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Anyone have experience with MeetUp? Just started using it as

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Anyone have experience with MeetUp?
Just started using it as I'm looking to start meeting people in the area I recently moved to. What should I expect? Did you enjoy it? I have an event for Friday. It's a get together at a bar.
I used it to find a group of people to play pick-up soccer with, and I consider it a huge success. I imagine the success you have is going to vary quite a bit depending on the type of group and your location though.

long term meetuper here. used it both for others meetups and to host my own. i think its a godsend of a site but most people who SHOULD be using it are acting like they're above it.

>what to expect?

dont expect to make friends right away. think of it like school. when you walked into a new school on the first day you wouldnt really make a friend. you'd make an aquaintance. you'd have talked and it was fun and maybe were excited to see them again, but you still had your own seperate lives. you have to rememberthat friendship isn't usually instant. we just feel like it is cuz were used to our long term relationships holding us down while others come and go.

so it might take a while before you're actually hanging out with your pals every week.

also, you should expect to try new things. the farther away you are from a major city, the less meetups there are, and it may require trying something thats not exactly what you like.

you may like video games, but not first person shooters, but the only meetup may be for fans of halo. and thats okay, just go there and talk to them and see who likes the other kind of video games. dont let laziness and ego saying 'NONE OF THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN TO ME' stop you from making friends.

>did you enjoy it

a lot. it filled up my social calendar when i lost my friends and it helped me make new ones. some long term. some short.

its allowed me to explore so many different sides of myself. it let me reimmerse myself in anime, make connections with other filmmakers, realize im a nudist, and find others with my twisted sense of horror enjoyment.

last friday i hosted a nudist video game night, it was awesome, just a bunch of naked people playing super smash brothers.
I respected and agreed with everything you said until I got to the point where you admitted to being mentally ill (a nudist). Now I question my own point of view.
>naked playing smash brothers

Sounds pretty gay dude.
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>be a mormon
>only have sex through a hole in a sheet while wearing magic pajamas
>call everyone else mentally ill for being in their natural human state

if the advice works the advice works.


feel free to miss out on any form of male bonding because it 'sounds gay'. im sure you're safe hetero reputation is all you need.

you must be mentally ill to agree with someones advice then sudden;y say its wrong and not worth respecting cuz someone hangs out naked.
I never found anything good here in my city. Kinda sucks. Everyone seemed a lot older than me.
Really just looking for other people who are into going out eating and drinking, and who are really into music. The happy hour event I'm going to is for people in their 20s. I'm hoping I can chat with a few people and see where it goes. Do I just show up to the bar and ask people if they're there for the meet up group?

>do i just show up and ask if people are there for the meetup

yep. if ur extra nervous you can cross check profile pictures with faces of people.
Not really nervous as much as curious as to how it will be. First time meet ups are awkward I'd imagine?

ehh. the first few minutes can be awkward. try not to think of a entire experience as just one note. a lot of the people there are used to meeting new people anyway.
Sounds like it can be a good time. Thanks for the advice. Probably a dumb question, but what should I be expecting the most? Will people be mostly talking about their jobs and hobbies? Will there be a lot of silence? I've just never been any kind of meet up with strangers before.

its hard to say everyones idfferent each group is different. i never went to just a casual meet up most have a theme (horror, nudism, video games, filmmaking etc)
I've only ever been to two meetups in my city, one for board games and one at a pub trivia night that was supposed to be specifically for people who had just moved to the city as I had.

Board game night was okay, the people seemed nice enough, but it got awkward when one person started talking way too much to people she'd just met about her abusive ex-boyfriend.

The trivia night, I wound up assigned to a team where literally everyone else had lived in the city for years and were all best friends and hung out regularly. I tried to make the most of it, but it was a bust as far as making potential connections went as they were more interested in their fun group night out than getting to know some rando. I tried asking the organizers between rounds if I could join a different team, but they wouldn't let me.

From those two experiences, I'm not incredibly eager to try again, but I'm going to give another couple events a shot. I think that overall it can be useful if you can commit to going frequently enough to make connections and if you accept that some events are just going to be awkward or a bit of a let down.

>going frequently enough

one thing you gotta remember is its a lot like school. sometimes when you move to a new place, you're meeting all these new people but nothing really 'clicks' until you have the right conversation with the right person.

friends arent meant to be made over night. going frequently enough is the only way to do it. after all, its not like the meetups are going to have the same scenario each time.
A lot of events in my area were things like Ladies Night Out, or 60+ Singles. Groups I'm just not interested in, or wouldn't really belong.
Not sure why you felt the need to clarify that as that's pretty much exactly what I said but in a longer ramble, but okay. Do you, nudist-san.

Who doesn't like being naked? I'm personally not comfortable with the idea of being a nudist, but if that guy and a group of people can all have fun playing video games naked then what the hell is wrong with that?

Hey look it's /pol/
I've been to a few

I've only met autists or old bored people
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