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>be me, 21 years old in college >above average looking

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>be me, 21 years old in college
>above average looking
>get good grades drive dads spare porche (2006)
>just moved from Australia to USA
>im popular among my nerd friends but social media wise im a nobody.
>meet hot 18 year old in class, looks pretty much like pic related
>shes totally redpilled, likes guns, taking law enforcement, isn't a petty bitch like most california girls
>ask her out on date, it works
>first date goes good, I didnt smother her or get too handsy, end the date with a hug
>she texts me in increments of 6-8 hours a piece, but always with like 5 of 6 separate texts in a row, I always match the time when i reply
>she gives me her instagram
80k followers, cosplay, loves star wars, anime, shes white, hot, thousands of people complementing her daily
guys.. what in the everloving fuck does she see in me?? I'm practically a loser, shes traveling the world and has done so much more than i have and yet, here she is, wanting to go on a second date with me. Is this some cruel twisted game that shes playing on me?? WTF could i possibly offer her?
>she adds me on instagram* doesnt give me her account..
>rloving fuck does

you're also a world traveler, you hopped continents.

that being said, women are not objective... neither are men to be honest. you do remember what its like to have 'a crush' right? when you like someone just because they happen to blend what they are together perfectly and it makes you feel tingly?

you liked her BEFORE you knew about her social media personality. you liked her for who she was, the girl in class. and she liked you for who you were, the guy in class.

please stop acting like having people like half naked pics of a girl somehow makes her important. most any girl can get that kind of following by traveling half naked pics.

they're still girls and they still date guys they are into.
I thought that hot women dated hot guys, who are all involved in the same level of popularity, because thats all dating is for my generation... A popularity contest. Thats why you can see some chad with an 8 - 9 outta 10 babe, but the fat guy with the awesome social media page gets with the 10/10 girl. It's about who you hang out with, is it the people who know celebrities and where the good parties are, or the people who take photos of cats and have 1 profile, which do you think a 10/10 is going to want to involve themselves with?

a woman courting a man will be amenable to his desire and make herself physically attractive to him. she wants to be desired and wanted by someone who she sees as a sound judge of value.

as a man, you are doing the picking, the deciding. your confidence in yourself and the imposition of your will on the world gives your opinions value and makes others respect your judgment, because your judgment alters reality through imposition of will. worrying if or why some other person likes you is a feminized behavior, its not something you should waste your time on.

if you strive to become a person for whom you would have a great respect then the people around you who share your values (and typically you want to be with people who share your values) will be attracted to you either through friendship, courtship, physical attraction, or whatever avenue you choose to pursue. the fact that you like you should be the reason why other people will like you, because if you are a person who is good enough for your own standards then other humans (as social animals) will pick up on that and treat you as such.

women date men they find interesting and confident. focusing on your own physical attractiveness is a feminine behavior. your # on the 1 to 10 scale does not matter as much as, say, your income

depends. does she get along with the guy who knows celebrities? no? then probably the other guy.

you can make up all the hypothetical situations you want, but here you are, doing fine, defying your imaginary rules.

im not saying hot girls are banging ugly dudes because of their personalities.

but we do tend to date 'down' when someone interests us.

I had a great boyfriend. hot, curly haired well muscled man who would watch any of the chinese cartoons i wanted.

then i met a much less attractive goofy brazilian guy who was trying to become an engineer or some shit. he walked around like a velociraptor and his accent made him sound retarded. and god the shorts he wore... but he set my heart on fire. i left my ideal boyfriend who lived right dow nthe street from me to be with this much less (arguably ugly) attractive horribly sundamaged nerd i could barely communicate with through our language barrier that i had to travel an hour by bus just to see cuz neither of us had a car.

i didnt show his picture to my friends cuz he looked honest to god ugly in all the photos we took and i was too embarassed.

but again, hes the one that i had chemistry with. so i went with him.
Right, so I shouldn't worry about why she is interested in me, even when I think i have nothing to offer; (besides 'muh personality'). So I just need to be confident in who I am, or fake my confidence and they'll be attracted no matter what?

>and they'll be attracted no matter what?

if she was already interested, yeah. i mean no, its not going to be 'no matter what'. she can change her mind, fall out of love, people break up or just dont work out etc.

the point here is that women dont go for objectively the best man they can find. there is a baseline (college women prefer college educated men, attractive women dont like plain men) but as long as you have that baseline of attractiveness it doesn't matter if someone is MORE attractive. its about how you as a person make her feel, not how you compare.
That doesn't sound real, no way that isn't made up. How can you even decide who 'sets your heart on fire anymore'? isn't it all just about attraction? I still dont understand why you 'downgraded', what did the Brazilian guy have that the other guy didnt?
Ohh, well i guess that makes sense then. dont compare each other. Well if im not supposed to compare her, to anything or myself, how can i determine if she likes me, and figure out how i make her feel???
actually ignore these, im just an insecure faggot who needs to let go of these types of feelings
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