me are too pricey as of right now (if I get a good paycheck I can hire one by friday).

My question here is 2fold:

1: Will postponing my date one time prevent me from postponing again a second time?

2: What are my chances of beating this? My job is at a craft brewery and chances are I would be fired for any alcohol related convictions. Any advice would be recommended.
No, it shouldn't be an issue. They might not even have all your paperwork processed. You can explain to them your situation about your financial position and hiring a lawyer but you need to do as soon as possible. You should have just signed the paper when you first went to court saying you didn't have a lawyer. Or if you haven't been to court and this is your first time that's when you'll get the chance to hire a public defender. That paper I was talking about, they hand it out and you let the court know if you have an attorney or need an attorney. Nothing happens the first court date, unless you straight up plead guilty and take whatever charges they hand out.

You won't beat this. You failed a breathalyzer, and are literally twice the limit in Texas, and you failed the field sobriety test. I can guarantee when you get the report back it'll say you had X amount of indicators that let the officer know you were too impaired to drive. Your best bet it to get an attorney and let them work out a plea deal with the DA. Expect to get probation for a year, at least 24 hours of Community Service, have to attend a few different classes related to drinking and drinking and driving, have your license suspended for 90 days (you can get an occupation license, the attorney can help with this if you need help), a fine, and a surcharge on your license for the next year years. To avoid the probation you can just go to jail for a few days but you'll still be hit with all the other shit.

Lastly, you don't have to tell your job anything, but it might be hard to cover up due to missing work for probation meetings.
>surcharge for the next year 3
You can pay everything in installments. They'll get their money and they don't care how long it takes as long as they get it.

My advice is to don't do it again.

Man, all those lawyers sending mail to my place are just full of shit, aren't they? Not that I'm surprised but obviously spending 5000 grand to possibly get the case dismissed or even reduced sounded too good to be true. One of the last lawyers I talked to said 1500 upfront and 6500 overall and that's not even a guarantee. If it meant I got the DWI reduced, I'd consider it but I would hate for all of my charges go through and ALSO spend an extra 6500 just for a lawyer who didn't do anything.


Shit, you don't have to tell me twice. If I drink, I'm at home and even then, that's pretty rare. Learned my lesson for sure. Jail had me shook.
To put it bluntly, you're fucked. It's just a matter of how fucked do you want to be, it's either really fucked or pretty fucked though. Really fucked is the maximum fine, more Community Service, and potentially an ignition lock in your car since you were technically twice the legal limit. All a lawyer is going to do now is be a liaison between yourself and the DA in working out a plea deal. Which is the pretty fucked option where you fine gets reduced, you don't get much Community Service, and the best part you don't have to get an ignition lock. Which you have to pay for by the way. Even those $6,000 lawyers don't have enough pull with the DA and lawyers to get you off considering the evidence against you the state has an open and shut case. Even if you elect to have the officer summoned in attempt to refute him having probable cause and thus getting the entire thing thrown out he won't even have to show up and the State will beat you, because like I said the evidence against you. So it's not like the lawyer could get you off on a wet reckless, which they don't even offer in Texas anyway or a lower charge. It's a straight up DUI/DWI Class B misdemeanor.

Just ask for a court appointed attorney.

The one thing I don't want is the ignition interlock device. They see that at my job and I'm fired on the spot. The fine and the community service aren't the worst things in the world but that interlock would seriously fuck my career chances up since brewery jobs aren't really easy to come by, especially with any kind of alcohol conviction.
at least get a public defender.

beyond that.......i don't know.
You probably won't get one but technically in Texas if you're twice the limit it is a punishment they can hand out even for first time offenders. But that's why it's called a plea deal. It means everything gets expedited and the state wins and gets their money, but they'll work with you just a bit meaning they'll lower fines, times, and possibly that punishment as a favor for not slowing down the process and giving them money sooner than later.

I hate to break it to you but a DWI/DUI stays on your record forever in Texas by the way, but most employers don't care after about 5 years.

Well that's what I'm hoping for.

Thanks for the advice. I know I fucked up but I learned and luckily I didn't hurt anyone or myself or cause any damage.

post on the legal 4ms at craigslist - they have real lawyers

best is during the weekday

and trim down the post - you got a dui, how to deal with it etc
That probably would have been a better idea but OP got lucky tonight.

This is accurate.

I know because I've been through the process in Texas.
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